Best Rewards and Loyalty Program for online casino players in Australia

Best Rewards and Loyalty Program for online casino players in Australia

Australian Casino players have a decent number of sites to pick from when it comes to their online gaming, so when you are considering joining a new casino, you need to take a look at the best deal available.

That deal may not just be all about the introductory offer, but also the ongoing rewards and benefits you can receive so that your good old Aussie loyalty is rewarded by the casino operator.

So, if you are looking for a casino that now offers a competitive starter deal for new customers, as well as a fantastic and brand, spanking new Rewards program for existing customers, then you should head on over to one of the most popular Aussie Casinos, Joe Fortune.

He may sound like a villain from a particularly bad super-hero movie, but when it comes to Australian casino gaming, Joe Fortune has heaps of different options to choose from. Let's take a closer look at the casino in more detail below, before we then take a closer look at its newly revamped and vastly improved Joe's Rewards loyalty scheme.

Joe Fortune Casino Review

Joe Fortune is one of the most impressive of all Australian casino sites as it has a typically straightforward Aussie approach to getting things done. There's no big fuss when you log onto the site, the introductory offer is available on the right, the log in button is at the top of the page and all your casino goodies and games are in the main body of the page. It's very simple to follow and even easier to navigate.

The casino offers customers a massive choice of pokies, casino games, card games and more including some newer technology games such as i-slots, 3D slots and video slots.

With such a fantastic selection of games from a wealth of different casino game and pokies providers, Joe Fortune offers a great deal for any new gamer seeking to join a high-quality site. Let's now take a look at what you could be earning for yourself when you join up to this popular Australian casino.

Introductory Offer

As a new customer at Joe Fortune all you need to do is complete a simple Registration form with your details. Once you have done this you can create your account and you are on your way towards claiming a very decent 200% Matched Bonus on your first deposit.

Once your account has been opened, all you need to do then is deposit some cash into your account you can then claim Joe's 200% Welcome Bonus which will treble the amount of money you have available to play with on the site immediately. You can then head on off to the pokies, tables or other forms of casino games available at Joe Fortune to start spending your cash on the games you want to play.

Choice of Casino Games and Pokies

Joe Fortune is a casino that offers a massive choice of different games to play. There's plenty of brand new slot games released frequently on the site to keep things fresh, but there are also a tonne of other pokies which you can play any time of the day or night. Alongside these games, there are also extensive table games, card games and even bingo-style games you can play.

Outlined below is a list of some of the top attractions at the casino and a few links:

Some of the most popular pokies you can play at Joe Fortune include the likes of:

You may try most of the games for free. Click the links above to go to the game pages.

Customer Service and Support

Joe Fortune takes the welfare of its Aussie customers very seriously indeed and it offers a wealth of help and support to help them at every step of the way. There is an extensive Help section available on the site where you can look up the responses to a vast number of simpler queries and questions you may have.

There is also extensive sections pertaining to the different bonuses available on the site, about depositing and withdrawing your cash.

If you have a query that can't be resolved via the channels available on the website then you can contact Joe Fortune by giving them a call on 1800 989 024, or you can send them a message via their email service together with your name, email address, the reason you are contacting them and then the body of your message.

Joe Fortune does offer Australian punters a great deal and works hard to ensure that their experience playing at a top-rated Australian casino is as good as it can be.

The new Joe's Rewards Loyalty Program

One of the most exciting new developments of recent times for Australian casino patrons is the fact that in addition to a starter bonus, casinos now offer loyalty bonuses to their customers in many different ways. Joe Fortune has been working on revamping their reward scheme for some time now and finally it has been completed and there is no better way we can think of to reward an Australian players loyalty.

What's fantastic about this new scheme is that it is based on an Indiana Jones-styled adventurer, Joe Fortune himself, who progresses through levels in the scheme by you accumulating Adventure Points while you play the different types of games available at the Joe Fortune Casino.

Now, at the moment, this does sound very much like almost every other reward scheme that you'll find at an alternative casino, but there is something that makes this offer very special and that is you cannot ever lose your status. To explore how that works, let's take a look at how the scheme works in more detail.

Once you sign up with Joe Fortune, you are immediately enrolled in the new Loyalty Program (existing customers are automatically enrolled too). What you then do is go and have a great time playing some of the top pokies, casino games, card games, bingo, video poker and keno games at Joe Fortune.

Each time you spend cash on the games, you earn Adventure Points and over times these will accrue sending your adventurer on a journey through the tiers. Each tier of the scheme is called a "Volume" and as you progress through each of the eight available tiers, you unlock increasingly valuable bonuses and other perks.

But say you don't play at Joe Fortune for a while, does this mean like at other casinos, your progress through the level stalls and you drop back down to the first level?

No, because at Joe Fortune once you reach a new volume as part of the loyalty scheme, you cannot be demoted to a new level. So, no matter how long it is between your sessions, or how much you spend after you have reached a tier, you will never be demoted and you'll keep the benefits available to you for that tier. The only way you can change your tier, is by being upgraded, not downgraded.

Of course, that sounds all very well and good, but what does accruing all these adventure points mean for you as a player other than moving your adventurer through the levels. Well the good news is that there is plenty you can do with your Adventure Points.

What do your Adventure Points earn?

Joe Fortune has designed a special rewards service which allows you to log in to it with your Joe Fortune details and then you can use your accrued Adventure Points to realise a number of different cash rewards. Obviously the greater the number of Adventure Points you are trading in, then the greater the value of the cash reward that you can receive back from the portal.

In this portal you can also check your balance of Adventure Points and your current status level on the rewards scheme, making it a one-stop shop for you to check out your rewards level progress and rewards.

All in all, Joe Fortune offers Australian casino players one of the finest online casino gaming sites available anywhere today. The site is quick, easy to navigate and very player-friendly, theirs heaps of games to play of all varieties and outstanding customer support, Add to this a brand new and fantastic loyalty scheme where you can never lose your ranking and you have every reason you need to sign up now at Joe Fortune casino.

Is Mega Moolah available to play at Joe Fortune Casino?

Unfortunately not. Furthermore Australian residents cannot play for the Mega Moolah jackpot. Some casinos do accept Australian players but those casinos do not host the Mega Moolah game. However there are other jackpot pokies to play at Joe Fortune Casino.

Are there similar websites to Joe Fortune Casino?

Yes, recently launched Uptown Pokies has become another favourite among Aussie slots fans. Check our Uptown Pokies review.

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