Recently we have seen a number of big wins at Bitcoin Casinos

Regardless of what casino you play at, what game you play or how much you bet, the dream for anybody that indulges in any form of gambling is that one day they will hit that big win.

Now not everybody can win a jackpot the size of the Mega Moolah progressive, or win the National Lottery, but most slot players will have played a game and enjoyed the feeling of winning at least a small amount when playing their favourite slots.

For some, that amount could have been a little bit more and then for others, the win could be a considerable amount. It is these lucky big winners at casinos we are going to focus on now as we bring you a look at some of the players that have struck the jackpot big time at the bitcoin-only casino.

What is Cloudbet?

Cloudbet is a site that specialise in offering Bitcoin gambling to its customers through four main portals. Live Casino, Casino, Live Sports and Sports Betting. Once you register an account with them and then deposit some bitcoins into your account, you can then decide how you want to bet.

Over the last couple of years, many people have done this and there are a few who will have no regrets in doing so as they have landed some of the biggest cash prizes ever paid out by the casino. We will now take a look at some of those big winners.

27 Bitcoin Winner on a Single Spin!

2019 has already seen one big winner for Cloudbet Casino and that player, a lady based in Finland, managed to land a massive prize of 27 Bitcoins from a single spin on the retro-themed Multifruit 81 slots, so named because it has a total of 81 pay lines in play on each spin.

The slot offers a range of multipliers up to 1000x your total bet for certain wins and this lucky player found her fortune was really in on one spin when she turned her bet into a massive 27 Bitcoin jackpot win, an amount which adds up to around €125,000 at current exchange rates.

You would think that after such a huge win, the player may back off and enjoy the fruits of her success but this Finnish lady was a much tougher nut to crack than that. In the two days following her win she managed to pocket another 18 Bitcoin in winnings across her play on the site to take home a massive 45 Bitcoin, which adds up to around €210,000 when converted into Euro.

Troll Hunter Lands the Mother Load with Combined 216 BTC Win!

Amazingly, the Finnish ladies success story from 2019 has been echoed earlier and this time with an even greater value win. One player, playing the Troll Hunters slot at Cloudbet, decided to place a bet of 0.16 Bitcoin on the slot and then landed the top prize in the game, pocketing a huge 160 Bitcoin for her win from a single spin.

That incredible amount of money is not just a 1000x more than her original bet, it is currently worth almost three-quarters of a million Euro and at the peak of Bitcoin's value, which is now steadily climbing again at the time of writing, it would have been worth considerably more.

However, like our first winner outlined above, this other player also decided to keep playing at Cloudbet Casino and in their one session at the casino, they managed to land a further 56 Bitcoin, for a total win of 216 Bitcoin.

How much would that be worth? Well at its highest ever value that Bitcoin win would have translated into $4.1 million. Even today, a win of 216 Bitcoin would see you earn just under a million Euros, which is not bad going for an evening of gaming on Cloudbet.

Lightning Strikes Lucky Roulette Player for a 49.22 Bitcoin Win

One of the most popular games at Cloudbet Casino is Lightning Roulette, an exciting new version of Roulette where lightning can strike numbers in the game and increase the value of their standard payouts from 50x to 500x.

One player placed their bet and saw the lightning bolt hit their number and they landed the maximum 500x multiplier on their win, turning their relatively small bet into a massive 49.22 Bitcoin win.

Not satisfied with that win, the player continued to see if their luck was in and whether lightning would strike twice in the session. The good news was that it did and after an hour of play, the player walked away with a total prize of 87 Bitcoin, the equivalent at the time of over $550,000 in profit on the session.

There is an excellent review of Lightning Roulette on this page

Another big winner on Live Roulette

Sometimes it is the Live Casino which produces the big winners and that happened a short time ago when one player placed a series of bets in Live Roulette and saw them land a massive prize of 53 Bitcoin, which adds up to around $340,000.

Now landing a series of bets to increase the size of the win considerably is a very rare thing in roulette but it can happen and the stars were certainly aligned for this lucky player who turned a small starting bet into a life-changing win.

Where can I sign up to try and become the next big winner?

Head on over to the main Cloudbet site and on their front page is a link to their great value starter offer for new customers. The offer is a matched deposit bonus offer which means that depending on how much you deposit into your account; you could receive up to 5 BTC in bonus cash to help you get started playing on the site.

Remember too, that one Cloudbet account also gives you access to the other sites in the Cloudbet range including Live Casino, Cloudbet's hosted casino gaming site which offers as close to real world casino gaming as you can find. There is also a Live Sports option where you can bet In Play on a number of different sports events and of course, Cloudbet's famous Sports betting service, which again is the perfect choice if you want to bet with bitcoin on sports.

Cloudbet's list of big winners keeps on growing and as more and more online customers discover the fun and security of using bitcoin as their primary currency, it is likely that there are going to be a few more names added to this growing list over the coming years. Could you be one of them?

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