What are my options for playing Mega Moolah from Brazil?

As the largest country in South America both in terms of land mass and also population, which currently stands at around 210,000,000, it is no surprise that Brazil is more than just a global player on the world football scene.

The country is well known for being incredibly diverse, constituting of small villages in the Amazon jungle, plenty of rural areas and villages, as well as a number of thriving 21st cities such as Sao Paolo, Manaus, Brasilia, Mineiro and of course, Rio de Janeiro.

While not everybody in Brazil may yet be au fait with 21st century technology, a massive percentage of the current population is and there are a large number of Brazilians that are very keen to get involved in online gaming and of course, slot games are one of the biggest attractions for Brazilians keen to spend their Real online.

Yet strangely, there are some older laws in Brazil that currently mean all forms of gambling in games of chance, both online and offline, are illegal. However that situation could be set to change.

Online gambling in Brazil

Unfortunately for many Brazilians, legislation involving the prohibition of 'games of chance' which were first drafted in the 1940s remain in place today. This forbids Brazilians to indulge in any form of gambling (with the online realm treated as the same as the real world).

However, the dawn of the Internet, and the realisation of just how much potential tax revenue was being lost to the country by its somewhat archaic rulings on gambling and in particular online gambling, has made stopping Brazilians from having a bet almost impossible for the lawmakers to impose.

While it may be illegal to operate casinos and online casinos in Brazil, there is nothing effective that is stopping Brazilians joining online casinos based in other countries and playing there, and indeed, many millions of Brazilians do enjoy online gaming in this way, even though it is technically illegal.

This somewhat farcical situation, of having an outdated law that is impossible to enforce in a modern society has seen repeated calls for the Brazilian government to overhaul the laws and devise a way to regulate and authorise games of chance online.

To that end, Senate Bill No. 186/2014 has been discussed in Brazilian parliament with the intention of finally legalising three particular forms of games of chance.

  • Bingo
  • Online Sports Betting and
  • Casino Games

The only exception to this, somewhat contentiously, is poker as legally in Brazil, Poker is not defined as a game of chance, and instead has been rightfully defined as a game of skill.

As of 2018, there are still modifications that need to be made to the bill in order for it to pass through senate. However, the belief is that the bill will, eventually in some form, be passed and then Brazilian gamers will be freely available to play many different forms of online casino games, slots, bet on sports and enjoy bingo alongside poker.

However, in truth, many millions already do and the confirmation of the legislation passing will likely have little effect on the number of Brazilians wanting to try these forms of betting and gambling.

How do Brazilians elect to play games like Mega Moolah now?

Most Brazilian players who want to enjoy a few spins on a slot will look to online banking services in order to ensure that they can enjoy a few games. They do this by signing up with casinos based in other parts of the world legally and then by playing the games over the net either on a desktop PC or increasingly, via mobile devices.

Once signed up Brazilian players can then enjoy any of the games at their chosen casino, but what are some of the best options available for players from Brazil when it comes to sign up bonuses and offers at casinos offering the famous Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot?

Where can Brazilian players play Mega Moolah?

If you have been inspired by the recent winner of the Mega Moolah slot who took home a massive €18.9 million prize, then the great news for Brazilian players is that they have a choice of eight different casinos that they can join up with to play the famous Microgaming progressive.

We have split the casinos into those that are offering bonuses that are directly related to the Mega Moolah slot, as well as those that are offering more general bonuses (which you can still use to play Mega Moolah if you wish in most cases).

Alongside the initial bonus offer outlined above with your first deposit at each of these four casinos, players can also land a second bonus on their next deposit or deposits, as each casino offers its own tailored Match Deposit Bonus on subsequent deposits.

Alongside these casinos, you can also sign up with the following and enjoy the Mega Moolah slot with a number of other bonuses.

Six of the casinos listed above are part of the long-established rewards network, one of the largest syndicates of casinos and players in the world, with millions of customers receiving additional bonuses and other benefits throughout their membership.

Can I play Mega Moolah from Brazil using bitcoin?

The great news is that for the first time ever, you can now play the famous Mega Moolah slot using bitcoin as your choice of payment. The Bitcoin Casino is an international casino that accepts players from all over the world (including Brazil) provided that they use bitcoin as their deposit method.

This is the first bitcoin casino to offer access not just to the Mega Moolah progressive but a total of 1,200 other games, many of which can now be played for the first time using bitcoin.

New customers can sign up with a sizeable 1 BTC Welcome Bonus on their first two deposits and then any subsequent deposits made with bitcoin also qualify for a 25% Reload Bonus each time you add coins to your account.

What other games can I play from Brazil alongside the Mega Moolah slot?

Membership at any of the above casinos will also give you the chance to play a massive back catalogue of games from Microgaming, with a number of other progressive slots and games available to play. This includes games such as Major Millions (which is another progressive slot that occasionally can see 1 million-plus winners), King Cashalot and Treasure Nile as well as some slots that offer smaller progressives, such as Fruit Fiesta and WOW Pot.

Alongside these progressive slots are a number of other progressive games such as Supa Jax, Triple 7s and Jackpot Deuces (all of which are Video Poker progressives) and progressive versions of Roulette, Stud Poker and Draw Poker are also available.

Moving outside the realm of progressive sees a huge choice of other games to play including hundreds of slots, including some real classics such as Terminator, Game of Thrones, and Tomb Raider. New games such as Sidewinder and Fortunium are also available to play and with new releases every month, there is always a new slot you can try out.

Add to this an extensive choice of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, video poker and many other forms of casino games and you can see why Brazilian players are keen to get online to try and win some additional cash playing through this huge choice of games.

With so many different games to play and the guarantee of receiving the same safe, fair gaming as any other player around the world, as well as the extensive levels of customer support if required, Brazilian players will no doubt be hoping that their legal impasse can soon be settled and that they can enjoy all of the games above legally.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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