Mega Moolah Affiliates

As you will already know, Mega Moolah is the progressive jackpot game that holds the world record for the largest ever online payout to an individual, as well as the record for the largest ever progressive jackpot win via a mobile device.

That and the fact that the game has created well over 20 millionaires across the globe since it was first released back in 2006, means that when it comes to online slot gaming, Mega Moolah is one of the biggest and most recognised games you can find anywhere online.

And the good news for people interested in promoting the game, or just spreading the word, is that its popularity is continuing to grow and shows no signs of slowing down.

So if you have been thinking about promoting a fun jackpot slot machine on your blog or website, then Mega Moolah is the way to go. You will even earn yourself a little cash in the process!

The great news is promoting the Mega Moolah slot is very simple and ANYONE can do it, all you need to do is become an affiliate at Buffalo Partners and that is actually considerably easier than you would think.

What is an Affiliate?

Put it simply, an affiliate / partner is a person, or more typically their website that has links to a particular third party site. An affiliate then promotes that site on their website and offers visitors the chance to click on these promotional links to access the site, or game, or whatever it is that is promoted.

As an affiliate, you can strike a bargain with the site or game you are promoting, which will pay for customers that access the site through your link. The more customers your website can send the better chance you have of becoming a valuable partner.

Essentially, an affiliate website acts partially as a marketing tool for the casino. A website can have several affiliate deals with different games or casinos, or simply be exclusive to a single game such as the Mega Moolah.

How can I set up as an affiliate for Mega Moolah?

Many people assume that they need specialist computer knowledge and to be able to develop complex programs in order to become an affiliate website, but in truth, setting up a decent affiliate website for a game like Mega Moolah is actually very easy.

In this article, we aim to show you how you can do this quickly, cheaply and easily, using plenty of ready-made materials you can find online (particularly at and with only a rudimentary knowledge of how affiliates work.

  • Step One - Develop your Website

Although you don't have to use a website to become an affiliate, it is certainly the simplest and best way to do so for a beginner. Think of a catchy title for your website that will link in with the Mega Moolah brand name and which people are likely to search for. Then search through the available domain names to register a name and also set up yourself with some hosting so you have somewhere online where the site can be hosted.

With hosting and a domain name, you now have the basic foundation blocks in place for your website. You can now choose to build your site any way you please. You can develop it yourself using software like Microsoft Word or Publisher, or there are specialist website production tools you can use both offline and online (such as the universally popular WordPress), or get one made for you through one of the many Freelancer services.

Once you have set up your site with some pages and have explained the basics about what the site is about, then you need to now start thinking about your affiliate status.

  • Step Two - Register as an Affiliate

There are a number of websites that offer affiliate deals with Mega Moolah in mind but the recommended one is Buffalo Partners. Click here to visit their website.

Now simply register your interest with the affiliate company. They will then provide you with a unique affiliate identification that you will use when creating links on your website.

Once this is complete, every time a player registers to play Mega Moolah, Buffalo Partners will send you money (commission) for bringing them customers.

Essentially, that is all you need to do to set up as an affiliate. The affiliate company will track all the commission you earn during a stated time period (say once a month) and any money owed to you will be paid to your preferred account.

Ok, so I've done all that, now how do I get traffic to my website?

First you will need some marketing materials. These can be in the form of GIF or Flash bannes, text links, mailers, video, or embedded games. Then you need to have a strategy - will you focus on search engine optimisation or will you pay for advertising.. or will you do both?

Fortunately, finding material for an affiliate website is easy through Buffalo Partners and where you can grab some of the images used for free and use on your website.

These images are copyright but as long as you use them to promote Mega Moolah it's okay. In some cases contacting for graphical material is warranted, however you will need to have a good strategy and existing traffic. If you have these then please don't hesitate to contact (see link in footer).

Don't forget that written content and text links works well and you can even contact for write ups, or other information about the game that the company will be happy to provide. You can then craft a blog post, or webpage from this information, or if you aren't confident enough to write it yourself, a freelance writer can perform the task cheaply and efficiently for you.

Indeed, just asking official sites for information can be a great way to procure some fantastic data which can be the heart of several blog posts or webpages which can help drive traffic your way and then onto the Mega Moolah casino you are promoting.

Start promoting Mega Moolah today - click here.

I just want to link to, how can I do that?

Linking to another website is the best way to share the website with other internet users. You can do this through social media, using the social media widget that is on the left side of the screen, or you can simply link to through an image such as the Mega Moolah logo, or as a link within text, i.e. a text link.

Thanks for reading!