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Download Mega Moolah

The 'Download' version of the Mega Moolah game is available to be installed (only) on Windows-powered computers. The benefit of the download version is that it installs the casino on the computer enabling quick access to the Mega Moolah game from a desktop shortcut and you can even make it remember your login details so you don't have to enter those details every time you feel like playing. The casino can be uninstalled at any time. The download version can offer a smoother gaming experience especially if you browser is unstable and crashing a lot. However if you have no issues with your browser then by all means use the Instant casino.

Please register with the casino via the Play Now button at top right of the screen. Once registered you may download and install the casino onto your Windows-powered computer.

Play In Browser Mega Moolah (also referred to as Instant Casino)

The 'Play In Browser' version allows you to play the Mega Moolah game directly from Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, or any other browser, and on any operating system. Please note that if you are on a Mac computer the Play In Browser is the only option to play Mega Moolah as there is no Download version for Macs. Once you have registered via the Play Now button you will get an email with instructions how to login to the casino. If you don't receive the email please check the spam folder, then bookmark the casino login page for quick access to the game.

Mobile Mega Moolah

When visiting from mobile (smartphone or tablet) simply tap the Play Now button and follow the instructions. The mobile Mega Moolah game is based on the latest mobile gaming technology, which allows for games to be played in the mobile without having to install an app.

Note: There is no official Mega Moolah app. We recommend that you do not install any apps bearing the Mega Moolah name because those apps are not official, not necessary, and may have privacy issues - simply play the game in the mobile browser via

Below you will find some general specifications of the Mega Moolah game. Remember, bet max lines to increase your odds of triggering the jackpot bonus game!

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Mega Moolah Basic Game

  • Theme: African Savannah, Safari, Animals.
  • Reels: 5.
  • Paylines: 25.
  • Coins per Payline: 5.
  • Max Coins: 125.
  • Progressive: Yes.
  • Wild Symbol: Yes.
  • Free Spin Trigger Symbol: Yes.
  • Bonus Trigger Symbol: No.
  • Multiplier Symbol: Yes.
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes.
  • Bonus Feature: Yes (randomly triggered).
  • Free Spins Feature: Yes.

Mega Moolah Bonus Feature

  • Feature Type: Pick X of Y (Wheel Spin).
  • Number of Objects: 20.
  • Number of Spins: 1.
  • Feature Type: Free Spins.
  • Number of Free Spins: 15.
  • Multiplier: 3.
  • Recursion: Yes.

Mega Moolah Coin Size

  • Coin Sizes: 0.01; 0.02, 0.05.
  • Default Coin Size: 0.05.
  • No of Coins Allowed: 5.
  • Default Bet: 0.05×5 coins per line x25 lines = 6.25.
  • Max Bet: 0.05×5 coins per line x25 lines = 6.25.
  • Min Bet: 0.01×1 coin per line x1 line = 0.01.
  • Jackpot in Coins (Highest win for one payline):
    • Base Game: 15,000.00 Coins x 5 Coins per line = 75,000.00 Coins.
    • Free Spins: 15,000.00 Coins x5 Coins per line x3 (Multiplier) = 225,000.00 Coins.
  • Max Jackpot in currency (Highest win per line):
    • Base Game: 75,000×0.05 = 3,750.00.
    • Free Spins: 225,000×0.05 = 11,250.00.
  • Max Exposure in currency (Highest win across all paylines):
    • Base Game: 16,293.00 coins x 5 coins per line x 0.05 = 4,073.25.
    • Free Spins: 16,293.00 coins x 5 coins per line x 3(Multiplier) x 0.05 = 12,219.75.

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Mega Moolah game screenshots

Main screen

Free Spins screen

Jackpot Bonus screen

Paytable 1

Paytable 2

Paytable 3

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