Mega Moolah Banking

Mega Moolah has a lot of loyal fans in the video slot community. And why not? It is a great game you can play at online casinos the world over.

In order to play for real money though, you have to choose a casino to register with. Then you have to make your first deposit. You can of course use a credit or debit card, but did you know that there are many other payment options available across the casino-sphere?

Check out our list below. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of the dozens of different options online players have to work with.

All regions

Bitcoin is now available to be used to play Mega Moolah. Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not respect borders. Learn more about bitcoin here, and learn more about the Mega Moolah Bitcoin Casino here.

Central and South America

ToDoIt Cash

Players in most Latin American countries can choose the payment system known as ToDoIt Cash. Just sign-up for an account, make a deposit using your credit card, and then use your account to make a deposit at your favourite casino. It is fast, simple, and easy.

Boleto Bancario

Boleto Bancario is a payment system regulated by Brazil's central bank. Use this service to make a deposit using your existing bank account. Boleto Bancario will initiate electronic funds transfer (AFP) between your bank and the casino. Then go play Mega Moolah.

Dinero Mail

This Latin American payment system was recently acquired by PayU. It is available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. It is very similar to ToDoIt Cash in that you create an account and then make a deposit into it. You are able to transfer funds from Dinero Mail into your casino account without giving the casino any personal information.


Like Boleto Bancario, Lobanet is not a company offering electronic payments. Instead, it is a means by which participating banks electronically move funds from one account to the next. In order to use this method for making casino deposits, both your bank and the casino must be participating members of the network. Transfers are fast, secure, and in your native currency.


This is a Spanish company that offers service in some Latin American countries. To use this service, you would choose TeleIngreso when making your casino deposit. The casino would provide you with a payment code (CIP) that you would then use to repay TeleIngreso - via Bitcoin, a MoneyGram location, or a MoneyGram ATM.

Pago Efectivo

Pago Efectivo gives you multiple ways to make deposits. You can establish an account, fund it, and get a prepaid Visa card. Alternatively, you can check out with Pago Efectivo, get a CIP, and then repay Pago Efectivo with either your credit card or another funding method.

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Europe (Country Specific)


Abaqoos is a Hungarian payment system. It is a voucher-based system, meaning you fund a transaction with cash or credit card before receiving a voucher that you can then use to make a casino deposit. You decide exactly how much you want each voucher to be valued at. Vouchers have no expiration date, so you can reload them at will.


This creative payment system is a combination digital wallet and prepaid card. The wallet function makes it possible to send and receive money nearly instantly. Those who prefer to use the prepaid card can use it just like Visa and MasterCard. This is a great choice for online players in Greece.

eKonto ePlatby

eKonto ePlatby is a payment system that requires members to already have accounts with either Raiffeisen Bank (Romania) or eBanka (Croatia). It allows you to electronically transfer funds to and from your casino account in your native currency.


This service is a Finnish service similar to eKonto ePlatby and other bank-sponsored platforms. You must have a bank account with a participating bank to use it for online gambling. EUTeller allows you to electronically transfer funds from your bank. Read our EUTeller review.


Italy's PostePay is available to gamblers by way of the national postal system. You do not have to be an Italian citizen to use it. However, it does come with fees. You fund your account via your bank account or a major credit card and you are given a prepaid card in exchange. You can then use that prepaid card anywhere major credit cards are accepted.


This company is truly a full-service online payment provider. They offer more than a dozen different solutions covering everything from prepaid cards to Google pay. It is more than just a way to make casino deposits online; Przelewy24 is a complete banking solution for everything you do online.

European (General)


This payment system allows you to pay your bills - and make casino deposits by the way - directly from your bank account. Trustly acts as an intermediary so that your personal information is never given to the receiver. It is like having an exclusive digital wallet through your bank without actually using cryptocurrency. Note that your bank must participate in the Trustly network for you to use the system. Read our Trustly review.


Klarna is not only electronic payment system, it is also an online bank. You can use it to make casino deposits by opening an account and then funding as you see fit. You can pay now, pay later, or break up your payments into manageable monthly instalments. Everything is based on a secure PIN system. Read our Klarna review.


The EPS system is an electronic funds transfer system developed by Austrian banks. You use the system in the same way you would your own online bank account to transfer funds. Best of all, you do not have to become a member. There are no fees or charges either. Just choose EPS as your payment system, enter your information, and EPS will transfer the money from your bank account to the casino.


Germany's GiroPay is yet another system for making casino deposits directly from your bank account. This system uses secure PIN and TAN technology to keep you safe. There is no need to sign up for membership or pre-fund your account. Everything is handled seamlessly as though you were sending payment directly from the online account you have with your bank.


EFT Canada

EFT Canada is an electronic funds transfer system used by several banks in Canada. It allows you to make a transfer directly from your Canadian bank account into your casino account without any personal information going to the casino. Withdrawals go directly back into your bank account as well. Read our EFT Canada review.


Think of iDebit as a way to make debit card payments anonymously. You can use the system with a credit card, debit card or even cash, without having to open up an iDebit account. Just check out using their 'Guest' option. If you would prefer to open an account and fund it with a credit card or your bank account, you can do that too. Read our iDebit review.


This service is very similar to EFT Canada except for one big difference: it works with any Canadian bank account. In other words, there is no network your bank has to be part of. InstaDebit makes it possible to transfer directly from your bank account to your casino account and back again. Read our InstaDebit review.



WebMoney bills itself as a universal payment system that allows you to pay your bills and make withdrawals online. Transactions are facilitated by linking your bank account with a prepaid Visa card. You can also fund your account by depositing cash at a participating ATM or regulated outlet.

Yandex Money

Given that Yandex is the Russian version of Google, it is fair to say that Yandex Money is similar to Google Pay. Any casino that accepts it will be able to receive your one-click deposit from whatever method you have chosen to fund your Yandex account.


This is another all-purpose payment system that allows you to do everything from make casino deposits to pay your monthly bills. You must register and fund your account in order to use it; you can fund with cash, your bank account, or credit/debit card.

Qiwi Wallet

Qiwi Wallet combines the benefits of digital wallets and prepaid cards into a single system. Fund your prepaid card and then use it to transfer funds to any other card on the system. Receivers never get any personal information about you. Qiwi even offers a cashback bonus on select transactions.

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AstroPay is a card-based payment system. You register for your free AstroPay, which you can then load with funds via cash by visiting an authorised merchant. You can then use the card to make purchases or deposit at your favourite casino.

Instant Banking by Citadel

Citadel has been around for nearly 20 years. Their Instant Banking platform allows you to use your bank account to fund casino deposits and other online transactions. Everything is done on a secure network that is regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. You use your own bank account, though. There is no need to open a Citadel account or deposit any money with them.


Players who prefer digital wallets might consider EcoPayz. This extremely popular digital wallet platform is easy to use. You can register in just minutes, then you can fund your wallet with a credit or debit card, your local bank account, or depositing cash at a registered outlet.


EntroPay is essentially a virtual card-based system that allows you to make electronic transfers between accounts almost instantly. Users get disposable EntroPay cards with every deposit. Once a card has been exhausted, simply discard it and purchase a new one.


This is a voucher-based system that makes it easy to deposit cash into your favourite casino account. Just go to a local outlet and purchase a voucher at whatever value you choose. You will be given a 10-character ID code that you can then use to transfer that money into your casino account. Vouchers expire after six months.


Neteller is not technically an online bank, but it acts like one. You sign up for an account and fund it via cash or bank transfer. Then you can use the account to complete online transactions. Transfer money directly from your Neteller account into your casino account, and vice versa. There are fees involved.


PayPal is one of the most recognised electronic payment systems in the world. Just sign-up for an account as a personal user. You can then fund your account with cash or use a credit or debit card as the default funding solution. Any casino that accepts PayPal payments will allow you to make a deposit using the system. Read our article on Mega Moolah casinos that accept Paypal.


All you need to use Skrill is an e-mail address. That's because Skrill is a digital wallet. You can move money seamlessly from your bank account to your wallet, then from your wallet to your casino account. When it is time to withdraw your casino winnings, transfer them back to Skrill. From there you can access the money through a participating ATM or send it back to your bank account. Read our article on how to play Mega Moolah with bitcoin via Skrill.


Our final option is PaySafeCard, a voucher-based system that requires no registration and no personal information. Just go to any local outlet and purchase your voucher. Then use the ID number on that voucher to make your casino deposit. You can remain completely anonymous with PaySafeCard.