10 reasons why Mega Moolah is better than the National Lottery

For many years, the only way to win big money in the UK was to play the football pools, and then in the 1990s, the National Lottery came along and offered people a chance to win a fortune, initially once per week.

In its heyday, the lottery was incredibly popular, but over time, changes made to the draw (such as increasing the entry fee to £2 and increasing the range of numbers from 49 to 59) have seen the popularity of the draw dwindle. At the same time, progressive jackpot slots, like Mega Moolah, have been earning huge support online and offering players a chance to win some huge multi-million pound jackpots.

So, what is it about the Mega Moolah slot that makes it so popular with players? We took a closer look and identified ten ways in which playing Mega Moolah is better than playing the lottery and our reasons are outlined below.

  1. Mega Moolah can be much cheaper to play each time

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Mega Moolah slot is that it is considerably cheaper to play per spin (assuming you want to play the minimum bet) than the National Lottery.

A lottery ticket costs a minimum of £2 for one entry into the draw. Every other entry you make will also cost £2, so if you have five entries into a draw per week and do both draws per week, then you will be wagering £20 per week on the lottery alone.

In contrast for those ten entries into two lottery draws, your £20 on the Mega Moolah slot could be worth as many as 80 chances to win the progressive jackpot. That is eight times as many chances to trigger the top prize than you would get from playing the lottery for the same amount of money.

Furthermore, you can opt to play less than £20 spins if you wish, whereas the cost of a lottery draw entry remains fixed. That means Mega Moolah is far easier to adapt to any budget than multiple lottery entries.

  1. Mega Moolah offers a far wider range of prizes

Each week in the Lottery there are just a few prizes available to be won, 2 balls and you win a free ticket, 3, 4 or 5 balls and you win a cash prize, five and a bonus ball and you win a sizeable cash prize, while match all six and you land the jackpot prize. In total that is just six prizes available to be won.

On Mega Moolah, not only are there four progressive jackpot prizes you can try to win, but in the base game, there are many different combinations of symbols, all of which can lead to wins in the game. Some of these wins can be huge (25,000 coins) and some even have multipliers attached which can increase the value of the win.

Furthermore, there is a Free Spins bonus game available in the base game which can see your top prize increase to 75,000 coins and when you add up all the possible wins on the Mega Moolah slot, there are many more prizes you could win using the different combinations of symbols and bonuses in the game.

  1. Mega Moolah pays out lots of different winners

With the National Lottery there are actually just a few ways you can win a cash prize, and that is by landing three or more of the numbers in the draw on your ticket. With Mega Moolah however, you can win cash in many many different ways and combinations of symbols and bonuses.

However, with Mega Moolah being a slot game, you can get all kinds of pay outs when you play the slot. Most of them will be lower value wins, but there are a number of bigger value wins available (up to 75,000 coins can be won in the standard Mega Moolah slot game), furthermore if you land the Major progressive jackpot, which is won every few days, then your prize can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Then of course there is the Free Spins bonus game, which can lead to some of the biggest non-progressive wins on the Mega Moolah slot.

So in terms of the sheer number of actual winners every day and throughout the year, then Mega Moolah certainly pays out more than its fair share of winners.

  1. Mega Moolah bonuses are available at certain casinos

With the National Lottery, you need to pay for your games for every single entry that you make, unless you win a Free entry on your ticket. However, with Mega Moolah, if you sign up to one of our special offers, then you can access a sign up offer which offers you 80, 100 or 150 spins on the Mega Moolah slot for just a very small deposit of £1, £5 or £10 depending on the site you join.

This means that you can access a huge number of spins for very little outlay when you start playing Mega Moolah and there are no National Lottery bonuses on offer that can come anywhere near that kind of value you get when signing up.

  1. The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot can be won anytime and anywhere

If you want to play the National Lottery then you need to make sure you have your ticket paid for and valid for the one or two draws that you want to be part of each week. It is only when these draws are being made that you could see your lottery ticket turn into a winner.

However, there's no such restrictions on the Mega Moola slot, you can play from your mobile device, or on a desktop PC and you can play 24-hours a day, 7-days a week with any number of high quality casinos that offer the game. You can spend as little or as long as you like playing the slot and you could win the progressive jackpot on any spin, at any time regardless of where you are playing from. In terms of flexibility, Mega Moolah makes much more sense.

  1. Mega Moolah is much more fun to play

When it comes to the end experience for the player, Mega Moolah holds all the aces. For National Lottery players, the only excitement comes from picking their numbers and often, many people will play their own selection of numbers time and time again for fear of changing their numbers on a week they eventually come up.

With Mega Moolah, you can spin the reels and win all kinds of prizes in the base game, as well as standing a chance of triggering the Jackpot Bonus game, which is the way you can land the truly massive Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. Playing the slot is a great deal more enjoyable than simply waiting to see six numbers plus a bonus ball drawn at the weekend.

  1. There are different versions of Mega Moolah to pick from, but just one National Lottery

If you are playing the UK National Lottery, then if you are not interested in all the side lottery games, such as scratchcards and similar, then you only essentially have one game you can play which is drawn twice a week that offers you a chance of winning that big jackpot prize.

With Mega Moolah, you have a choice of four differently themed games to play, the original Mega Moolah slot, plus three other themes that are tied in to the same progressive jackpot fund, 5 Reel Drive, Isis and Summertime, each of which offers you a completely different slot game to play, but with the same chances to land that big Mega Moolah jackpot prize.

  1. Mega Moolah jackpots can grow to more than the lottery jackpot sizes

While there is no denying that with the sheer number of people playing the National Lottery and the cost per entry of £2, the typical National Lottery jackpot is going to be larger than the average win on a Mega Moolah jackpot, but there are times when that is not the case.

Four of the five lowest ever jackpot wins in the National Lottery have come in 2018 (all of which are around the £1.8 million mark), with the fifth occurring in November 2017. It is fair to say that the Mega Moolah Jackpot prize regularly exceeds that amount.

Indeed this year, the biggest National Lottery win in the UK was £26.3 million and that is one of only two prizes awarded this year by the National Lottery that exceeds the Mega Moolah new World Record payout for an online slot of €18.9 (approximately £16.7 million).

  1. You won't ever 'lose' your Mega Moolah winning spin

One of the nightmare scenarios for any National Lottery player is the potential for them to purchase their ticket from their local shop, then somehow lose the ticket at some point, only for their numbers to come up on the lottery and then they are unable to claim the prize, until they can find their ticket or otherwise somehow prove their ticket was the winner.

This sounds like a somewhat far-fetched scenario, but every year you hear about winning tickets, some of which have multi-million prizes waiting for them, which are not claimed and which then sees the money heading into Camelot's fund.

In contrast, if you spin the Mega Moolah slot and land a progressive jackpot prize win, then you won't ever lose your money. Your spin will be in the history books, the casino will contact you and you will soon receive your prize in one lump sum. Just like the lottery too, you will be able to say whether you want your win to remain anonymous, or whether you don't mind the publicity.

  1. You don't have to check the results, Mega Moolah works it all out for you

One of the most annoying aspects of the National Lottery, especially if you don't buy your ticket online, is that you need to check the results of the draw to see if you are a winner. If you have one line of numbers each week, then that can just be a task you need to do at some point, but if you have many lines playing each week (say as part of a syndicate), it can be time-consuming to work through a ticket and check out all of the combinations to see if there's a winner.

Even if you elect to visit a shop to have your ticket checked, this still requires a trip out. With Mega Moolah however, every spin is automatically checked for you by the software. If you win, then you are notified immediately and paid out immediately. There's never any need to come back and check the result of a spin at a later date.

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