7 reasons why you should play the Mega Moolah slot

By now you would know that the Mega Moolah just paid out a new record jackpot. But did you know that in addition to the massive €18.9 million win, the Mega Jackpot alone has paid out over 50 million to seven different winners so far in 2018?

Such high progressive jackpot totals are what makes Mega Moolah one of the most played slots online. The fact that opportunities to play for the jackpot are triggered randomly makes the game even more inviting. It's no wonder so many people consider Mega Moolah one of the best progressives ever made.

One of the things we do at MegaMoolah.com is track current jackpot amounts and jackpot winners. You can see on these pages the Mega Jackpot amounts won, and the time and date when each one was won. On the tracking page you can also see the number of wins each year and the hit frequency, which is the average time in days between jackpots.

If you are a regular slot player, we have a question: do you pay attention to the Mega Moolah jackpots? If not, we hope to change your mind. Here are seven reasons why you should:

1. You could be the next winner

It is pretty common for online gamblers to think they'll never win anything more than a few euros here and there. And that may be true for the vast majority of them. But someone has to win the jackpot. You have as much chance as anyone else playing the randomly triggered Mega Moolah jackpot.

Our stats demonstrate that the €18.9 million won on 28 September 2018 was preceded by an €8.3 million win on 24 June. Here are all of the amounts won in 2018 so far to date:

  • CA$3,688,145.24
  • CA$7,453,168.03
  • €4,365,843.63
  • US$5,691,921.42
  • £1,778,226.80
  • NZ$8,332,554.01
  • €18,910,668.01

These seven wins constitute the payouts for the Mega Jackpot only. They do not take into account Mega Moolah's other three jackpots, the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots. Moreover, each jackpot win represents a player just like you. Add all the 2018 wins together and it turns out that the Mega jackpot has already paid in excess of 50 million in variety of currencies.

2. A jackpot win could change your life for the better

MegaMoolah.com has tracked numerous winners to see what happened to them after hitting the jackpot. While not every story turns out good in the end, most do. The fact is that winning a jackpot could ultimately change your life. For better or worse is entirely up to you.

Back in 2012, a British ex-soldier Jon Heywood won £13.2 million which, at that time, was a record for Mega Moolah. In addition to setting up Mr Heywood for the rest of his life, the win also gave him an opportunity to help others. He has given money his best friends, he helped his ill father and he has started a charitable organisation that gives away additional monies. Indeed, he's gone on to help a lot of people who now benefit from his good fortune. You can watch Jon's video interview on the Winners page.

It is quite possible that winning the Mega Jackpot would give you more money than you knew what to do with. But think of how many people you could bless as a result of your win. We bet you can think of at least a few people who could use a helping hand. You would have the opportunity to do that with Mega Moolah.

Please note that you really need to play responsibly. Gambling can be addictive.

3. A level playing field

Slot machines are classified as random number generator (RNG) machines. This means that outcomes are determined by computer software that randomly selects numbers linked to each of the symbols in the game. RNG software has to be audited and certified before it can be legally used to operate a slot.

Why is this important? Firstly it's important that slot machines are random and cannot be set up to provide wins on certain days or time of day. Secondly it is important that every player has an equal chance of winning on any given game, at any time. No one should have an advantage.

And it gets better in terms of the Mega Moolah progressive slot. Allow us to explain...

Where some other video slots require the player to accomplish something in order to play for the jackpot - let's say landing 5 Bonus symbols on the 15th pay line, for example - there are no special qualifications in Mega Moolah. The game randomly triggers jackpot play. That, combined with the RNG software that runs slots, means the playing field is level for everyone. Every Mega Moolah player has an equal opportunity to play for the jackpot.

4. Progressive jackpots are growing jackpots

Mega Moolah jackpots are progressive. What does that mean? It means that the progressive starts with a base amount and then grows from there. The jackpots grow with every spin. In other words, a small seed of every bet is contributed to the progressive pool. This keeps growing until someone wins.

The progressive nature of Mega Moolah jackpots says that, at least in theory, there is no limit to the amount that could be won. Just a single jackpot win could set you up for life. You would never have to worry about money again. Knowing that, ask yourself this: as long as I'm going to play slots anyway, why would I not play Mega Moolah?

It makes sense to play a progressive jackpot game as long as you're going to wager on slots. And as long as you're going to play a progressive jackpot game, Mega Moolah should be the one to choose simply because there is no other game like it on the internet. Just look at the Winners page on this website!

5. Mega Moolah jackpots are networked

The next reason you should care about the Mega Moolah jackpot is found in its underlying structure. For the purposes of this post, there are two kinds of progressive jackpots attached to video slots. The first is a local jackpot while the second is a networked jackpot.

A local jackpot is confined to the casino hosting the jackpot game. So let's say you were playing a fictional video slot and it had a local progressive jackpot attached to it. Every player in the casino playing slot machine would be contributing to the jackpot with the spin. It would start with a base amount and continue to grow until won.

A networked jackpot is not confined to a single, local casino. It is played across every casino that is connected to the network and offering the progressive jackpot game. So now let's say you are playing Mega Moolah at your favorite online gambling site. Everyone else playing that game is contributing to the jackpot regardless of where in the world they are playing and on what casino they are playing it on.

Let's make up some numbers just to illustrate the point. Let us say that the local slot machine game has 100 players that play the game throughout the day. Every spin adds contributions from those 100 players. On the other hand, let's say you have 100 casinos offering Mega Moolah, and each casino also has 100 players spinning the reels.

Every spin of the Mega Moolah reels results in jackpot contributions from 10,000 players. How much faster will the Mega Moolah jackpot grow? As you can see, it grows 100 times faster than the local jackpot. That's how Microgaming and its license holders can afford to pay out huge jackpots.

6. Mega Moolah jackpots are ongoing

The sixth and final reason you should care about the Mega Moolah jackpots is the fact that they are ongoing. Mega Moolah has featured a progressive jackpot since the game was first introduced. Despite having paid out hundreds of millions of euros thus far, there are no plans to stop the progressive jackpots now.

Mega Moolah's jackpots are what makes this game so special. Casino owners know this and they are not about to give up on what has made this game so popular. They will continue offering Mega Moolah to players and the opportunity to hit it big.

7. Finding a Mega Moolah casino

Hopefully you are now intrigued about the possibilities of playing for a Mega Moolah jackpot. If so, the first step is to find an online casino that offers the game. That's not hard to do, just go to the Where to Play page to find unique offers.

You could be the next big winner taking home millions. But you have to spin it to win it. Even if you prefer other casino games over slots, the Mega Moolah's jackpot is enough reason to give it a try.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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