After Brexit can I still play EuroMillions?

The shock result in the British referendum on whether to remain a part of the EU, which saw the Leave campaign (commonly known as Brexit) garner a small majority in the polls (51.9% to 48.1%) means that the future in Great Britain and Northern Ireland has never been more uncertain.

The result, which has seen volatility in stocks and the pound was a shock for a country which, polls had predicted, would vote to remain in Europe on the day.

While politicians debate the fallout from this shock result and the country remains in a state of turmoil, for the average British person in the street, it is hard to explain exactly what their situation is, simply because nobody really seems to know.

What is certain is that British people heading abroad this summer will find their Euros or Dollars are far more expensive than they were just a week or so ago and one of the main questions that some have been askeding, is what will the effect be on the popular Euromillions lottery, as Britain pushes ahead with the decision to exit the EU?

EuroMillions - Another Brexit or are we safe?

Given all the political, financial and economic upheaval following the vote, it may seem unusual that a lottery game has garnered such attention, but to do so would underestimate just how popular the EuroMillions lottery has become. Millions of people play the lottery each week and it has also provided the UK with it's biggest ever lottery winners, with jackpots often far exceeding that available in the UK's own National Lottery.

Therefore, it has been a question on the minds of the British public as to whether this vote will mean an end to their participation in this Europe-wide lottery. Questions have been asked to clarify whether or not players in Great Britain and Northern Ireland will still be able to play the game.

Well now, after a little research, we can answer them and the good news is that yes, players in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will still be able to play EuroMillions even if the country does exit the EU, and there are a couple of simple reasons why.

Reason 1: You can play via a ticket purchasing service if required

In the UK there are two lotteries that players can participate in on a biweekly basis, the National Lottery and EuroMillions.

However, since the advent of the digital age, it has now become possible to buy lottery tickets perfectly legally in other countries using a lottery ticket purchasing service.

These services operate legitimately in several countries across the world where some of the biggest and wealthiest lotteries are contested every week. After registering, you simply deposit some cash into your account and you can instruct the ticket purchasing service to buy you a ticket for one of their featured lotteries in one of their featured countries.

A representative of the company (resident in the country where the lottery is held) will then purchase a ticket on your behalf with the ticket held in a safe for security reasons. After the draw is made, your numbers are checked and if you win, then you receive the money into your online account.

Not only could you play EuroMillions this way if you could not directly buy tickets for the draw in the UK, but you can (and many thousands of players do) play a whole number of lotteries around the world in this way, including some of the draws in the United States which offer massive hundreds of millions of dollars jackpot prizes.

Ticket Purchasing services have opened up the global lottery games like nothing ever before. It is now perfectly simple (and legal) to purchase tickets for a whole range of lottery games around the world online, and be paid via the service if your ticket proves to be a winner, even if that is a big jackpot win.

These services are a godsend for a lottery player who may be disenfranchised with the relatively small jackpots on offer in the National Lottery in the UK most weeks, and who would rather spend their cash chasing down massive jackpots in other lotteries around the world.

Reason 2: The EuroMillions lottery is organised by a conglomerate of National Lottery companies, not the EU.

The issue surrounding the EuroMillions Lottery is based on one assumption, that to participate in this lottery legally, you need to reside in a country that is in the EU.

This is actually not the case. Switzerland has long been a part of the EuroMillions Lottery and it has never been in the EU. Swiss players have been playing the game happily since 2004.

The reason this is the case is because the organisation and formation of the EuroMillions Lottery was instigated by a number of National Lottery companies from around the EU, rather then the European Parliament or governments from the countries involved. As such, the EuroMillions lottery is not technically anything to do with the EU as a body itself, although it operates mainly within the countries within it.

The upshot of this is that despite voting for Brexit, UK lottery fans should still be able to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets every week, whether the country remains in the EU, or whether it leaves.

In April 2016, Camelot, the UK National Lottery Operator released a statement to allay fears about UK players losing the right to play EuroMillions in the light of a leave vote.

"The EuroMillions agreement is between the lottery operators in the nine countries – not the governments

"Camelot is one of the founding members of EuroMillions, along with the French and Spanish lottery operators

"In addition, EuroMillions currently operates across three different currencies, Euros, Swiss Francs and Pounds here in the UK"

And one final piece of 'good' news for UK Euromillions fans...

While the Brexit vote has seen the value of the pound plummet in recent days, that could well be good news for Great Britain and Northern Ireland players over the next few weeks, if they are lucky enough to hit the top prize.

Due to the falling strength of the pound, this means that when the jackpot is exchange from Euros into pounds, players would actually receive considerably more now than they did a week ago.

The difference is also quite astonishing. Last week a €100m EuroMillions Jackpot would have seen a UK player receive £73.2m in exchange. However now, they would receive around £82.7m due to the pounds weakness against the Euro.

So not only can GB and Northern Ireland players look forward to uninterrupted EuroMillions access, they may just earn a lot more if they are fortunate enough to win one of the big jackpots.

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