After Lara Croft Temples & Tombs slot: 3 other slots we hope will be updated

Over the last few days, there has been a huge amount of interest in the release of the brand new and third installment in the Tomb Raider series of slots, Lara Croft Temples and Tombs.

This third slot, developed in partnership with Triple Edge Studios, has given the Tomb Raider franchise a whole new look and some exciting new features as you can read in our review of the Lara Croft Temples and Tombs slot game.

However, with a catalogue of now over 850 different games and with Microgaming now striking deals with a number of different slots development studios around the world, the capacity should be available for Microgaming to potentially think about re-working some of their other popular, but slightly older slot games.

This led to us thinking, what games would we like to see Microgaming bring out a new version of? Well, the first thing we should point out is that this could actually happen very shortly as there are rumours that Microgaming could be set to announce the release of an updated and improved version of their Ice Hockey-themed sports slot Breakaway, which was first released back in November 2012.

Along with other sports slots like Football Star, Basketball Star and Rugby Star, Breakaway was an Ice Hockey themed slot that featured 243 Ways to Win, Rolling Reels, Multiplier Trails and a chance to win a huge jackpot prize. These games, though popular, were starting to look a little dated now so it is perhaps not to surprising that Microgaming have elected to start work on a sequel to at least one of these games.

And my bet is that if this new and updated version of Breakaway proves to be a big hit, then reworkings of other popular sports-themed slots could also be in the offing. Remember, in addition to the Lara Croft Temples and Tombs slot, we have also recently seen the return of Agent Jane Blonde in the Agent Jane Blonde Returns slot and the Playboy Gold slot, a sequel to the original Playboy slot, was released just last year.

So with that in mind, we have decided to bring you our list of Microgaming slots that we would love to see a sequel to, or perhaps an updated version of in the coming years.

  • Thunderstruck Series

The original Thunderstruck slot was a very popular game based on Norse mythology and it had a fair number of supporters, but it was the second Thunderstruck II slot that really captured the imagination of Microgaming slot players and it is fair to say that it was one of the companies best ever slot releases, enjoying huge popularity with fans many, many years after its initial release.

The Thunderstruck II game engine was reused successfully, albeit with different livery, in the Immortal Romance slot, but rather than using the same game engine with different graphics on a different subject, I feel a new Thunderstruck III slot would be an absolutely huge success for Microgaming.

Of course, the fact that Thunderstruck II had four different bonus games that you could work through and unlock, was a key appealing factor in that slot, and I'd like to think that any game following in the Thunderstruck tradition, would follow that template carefully.

In addition, with the Norse gods being all the rage at the moment, especially with the appearance of Thor, Loki and Valkyrie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think the time is about right for the God of Thunder to make a reappearance once again, this time in slot form and on an updated and exciting new slot game.

  • Hellboy

Although it was released way back in January 2010, the Hell Boy slot is one of the most underrated games Microgaming have released over the years. The way the company retained the comic book appeal of the slot, while relaying a workable Hell Boy story underneath the game, as well as the innovative bonus game which saw Hell Boy trying to climb up the levels by working his way through the sewers, was really well done and well ahead of its time.

With a new Hell Boy film in the cinemas at the moment and so much of the story of the character yet to be explored, I think it would be a fine time to revisit this underrated slot and if not do a direct sequel, then certainly give it a spruce up and a bit of a makeover to bring it up to date.

I feel with the technology available now, compared to back in January 2010 when the slot was first released, Microgaming could certainly produce a game every bit as original and eye-catching as the first and attract a whole new audience to the slot world of this unusual character.

  • Lost Vegas

Zombie flicks are all the rage at the moment with the Walking Dead still one of the most popular TV shows on the box at the moment and a plethora of Zombie-themed films doing well at the box office in recent years. Although it was released back in October 2016, I think the quality of the Lost Vegas slot and the fact it was so innovative means it is a game that I think will age well and will be one of the companies most popularly played game for many years to come.

As such, with that fan base already in place, it would make sense to produce a new game which would be influenced by the original but perhaps set in another part of the world that could also have a pun as the name of the slot,

I like the idea of developing the slot to include the two different factions as in the Lost Vegas game, perhaps offering a third faction, Zombies, Survivors and maybe Werewolves or Vampires or similar and each having their own bonuses and in game features that you found on the original Lost Vegas slot.

I am quite surprised that such an innovative game has been pretty much left as a stand-alone slot for some time now and this is one game that I would definitely love to see a workable sequel to.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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