Another big Major Millions jackpot goes to a player in Canada

The progressive jackpot gods are smiling down firmly on one part of the world at the moment after it was confirmed overnight that another massive progressive jackpot win was triggered by a player from Canada!

Of course, with the win being just a few hours old, details on the winner are still a little sketchy but what we know is that the lucky player hailed from Canada and receives an incredible progressive jackpot prize of CA$1,115,329 while playing at the Captain Cooks Casino on their mobile device on the Major Millions slot.

What is Major Millions?

Now while most people may be familiar with the big jackpots that have been won relatively frequently of late on the Mega Moolah slot, the most popular progressive from the brains at Microgaming, Major Millions is a slightly different game.

In fact, Major Millions is two games that each pay into the same progressive jackpot fund. There is a 3-reel version (with 3 pay lines) of the game and a 5-reel version (with 15 pay lines) and the minimum cost per spin is the same on each - 3.00 if you want a chance to win the progressive jackpot prize.

The slot is based on a military theme and the key symbols is the Major Millions Wild symbol which when landed on the final pay line on each of the slots, triggers the progressive jackpot prize.

How have Canadian players struck gold in recent times?

To really understand just how fortunate players from Canada have been on progressive slot games in recent times, it is necessary to look at both the Major Millions slot and also the Mega Moolah slot.

On the Major Millions slot the run of good fortune began back in October 2017 and oddly enough it was at the Captain Cooks Casino that the first big Canadian winner of recent times landed a CA$665,927 progressive jackpot while playing the game.

Then just a short time later, good luck struck players in Canada once again when another Canadian player also playing the Major Millions slot took home a huge prize of CA$1.4m, followed just a few days later by a second player from Canada who took home CA$574,669.

That was three huge wins for players from the country in the space of a couple of months all on just the one game.

And now that good fortune on Major Millions has continued with the latest Canadian player taking home another million-plus prize of CA$1,115,329 in the past few hours.

However, it is not just on Major Millions where Canadian players have been landing massive jackpot prizes. On the Millionaire-Maker Mega Moolah slot, there has also been a surge in the number of winners hailing from Canada of late.

The first Canadian player won a CA$7.5m jackpot back in April 2015 and then in November 2016, the largest ever Canadian jackpot winner in the history of the Mega Moolah game took home a massive CA$11.6 million jackpot.

Now those two wins over the space of around 10 months hardly represent a glut of Canadian winners but that started to change as we headed towards the end of 2017.

In November 2017, one Canadian player earned a CA$1.4 million jackpot and then just two months later in January 2018 another Canadian player took home a CA$3.7 million prize. Incredibly, this was followed a month later by the third Canadian winner in four jackpot triggers who took home a huge CA$7.5 million.

That means that Canadian players have won three of the last five Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prizes and they have also landed four of the last seven big jackpots on the Major Millions slot too!

That is a phenomenal strike rate for just one country, when you consider the myriad of different places around the globe where both the Major Millions and the Mega Moolah slots are played.

What is causing this Canadian deluge of progressive jackpot wins?

So a good question to ask yourself now is, how come so many players from Canada have struck it lucky on the two big Microgaming slots in recent times? Certainly players from that country have struck the jackpot more than you would expect typically, so what can explain this?

The first thing to note is that the games themselves have not been changed in any way, they still award their progressive prizes entirely at random to any player that happens to be playing at that time who triggers it, regardless of where they come from. So, there's nothing in the in-game architecture that can explain this run of good fortune.

What is true is that thanks to an extensive number of options, including French language casinos for the many Canadians that speak French as well as English, a greater number of Canadian players are now playing both these games. No doubt this boom has been fuelled by the number of Canadian players landing these big value wins.

That then creates a virtuous circle, where more players read about Canadian players enjoying success, which then encourages more Canadian players to play. As more Canadian players play the game, then there is a greater chance that a player from this country will win a jackpot and at the moment, that is certainly what appears to be occurring.

Of course, there's one other factor that you cannot ignore and that is plain old luck, which Canadian players have certainly seemed to have plenty of over the past six months or so.

Who will be the next big Canadian winner?

There's been lots of winners from Canada of late at Microgaming's most popular casinos but that doesn't mean that there won't be more in the future. With more Canadian players signing up to play every day, the chances of another winner from that country will only keep on growing and as more players play, the more the progressive jackpots will grow in size and the greater the chance that they will be landed more frequently.

All you need to do to play is sign up at any of the top Microgaming casinos available in your area and then start to play Major Millions or Mega Moolah, or indeed any of the other top progressive games from the company.

Who knows, it may be your big win that we are writing about next on these pages!

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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