Are Canadians the luckiest Mega Moolah players in the world?

If you look at the data for the players that won prize of 5,000 or more in their local currency across the Casino Rewards Network for March 2019, then you are going to notice a number of things, but there is one thing that really does catch the eye.

Sure, there were two big winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot prize in the month, both coming within 24 hours of each other. There were also a number of other sizeable wins on other games, including Treasure Nile, and the Mega Moolah Major jackpot also paid out a number of higher value wins across the month of March.

But what is incredibly apparent is that out of all the winners that month, just how many of them won their prize in Canadian Dollars, suggesting that it was a number of Canada-based players that managed to secure a big money win throughout March.

There were no Mega Jackpot winners in April, but again in May the winner hailed from Canada!

Canadian Winners

However, it is not just March that has seen Canadian winners land some big money prizes on the Casino Rewards Network of sites.

In terms of the big one, the Mega Moolah top jackpot prize, since the very first player from Canada was confirmed as a winner of the prize back in June 2014, there have been a further 13 winners of the top prize that have all claimed their prize in Canadian dollars.

While this of course may not necessarily mean all of these players played from Canada (in some parts of the world, you can elect to play Mega Moolah using a different currency), it is worth noting that the Canadian Dollar was not till recently as readily available to play the game as say, the US Dollar, or the Euro or British Pound for example.

As such, this tends to suggest to me that the majority, if not all of those winners, were indeed from Canada and indeed, of the small number of winners who have gone public, those who claimed their prize in Canadian Dollars did reside in the country.

How did Canadian players fare in March 2019?

It is easy to see that Canadian players have enjoyed a very good strike rate on the Mega Moolah top jackpot prize since June 2014, but their success has not solely been based on this one jackpot. Indeed, the results of the big wins from March 2019 suggest that Canadian players have been landing some sizeable prizes across many of Microgaming's progressive series of games.

The March 2019 data shows there were 46 wins of 5,000 or more in a variety of currencies across a variety of games across a number of different Casino Rewards network, yet almost half of these wins, 22 to be exact, were awarded to players in Canadian Dollars.

Winner pay-outs from the Casino Rewards Network progressives in March 2019

  1. Canadian Dollars - 22 Winners
  2. Euro - 18 Winners
  3. US Dollars - 5 Winners
  4. British Pounds - 1 winner

Those figures seem to suggest that Canada has its fair share of luck when playing these games, but that is brought into sharper focus when you compare the potential size of the market for each of the four areas.


  • Canada - 37 million
  • Eurozone (EU Countries) - 508 million
  • United States - 327 million
  • United Kingdom - 66 million

You can quite clearly see that Canada has by far the smallest population of inhabitants compared to the other parts of the world shown above. That makes their incredible rate of success at the Casino Rewards Network series of progressive slots even more remarkable. So what could be the cause for Canada's strong run of luck. There are a number of possibilities.

  • More Canadians play more slots more often than players other regions

It is possible that by per head of the population, perhaps many more Canadians play progressive jackpot games compared to people in, say the UK, or parts of Europe. That may well be the case but it is hard to find statistical evidence of this. Even so, even if a proportionately lower number of players played in say the Eurozone or the UK, then given the populations of these countries, you would still expect them to be more on a par with wins for Canadian players.

  • Canadian players are luckier in general

Again, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that being born in Canada means you are supernaturally predetermined to enjoy more luck than any other player of games in any other part of the world.

  • Canadians play at casinos that tend to produce more winners

This is an interesting theory and it is worth looking at which casinos Canadian players tended to land their wins at, compared to the casinos that other players play at.

Of the 22 Canadian Winners in March 2019, they won their prizes at the following casinos:

As a comparison, the other 24 winners won their prizes at the following casinos:

  • Zodiac Casino - 5
  • Luxury Casino - 4
  • Grand Mondial Casino - 4
  • Captain Cook's Casino - 3
  • Cosmo Casino - 3
  • Quatro Casino - 2
  • Casino Classic - 1
  • Yukon Gold Casino - 1
  • Golden Tiger Casino - 1

Certainly, there's not a massive amount of difference in the types of casinos players are winning at as both Canadian and non-Canadian players seem to win more at three casinos, Grand Mondial Casino, Zodiac Casino and Captain Cook's Casino. Luxury Casino seems to be more popular with players outside of Canada but still produced one Canadian Dollar winner.

However, this result shows that both Canadian and non-Canadian players are playing roughly the same casinos and we likely know the reason why. It is because of the fantastic Mega Moolah bonus offers available at Zodiac Casino, Grand Mondial Casino and Captain Cook's Casino which I believe makes them the most popular sites for players across the world, and as such, this is what sees players play more often at these casinos.

In truth, there are lots of other potential reasons why Canadian players could be striking it lucky so often at the Casino Rewards Network. They may have a smaller choice of casino operators to select from than in the Eurozone or the UK, these particular games may have mass appeal in Canada, they may be marketed more widely and Canadians could spend more per session than players in other countries. Again, all these issues are difficult to obtain reliable evidence for and tough to corroborate.

It is also worth noting that the data for March 2019 is just a snapshot through the time for that period. We may find when we look at data for other months, that the number of Canadian Dollar winners tails off allowing another currency to dominate the number of winners in that month. The vagaries of randomly awarded bonuses do mean that on occasion you will get months where it seems one type of player or one currency wins more than the others.

Whatever the reason for Canada's success rate in March 2019, it is good to see players from all over the world landing top jackpot prizes at Casino Rewards Casinos and we're confident that we will continue to see many more winners over the coming years and months.

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