Are erotically charged casino games the next big thing?

When it comes to discussing the world of adult entertainment in the context of online gambling, the term 'adult casino' is something of a redundant one.

Casinos, either real world or online, are by their very nature adult places, so the prefix adult is used instead to convey something very different. The notion that there may be erotic material contained within.

At present, the amount of erotic content found in online casinos is generally very small, with many sites hosting nothing that could be described as even vaguely titillating. Other sites may just have one or two games that offer an 'adult' experience that ranges from the saucy postcard type of titillation, up to more erotically themed games, such as in the new Playboy video slot.

This is not Playboy's first foray into the online gambling scene. "Hef" released an online casino a few years ago but shut it down suddenly - perhaps due to legal issues in the US. Now, with these issues less of a concern, the Playboy online poker brand has been re-released by Amaya Gaming, which operates the Playboy online gaming brands under a Maltese gaming licence.

Yet, it is worth noting that in none of these cases are the games particularly explicit, certainly in terms of what can be found on the internet today and given the fact that sex certainly sells online, it is somewhat surprising that so many online casinos and developers have not fully explored the world of adult slots and games.

There could be several reasons for this; perhaps many developers feel that by adding an erotic element to a game, or even a more explicit element, that it would detract players from the game and would instead get them to focus on the more sexual themes and elements, which in turn may not be the most profitable. Perhaps companies believe that naughty games will tar their site with a somewhat seedy image or that there is just no market for this form of adult casino entertainment.

But are these assumptions correct? Let's examine them in a bit more detail.

What is clear is that online gambling sites do follow similar, general trends of online gaming sites and social media networks at large. If a game, film, app or book is proving popular, then you can be sure that online casino owners and developers will seek to exploit this market.

Take the success of The Dark Knight video slot as a prime example. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy enjoyed immense success at the box office and has now become firmly embedded in popular culture. Apps, games, videos indeed anything to do with the film was eagerly snapped up online and so it was no surprise when the Dark Knight progressive video slot was released. That too proved a success and a follow up, The Dark Knight Rises is set for release in September.

Yet it is without doubt that eroticism and sexuality are huge motivating factors for many people when they are interacting online. The proliferation of 'adult entertainment' sites, the sheer number of adult themed apps available to download and the fact that there are dedicated online stores selling adult-only games and apps clearly shows that.

Despite this huge interest in adult entertainment of all kind, the online gambling world has seemingly been slow to cash in on this market. But could that be about to change?

The online gambling sector is highly competitive with many different companies vying to entice gamers to play their games and casinos are now looking to many different ways to entice people to play their games, one of which is more adult-themed slots and games.

In recent times, games like Girls with Guns Jungle Heat, have taken a low-risk approach to the genre of adult games, using cartoon graphics and tongue-in-cheek humour approach to incorporating more adult themes into an online gambling game. That has been taken a (very) small step further with the Playboy online slot.

Of course, that is still some way off the full-frontal nudity and more explicit nature of slots, but it does show that sex is becoming more mainstream in the online gambling world.

Furthermore, you shouldn't be surprised at this. In almost all popular media, sexual content is now almost a prerequisite for success. Sex scenes have long been used to titillate movie-goers, they are used extensively throughout some of the most popular console games and they are one of the most searched for items online; so why should the adult world of online casinos be any different?

At the moment though, it is an aspect of the industry that is still developing, but in terms of potential revenue and attracting customers, this could be the next big thing for casino bosses. It will be interesting to see how this niche market develops over the coming months and years. The key element in adult casino entertainment's eventual success will not be how explicit the entertainment is, but rather how they manage to marry the adult aspect with the gaming aspect in a tasteful way.

If this can be achieved successfully, then adult slots and games may well be a huge part of future online casinos.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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