Can good luck signs help you win Mega Moolah?

Mega Moolah, like many other popular forms of wagering around the world, is a game that is based on chance. There is nothing you can do as a player (save from increasing the size of your stake or playing more spins) that will offer you a better chance of winning the massive Mega progressive jackpot prize.

As with any game of chance, luck plays a huge role in any success and as such, luck can play an integral part in your chances of winning the slot. Many people believe, rightly or wrongly, that certain signs and events can indicate that they are going to be lucky. In this article, we are going to examine some common and also some less well-known signs a bit of good fortune could be heading your way.

Is one of these signs a signal that the Mega Moolah jackpot could be yours the next time you play? Who knows!

  1. Bird droppings landing on your head

Some people are firm believers that being the 'unfortunate' victim of a bird-splat, actually means that you would be sure to land some cash sometime soon. Oddly enough, it is not just their droppings that can bring you good news. A bird flying into your home through an open door or window, is also reckoned by some to be a portent of good fortune set to follow. Birds nesting on or around your property is also viewed as being lucky. Some folk even believe that some birds are messengers of the gods, while others see the Robin as being the embodiment of a loved one that has passed away showing you that they are still around.

Of the two beliefs that are viewed as signs of good fortune, I think I'd rather have a bird fly into my home though than have one do its business on my head.

  1. Good Luck Symbols or Lucky Charms

For almost every civilisation that has ever existed, there have been portents of good fortune running throughout each. The Irish, for example, are well known for having the "luck of the Irish" and part of that could well be their belief that if you find a four-leafed clover, it brings you luck. Indeed this belief is so common in Ireland, the humble leaf has become the symbol for the country.

In other parts of the world there are similar items that are said to imbue you with good luck, such as an acorn, a horse shoe, or even just finding a coin, as is recounted in the rhyme "see a penny, pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck".

One theory states that if you can find a small metal box to keep your lucky finds in, and then decide to bury that box in your garden, you can multiply the effects of that good luck so that it is more powerful and brings you better fortune for longer.

  1. Crocodile Teeth

In parts of Africa, the teeth of a crocodile are reputed to be a very potent way you can bring good fortune for a gambler. This is not a new belief, you can spy many a Las Vegas gambler wearing a hat that will have what will look like alligator or crocodile teeth around the brim.

This may bring good fortune for the person who has acquired the tooth, but in another respect, it isn't entirely good fortune for the poor creature that has donated its dental faculties, either unwittingly or not, to assist in their quest for success.

  1. Scarab Beetle

You may wonder why the Scarab beetle is one of the most popular symbols in modern slot games based on Egyptian mythology (and indeed, one makes an appearance in the Mega Moolah Isis slot). The reason for that is that the ancient Egyptians believed that the Scarab beetle was a lucky creature and they revered it as such, which is why to this day it remains a popular addition to the reels of any Egyptian-themed slot.

  • Ladybirds/Ladybugs

Whatever you choose to call these small, brightly coloured beetles, there is absolutely no doubt that they are strongly linked with bringing people good fortune and that fortune can manifest itself in many ways.

If a ladybird lands on your hand, for example, then that would mean your luck would improve and furthermore, the deeper the red colour and the greater the number of spots the ladybird had, then the more luck the individual would have. In Belgium, if a ladybird landed on a maiden's hand, then it was a sign she would be married shortly. Farmers also believed that a high number of ladybirds in spring signified a good harvest later in the year.

However, be wary about splatting these little creatures as if you kill a ladybird, then that is said to being you bad luck.

  • Lucky Numbers

Certain numbers are also said to be portents of good fortune with the number 7 in western culture in particular linked with good luck, while in Chinese culture, the number 8 is believed to be their lucky number. Indeed, when it comes to slot games, the Lucky 7 is a regular symbol used on reels across a wide number of slot games.

Don't forget too though that there are many more unlucky numbers than lucky one. The most famous being 13 in the West and often in tall building there's no 13th floor. In the East, 13 has no particular meaning, but due to the blending of East Asian and Western cultures, it is possible in some buildings leave out the 13th floor, and they likely skip the 4th, 14th, 24th, 34th, 44th, 54th... floor. There's a building in Hong Kong that has skipped all the floors from 40 to 49. The unlucky number is 4, which combined with other numbers means the various ways of "dying" or "death". For example the number 14 in Cantonese sounds like "will certainly die".

Gamblers in the East have many superstitions when it comes to numbers. If you happen to be in Macau on the 4th of April, you may be wondering where the heck have all the gamblers gone.

  • Bubbles in your coffee

Ever think that bubbles in your coffee were a sign that perhaps you had stirred the cup too vigorously? Well apparently not! If you see a cup of coffee intended for yourself and it has bubbles on the surface, then that is a sign you could well be coming into money and the more bubbles on the top of the coffee, the more money you could be set to land.

  • Initials in a spider's web

Spiders webs are wonders of nature, brilliant intricate things that offer a spider a home, security and a place for food to be trapped. Their intricate designs mean that sometimes you can see certain letters spelt out in the fabric of the web and if you manage to find your initials in a spider's web, then that means that luck is heading your way.

I'm guessing that this rule however doesn't apply to the flies or other insects that get caught up in the web and become the inadvertent lunch for the host spider in the process.

  • Black Cat crossing your path

Spotting a jet black cat crossing your path is meant to be a sign of good luck, which is somewhat counter-intuitive especially when you consider that black cats were traditionally seen as pets of witches.

Were not sure if it is the colour of the feline, or the cat itself which is the key component of the luck-bringing with this belief. Are different coloured cats less lucky for some reason? What happens if they don't cross your path exactly? Does it matter how far ahead of you they cross your path or if they pass where you have walked?

These beliefs may not be scientific in the slightest but they have plenty of ardent believers who will load up Mega Moolah and have a few spins simply on the back of something similar happening to them. The real power of lucky omens and charms seems to be in making people believe their fortune has changed.

Good luck!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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