Can I play Mega Moolah for fun?

As someone who spends a huge amount of time in and around slot gaming, people often ask me what are the games I play to have a bit of fun myself without using any money.

People also ask "Can I play Mega Moolah for fun?". In this article, we will look at playing slots for fun and explore this in a bit more detail as they are most certainly relevant to developing a healthy attitude to slots gaming in general, as well as being able to point out one of the common misconceptions people have about being able to fun-play progressive jackpot slots.

We'll begin with the latter and in particular what people mean when they ask if it is possible to play Mega Moolah "for fun".

Mega Moolah: Play for fun

When people ask if it is possible to play Mega Moolah for fun, they frequently mean, is it possible to play a free-to-play version of the game, where the can play using the casinos money and play through any number of spins on the slot, understanding that they can't win any real cash but that they'd still get to see how the slot works.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play any free games on the Mega Moolah slot. The reason for this is rather simple; as a progressive jackpot game, any spin on the Mega Moolah slot has to make a contribution to the standard prize fund and the progressive fund. That is how the progressive jackpots in particular grow in size.

Every spin on the Mega Moolah counts for something and to have a chance of winning the top progressive prize. That is why the minimum bet level to win the jackpot is set so low (just 0.25 on the original Mega Moolah slot).

However, to preserve the mystique of the game and to ensure that only players willing to spend their cash can access it, Microgaming have made the game so that it cannot be played for free, or in Free Play mode, or however you choose to call being able to spin the reels without making a bet with real money.

In a similar vein to that, you will also not find any Free Spins bonus offers at casinos that offer you genuinely free spins on the Mega Moolah slot. You can find some casinos that offer you the chance at greatly reduced priced spins if you sign up using a certain bonus offer.

They are without doubt the best deals you can find to get playing at a casino on the Mega Moolah slot without having to fork out the full price for every spin you play initially.

Nor can you find a Mega Moolah slot that you can play for free on social media. The truth of the matter is, if when you say you want to play Mega Moolah for fun, you actually mean you want to play for free, then unfortunately that option isn't available to you.

However, not everybody means playing the game for free when they suggest playing Mega Moolah for fun. So let's look at the other possible answer to this question.

Can you really play Mega Moolah for fun?

There is no doubt that many people take their slot gaming very seriously and they will often plan their spending meticulously to ensure that they budget the right amount for them to play through in a session. After a while, this can all seem like rather hard work for what should, in essence, be a way for the individual to have a little fun and perhaps, win a bit of cash playing a game like Mega Moolah.

I am a firm believer that if you are a slot gamer, regardless of how often you play, then the primary function of a slot is that it should be fun to play. When I review a slot, one of the things that makes a massive impact on my scoring is how much I enjoy myself playing the game. If a slot captures my imagination and makes me smile when I play, then I am more likely to play that slot, even if it may not offer me the greatest returns on my cash possible.

As such, I do believe that playing any slot game should, first and foremost be fun. If you are playing any slot, but in particular Mega Moolah, with a very serious outlook, spending money to try and simply win more money, or not enjoying the process (perhaps even feeling a little resentful when you hit a losing streak), then you need to stop and think about whether slot gaming at this moment, is right for you.

It is important to remember that slots should never be seen as a potential source of income. They are, first and foremost, a form of entertainment. Yes, you could win some money, but that is not guaranteed and with the house edge on any gambling game, you are more likely to lose than you are to win.

As such, if you come to a game like Mega Moolah expecting to win and then cannot deal with losing, then you have the wrong attitude towards slot gaming and that can lead to many problems down the line, such as developing bad habits with your casino gaming, such as binge playing games, spending more money than you can afford and even potentially becoming addicted to playing.

Fortunately, the reputable casinos offer plenty of support and advice to people to ensure that they never reach that stage. The first step in that process, is nurturing a healthy aspect to slot gaming. That is true whether you are picking up a win of a few pence playing a micro-stakes slot, or chasing the mega millions available on the Mega Moolah slot.

So in short, yes, every time I play slots, I play for fun. I enjoy the thrill of playing and the times when I do win, it is a nice bonus. The times when I don't - well that's just the way slots pan out sometimes, you win some, you lose some.

It may sound a somewhat trivial question, but in truth playing slots for fun is the best attitude you can have. It gives you perspective to your gaming and helps you avoid nurturing bad habits which can become problematic over time. In my view, playing Mega Moolah for fun is a sign of a slot player who has the right attitude to gaming.

And I am willing to bet many of the Mega Moolah Millionaires had precisely that attitude when they decided to have a few spins of the game on the day they struck lucky too.

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