Can I play Mega Moolah with Litecoin?

Playing for Mega Moolah's huge jackpot is an exciting experience no matter what currency you choose for funding your account. When you can play with cryptocurrency, you enjoy the added bonus of secure financial transactions without having to reveal bank information or credit card numbers.

Cryptocurrency deposits are fast, efficient, and easy. Not only that, they are not limited to Bitcoin. You can play Mega Moolah with Litecoin, too.

Litecoin (LTC) is one of thousands of different cryptocurrencies now on the market. It enjoys almost as much name recognition as Bitcoin at a fraction of the price. At the time of this writing, Litecoin's value was €39,92 as compared to Bitcoin at €3.360,18.

If there is any disadvantage to using Litecoin to play Mega Moolah, it is the fact that not every online casino offering our namesake video slot accepts wallet-to-wallet cryptocurrency deposits. And among those that do, some do not accept litecoins. There are still plenty to choose from though, so don't let that dissuade you from using your coins to gamble online.

There are three ways to play Mega Moolah with Litecoin:

  • Depositing litecoins directly.
  • Converting litecoins into bitcoins.
  • Using an e-wallet service to convert your litecoins to fiat.

Please note that what you read pertains mainly to making deposits. Casinos have different means of making withdrawals, with some allowing only bank transfers and paper cheques. The number of online gambling sites that allow direct wallet-to-wallet cryptocurrency withdrawals is somewhat limited, so bear that in mind. You may want to read our article on How to use Skrill and crypto to play Mega Moolah if you already have this popular e-wallet.

Depositing litecoins directly

The best and easiest way to play Mega Moolah using Litecoin is to make a direct deposit. It also assumes you already have litecoins in your possession. If you don't, that's the first step.

You need a digital wallet at minimum in order to possess LTC. A digital wallet can be hardware-based, software-based, or even a written paper ledger. Opting for one of the first two choices generally means you can get your wallet the same place you purchase your first round of coins. A good place to start is

You can get a digital wallet directly from the Litecoin organisation if you want. Another option is to obtain one from an exchange. What is an exchange? It is a place where coins are bought and sold.

Let's say you join a particular exchange and get a wallet directly from them. As soon as sign up is completed, you can start scouring the exchange for a Litecoin deal that looks attractive to you. Find a deal you like and purchase your coins. Now you are ready to start playing Mega Moolah.

Signup and make a deposit

The next step is to signup at a Litecoin casino accepting wallet-to-wallet transfers for deposits and withdrawals. This is not so easy as gambling with litecoins is still a relatively new concept. Besides this we at only look for reliable casinos with proper licenses. The good news is that there is one such Litecoin casino that we can recommend.

Sign up as a member of the site first. Then, navigate to the banking section and find the Litecoin option. Finally, complete the transaction by submitting the online form. Litecoin will be transferred from your digital wallet to the casino's in mere seconds. As soon as the transaction is reflected in your bankroll, you are ready to play.

Fee schedule for Litcoin deposits

Deposit Options
Payment MethodFeeProcessing TimeMinimum DepositMaximum Deposit
Visa 2.50% Instant Min. €20 Max. €4,000
MasterCard 2.50% Instant Min. €20 Max. €4,000
Skrill 2.50% Instant Min. €20 Max. €4,000
Neteller 2.50% Instant Min. €20 Max. €4,000
Litecoin Free Instant Min. 0.01 LTC No Max
Bank Transfer Free 1-3 banking days Min. €20 Max. €4,000
View all options

Litecoin bonus offer

The Litecoin bonus is a generous one. See the below table when compared to a Euro bonus. You get a 250 Litecoin bonus. One litecoin equals to just under €40, which means that 250 litecoins equals to €10,000! That's a huge difference because if you choose to play with Euros, you'll only get a €500 bonus. This really is another fine example why you should change the way you play Mega Moolah and switch to crypto.

Not only that but all visitors get a special 20 no deposit Free Spins gift. These Free Spins are not on the Mega Moolah slot however - because that would be nuts - instead they are on the fine Wolf Gold slot, which received a 4-star rating at

Once you have made you first deposit you will receive an additional 180 Free Spins. In total your LTC bonus is 250 free litecoins, plus 200 Free Spins. Please do check the terms of the bonus rules so that you maximise the full bonus available to you.

See the below table and compare the huge LTC bonus to the Euro bonus. Currently one LTC is just a smidgen under €40.

LTC vs EUR Bonus
Currency1st Deposit Bonus2nd Deposit Bonus3rd Deposit Bonus4th Deposit Bonus
BCH 100% up to 50 LTC 50% up to 50 LTC 50% up to 100 LTC 100% up to 50 LTC
EUR 100% up to €100 50% up to €100 50% up to €200 100% up to €100
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About Litecoin

Litecoin markets itself as a peer-to-peer payment system with near zero fees. In the technical world of digital currencies, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency platform and one of the original forks of the Bitcoin core. Its technology is nearly identical to Bitcoin.

Litecoin functions via a distributed ledger powered by blockchain. Its main advantage over Bitcoin is a decreased process time that is due partly to slight modifications to the original Bitcoin blockchain and partly to fewer transactions taking place globally. A Litecoin transaction takes place in mere seconds. It can be verified and added to the next available block in just over 2 minutes on average.

At the time of this writing, Litecoin was the number five crypto in the world measured by market capitalisation. Its market cap stood at $2.7 billion as compared to Bitcoin's $67.5 billion. The other three crypto is in the top five are Ethereum, XRP, and EOS.

So now you know how to play Mega Moolah with Litecoin. All that remains is actually going out and doing it. Follow the advice you read here and enjoy yourself. Take it from us when we say that Mega Moolah is a blast.

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