Can you play Mega Moolah in free play or in demo mode?

Many slots games are available for players to try in demo version or demo mode, also known as free play. It's a way of playing a slot using funny-money and it's a good option for many players.

Of course, when it comes to progressive slots such as the Mega Moolah a lot of players want to try it before registering with a casino and making a deposit. So can you play Mega Moolah for free to try it out? If not, perhaps there's free spins available on Mega Moolah without deposit requirement?

What do we actually mean by a demo version and free play? Well, many slot games now allow customers to play the slot using 'pretend' cash. The software recognises that the player is not using real money to play the game and will give the player a certain amount of pretend funds into an account for the player to play the slot for fun.

Of course, in this way a player can play a slot game and experience all that it has to offer, without risking a single penny of their own money. Many standard slots can now be played in a demo version for players to try out this way. Indeed, if you sign up to a casino that is part of the rewards program for example, you can play any of the standard Microgaming slots and casino games, that are not progressive jackpot games, at these casinos in demo mode.

I would strongly recommend that you do this as it allows you to understand the subtle differences between slot games and even different types of casino games and of course, it is a perfect 'try before you buy' situation for customers.

But you won't find a demo version available to play of Mega Moolah, or indeed of any other Microgaming progressive jackpot game. Why is that the case?

Why are Microgaming progressive games not available in free play mode?

You may think that progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah, because they are so popular, would be the ideal choice for having a demo or free to play mode, but Microgaming have always been consistent in their thinking that every spin on the Mega Moolah slot, should be played for real cash.

At first, that may sound like a nuisance for players who want to 'try before they buy', but in actual fact, it is a very shrewd move. This means that players cannot go onto Mega Moolah and then play through the game for hours and hours on end to see how it works before deciding whether to play or not. Which is what many would do if a Free Play option was available.

Instead, players have to pay, perhaps the minimum bet of 0.25, to play the game instead and that means that every spin on Mega Moolah counts. That is a big deal as because every spin on the game counts, that means that the progressive jackpot prize fund increases with every single spin on the game.

It is partly because of this, and also how popular Mega Moolah is with customers, that means that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot can reach some truly epic amounts, with one lucky winner in early 2019 landing an incredible jackpot prize of over $20 million.

What Microgaming understood better than so many other companies regarding progressive jackpot games is that while operating Free Play is a nice option, on a top progressive, it could actually be counter-productive as many players would opt to use Free Play instead of paying and contributing towards the prize funds.

So, by not allowing this option, it ensures every spin could be a winner and that the size of the jackpots continue to grow at a faster rate, and this is part of what makes Mega Moolah such a massively popular slot with online players.

Indeed, Microgaming have consistently stated that it is not just their flagship progressive Mega Moolah that operates this policy. Any of Microgaming's different progressive jackpot games and slots cannot be played in demo mode, as the company follows the same policy of no demo play on any of its progressives.

Is it worth playing any slot in Free Play or Demo Mode?

Although Microgaming progressives do not allow Free Play or Demo play on the games, that does not mean that it cannot be a useful way for players to try out slot games that do offer demo play. Indeed, there are any number of reasons as to why free play on non-progressive slots can be beneficial to a player:

  • It can help new slot players come to grips with how slot games work.
  • It allows players to better understand how the slots and bonuses work together in a game.
  • It gives players a chance to see how new features of the slot and perhaps new bonus games work and play out.
  • It allows players to gamble with larger amounts of play money than they would ordinarily be happy to play with using their own cash.
  • It allows players to see how volatile a slot can be, how the game tends to pay out and what the factors needed are for them to land a bigger value win.

Of course, the drawback with Free Play is that since you are not playing the game for real money, if you hit a decent sized win, then you won't actually win anything. However, the information you can gleam from playing a slot in Free Play or Demo mode means that it is often well worth doing, especially if you are not sure how the game works, or it has bonus features that you have not come across previously.

The value of Free Play or Demo Play is entirely dependent on what your enjoyment of slots is based on. If you simply enjoy playing the games for what they are, and you are not really bothered about winning cash as such, then playing free versions of the games is a great way to enjoy a massive choice of non-progressive Microgaming games.

But if you are, like most slots players, someone who enjoys the thrill of staking some cash in the hope of landing a big cash prize, then free play slots do have limited value for you, but can still be useful in helping you learn about the game before you decide to play with your own cash.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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