Canadian player wins CA$665,927.35 on Major Millions at Captain Cook's

It's been raining jackpots recently. We've already seen the ninth winner of the year on the Mega Moolah slot, coming just a few days after the eighth winner of the year pocketed around 7.7 million euros.

Now if that wasn't enough for jackpot hunters, then there's some amazing news concerning Mega Moolah's "little brother" slot, Major Millions as there's been another big winner on this slot at the hugely popular Captain Cook's Casino. Followed by two more jackpot winners in quick succession!

Let's take a quick look at Captain Cook's Casino and the Major Million's slots before we bring you details of the lucky big money winner and the two other wins that followed just days after.

Captain Cook's Casino

Names after the famous seafaring explorer who is perhaps most famous for his sojourns around the Pacific Ocean, Captain Cook's Casino offers new players a fantastic sign up offer. Join now and you will receive 100 chances to become a millionaire on the Mega Moolah slot for just a £€5 deposit.

However, that isn't all you receive. On your second, third, fourth and fifth deposits, you will land additional bonuses of 100%, 50%, 25% and 100% respectively giving you the chance to earn an additional £€475 in bonus cash on top of your free spins.

As part of the Casino Rewards network, you can be sure that Captain Cook's Casino offers you a fantastic choice of high quality games from Microgaming, including a wide choice of slots, casino games, video poker, card games and much more. And of course, the casino is home to a large number of top quality progressive slots.

Alongside Mega Moolah, arguably the second most profitable of these slots is the Major Millions Progressive game which has seen our big money winners this October. So let's take a quick look now at how this exciting and long-standing slot shapes up.

Major Millions Progressive

One of the first things to note is that the Major Million's progressive slot isn't just one game, but there are actually two versions of the slot; a three-reel version and a five-reel version. Both versions however pay into the same progressive jackpot fund and you can win the jackpot playing either version of the game, provided you meet the minimum betting criteria to trigger the progressive jackpot win.

Regardless of which of the two slots you elect to play, in order to stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot prize, you need to wager the maximum bet, which in this case is just £3. With a £€3 bet you cover all of the possible pay lines, including the crucial 15th pay line which is the trigger for the progressive jackpot win.

In order to land the jackpot, you need to land the Major Millions Wild symbol across all of the spaces on the 15th pay line. Do this and the jackpot prize is yours to take home.

Over the years, the Major Millions Progressive has generally awarded prizes ranging from around 300,000 up to around 700,000, but on occasion the jackpot has creeped up and beyond that magical one million mark and there has even been rare occasions where the Major Millions jackpot prize has been larger than a recently won Mega Moolah progressive prize.

In 2017, there have been several winners of the jackpot, including a lucky half dozen winners who have won more than a million in their local currency. Alongside that there have been several other lower value winners and on occasions, these wins have clustered together.

Major Millions Clustered Wins in 2017

Here's a breakdown of some of the wins in 2017 and how at times they have clustered together, often on the back of a big value win. Wins have been rounded up to the nearest thousand.

  1. 26th January Jackpot triggered 495k - 31st January 288k jackpot triggered
  2. 14th May Jackpot triggered 1.947m - Two Jackpots of 440k triggered 21st and 24th May
  3. 8th July Jackpot triggered 1.2m - 15th July 1.28m jackpot triggered - 575k jackpot triggered 18th July
  4. 10th October 665k jackpot triggered - 292k jackpot triggered 11th October, 342k jackpot triggered 13th October

October's big Major Millions Jackpot Winners

The first winner in October this year came while playing Major Million's at Captain Cook's Casino and this lucky player, who as yet remains anonymous, took home his prize in Canadian Dollars of $665,927.35.

When a player wins a jackpot prize in a certain currency, the amount is deducted from the prize fund (which is held in a base currency of British pounds). Of course, due to fluctuating exchange rates, this means that not all the jackpot fund may be depleted by a win in a currency which may be weaker against the pound. When this happens (as if often does), this means that the remaining money in the pot once the jackpot is paid out in the players local currency, is rolled forward onto the next jackpot prize.

This was good news for the next two big winners in October as the second player took home a fantastic 292k prize in their as yet unconfirmed local currency when they won the progressive jackpot on Major Millions at 19:45 on the 11th October. Then two days later, at 21:15 another player took home a 324k prize in their local currency as the jackpot was landed for the third time in an incredible four-day period.

The good news for progressive jackpot hunters is that both big Microgaming progressives seem intent on paying out a record amount of money in 2017. With Mega Moolah already setting records for the sheer number of wins in a year, as well as the amount paid out in a calendar year, it is good to see that its "little brother" is being equally as generous to punters and paying out its jackpot regularly!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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