Casino Rewards winners: May 2019

Although we did see a Mega Moolah jackpot prize won in May, the winner was not part of the casinos in the Casino Rewards network, which means that it doesn't appear in the data to create this particular article.

Still, it is good to know that Microgaming's flagship progressive slot has paid out another winner this year and that it and several other progressive games from the company have continued to reward players registered at their Casino Rewards Network casinos throughout May.

When we reviewed our last batch of winners in April just last week, we saw how even in a month without any big Casino Rewards million-plus winners, players can still earn some sizeable prizes on the progressive jackpot games on the sites. Will May prove to be the same?

As always, the focus in this article is on players at casinos part of the Casino Rewards Network, who have played one or more of the progressive jackpot games from Microgaming that are part of this group and who have landed a prize of 5,000 or more in their chosen currency. So let's get started on the data for May by looking at the headline news.

Microgaming Progressive Network Payouts - May 2019 - The Headline News

  • Some days are just luckier than others and in May 2019 it was appropriately the lucky number 7 that played a key role. That is because with four big jackpot wins on that day, including the biggest win of the month on any game, the 7th May was the luckiest day of the month for Casino Rewards players.
  • No other day saw four or more winners throughout May, although if you played earlier in the month then you could have been one of three winners landing their jackpot prize on either the 3rd May or the 8th There were several dates that saw two winners too namely the 5th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 19th, 29th, 30th and 31st of May.
  • We did see one Mega Moolah Mega jackpot prize winner in May, but that did not come at a Casino Rewards network casino. The largest prize awarded at the Casino Rewards network came on the 7th May on the popular Treasure Nile slot where one player landed a huge prize of €136,409.23. This was comfortably the largest win on the network throughout the month.
  • With our list of winners only showing those who landed a prize of 5,000 or more in their local currency, the smallest winner of a jackpot prize on that list came with what was the second big win of the month on the 3rd May when someone at Cosmo Casino Mobile landed a €5009.35 prize on the Cash Splash slot.
  • Once again a total of four games paid out jackpot prizes on the Casino Rewards network and once again the same three games as in March and April were responsible for the vast majority of winners, Cash Splash slot, Mega Moolah slot and Treasure Nile slot. However, there was one single winner of the Wow Pot slot jackpot prize on the 30th May to add to those other jackpot prize winners.
  • In terms of the Mega Moolah Major jackpot prize, May saw 15 winners of this prize, down four from the 19 that were landed in April. The largest winner of the Mega Moolah Major jackpot prize came on the 29th May when one lucky player at Cosmo Casino Mobile landed a sizeable €116,602.40 prize from their mobile device.
  • Unusually, May saw 39 winners of big jackpot prizes on the Casino Rewards Network, which is exactly the same number of jackpot prizes that were won by players in April. Just over half of those wins (20) came on the Cash Splash slot, with 15 coming on the Mega Moolah slot. There were three winners on the Treasure Nile slot and just the one winner on Wow Pot.

Which casinos generated the biggest winners in May 2019?

Once again, we saw ten casinos (the same number as in April) from the Casino Rewards Network award prizes to their customers in May 2019. However, while there are a number of the casinos that did pay out in both April and May (and March for that matter) there are a couple of different casinos that paid out big money prizes in May and not in the other months.

When it comes to which casino proved to be the luckiest in terms of players hitting jackpot prizes, then unlike April and March which saw one casino a clear winner, it was a very close call in May between three different casinos, however it was Cosmo Casino that just edged it in terms of the number of wins. The number in brackets is where the casino was listed in the same list back in April 2019.

  1. Cosmo Casino - 8 wins (4)
  2. Yukon Gold Casino (2) and Zodiac Casino (1) - 7 wins
  3. Captain Cook's Casino - 4 wins (=3)
  4. Grand Mondial Casino (=3) and Quatro Casino (=6) - 3 wins
  5. Golden Tiger Casino (=6), Luxury Casino (5), UK Casino Club (New entry) - 2 wins
  6. Casino Club (New entry) - 1 win

Just as in April 2019, Casino Rewards players landed the biggest jackpot prizes of the month on the Treasure Nile slot and also the Mega Moolah slot, which were each responsible for the two big wins of the month (both well in excess of 100,000). In terms of the number of wins though, it was the Cash Splash and Mega Moolah slots which were the ones to play in May, as they were responsible for 35 of the 39 different jackpot wins during the month.

Once again, Canadian dollar players were among the big winners this month as were players paid out in Euro. Looking at the data and some of the casinos that provided us with winners, it's clear that Canadian players really enjoy playing Mega Moolah. For example Yukon Gold Casino is geared towards Canadian players and offers 125 spins on the Mega Moolah for just a CA$10 deposit.

We are also confident that at least some of those winners, especially the ones for casinos very popular in the UK (Zodiac Casino, Captain Cook's Casino, Grand Mondial Casino and UK Casino Club to name but four) are some likely to be British pound winners, we just don't know who from this data set.

It is worth remembering when looking at the casino data that a lot of things can influence how many winners a casino generates each month. More popular casinos will have more customers and will therefore have more winners. Casino's that have outstanding starter bonuses tend to be more attractive to players initially and as such, this means that these casinos tend to have a higher number of winners.

What were the biggest Casino Rewards Network wins in May 2019?

We saw the same number of jackpot winners in May as we did in April 2019 (39 in total) but what was significant was that for May's figures, there were a greater number of bigger value jackpot winners.

  1. €136,409 - Treasure Nile - Captain Cook's Casino Mobile.
  2. €116,602 - Mega Moolah - Cosmo Casino Mobile.
  3. CA$74,227 - Treasure Nile - Captain Cook's Casino Mobile.
  4. CA$52,502 - Mega Moolah - Captain Cook's Casino Mobile.
  5. CA$45,623 - Mega Moolah - Casino Classic Mobile.
  6. €44,943 - Mega Moolah - Zodiac Casino Mobile.
  7. CA$40,036 - Treasure Nile - Zodiac Casino Mobile.
  8. €30,143 - Mega Moolah - Yukon Gold Casino Mobile.
  9. CA$28,122 - Cash Splash - Yukon Gold Casino.
  10. CA$24,379 - Cash Splash - Cosmo Casino Mobile.

April's top winner of CA$45,692 would only have been good enough to land fifth place in the chart for May, with four jackpot triggers during the month well in excess of that amount. Wins are listed in numerical value, rather than in actual cash value terms as the exchange rates differ from day to day.

Which currencies landed the most wins in May 2019?

This month all the wins reported were either euro wins (although we feel a number of British pound winners are likely to have been included in this number) or Canadian dollar wins and it was the Canadian players that came out in top in terms of the sheer number of wins.

  1. Canadian Dollar winners - 24 winners
  2. Euro/British Pound/US Dollar - 15 winners

There were no British Pound or US Dollar winners this month that we can confirm from the Casino Rewards data.

However there was a British Pound player who won the huge £5.5 million Mega Jackpot winner in May at another casino.

Mobile v Non Mobile Winners in May 2019

Last month of the 39 winners in April, 27 won their prize playing on a mobile with the remaining 12 landing it playing via another method. This month, there were even more mobile winners with an incredible 30 of the 39 winners in May landing their prize on a mobile device, with just 9 landing their jackpot in another way.

So how will the data for June 2019 look? We're not sure yet and we're hoping that we will get to report on a big money Mega Moolah jackpot winner once again for that month for you. So do check back in early July for the latest big winners on the Casino Rewards network.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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