Could the Brexit farce be the inspiration for a new slot game?

If you have been following the political scene in the United Kingdom, over the last few years then there has been one event that has dominated the headlines over that period, the gigantic steaming pile of dog-droppings that is Brexit.

For the two of you in the world today that don't know what Brexit is, it is the attempt by the UK to negotiate the countries withdrawal from being a member state of the European Union. In the referendum to decide whether or not to pursue this massively significant event, that went over the top for many people. The country was split down the middle into those wanting to stay in the EU, and those wanting to leave (who narrowly won the vote).

Campaigning by the Vote Leave campaign was Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, and the famous "Why not spend the £350 million we send each week to the EU to fund the NHS instead?" slogan on the side of a bus.

The Vote Remain campaign was a joke. The campaign was nothing of the sort, just David Cameron popping around the country saying "You know, it'd be quite nice to stay. They have lovely Tulips in Amsterdam, and the coffee in Rome is fabulous." The Remain campaign was a perfect example of how politicians can underestimate "the little people" as Farage so eloquently put it. Well little people or not the propaganda on both sides was hard to stomach. Nobody part of the Remain group thought they would ever lose the vote, nor that it would even be close.

Incidentally, not a couple of hours after the result of the vote was confirmed, Farage and Johnson were on the airwaves stating that they hadn't actually promised to spend that money on the NHS! Very soon both decided that they didn't fancy the job of, you know, actually trying to sort out leaving the EU, so they quit their positions.

The Leave campaign was a jingoistic group of people with no attempts to highlight some of the positive aspects of leaving the EU. It was the perfect fodder for the minuscule-minded readers of the Mail, Express and Sun. It provoked something quite serious that still divides the nation like no other issue in living memory.

Then of course came the issue of negotiating our exit from the EU, which has somehow made a really bad situation immeasurably worse. We now have a Remain-voting dead-in-the-water Prime Minister negotiating to leave the EU and telling the country that it is actually going to be great, when even just the briefest glance at her 'agreement' with the EU reveals huge flaws and the almost near-certainty that it is going to cost the country billions and billions of pounds.

So where is that £350 million a week going to come from?

Unsurprisingly, despite her cronies attempting to make last minute amendments to the deal, it seems that the MP's vote on the deal will likely not go May's way with many of her own party's MP's, plus the DUP (who May relies on for a majority in parliament) all stating their intention to vote against the agreement.

If it wasn't such a serious issue that is going to affect us all in the UK now and in particular, our future generations, whose lives are going to be blighted by this issue and the ramifications from it, it would almost be comical. Armando Ianucci could not have written a better political satire. Only it's real and it is happening right now in the UK, with each new day that dawns revealing yet more discontent.

There have been calls for a new referendum with a number of polls suggesting that due to the fact people now know the facts about what leaving the EU will mean for them and the country. However, the Leave campaign are fiercely against this, as are many in government, suggesting it would go against the will of the people due to that vote. Of course in the EU voting again and again till an establishment favourable outcome is achieved is nothing new... so it will remain to be seen if a second referendum is in the works.

What is particularly galling is that the Remain campaign do not seem to have a spokesperson at the moment, apart from a few idling in the cobwebs around Westminster and given the fact the referendum was lost, many politicians don't want to be seen to be 'going against the will of the people'. It is a dangerous, foolhardy and nonsensical situation. There needs to be ongoing impartial debate on this.

Former Conservative leader and PM David Cameron, whose decision to offer a referendum on Membership of the EU was simply a last-ditch political move to ensure he retained his last vestiges of power by appeasing some in his party (who were losing votes to UKIP), must be totally bewildered to see the actions of his folly have resulted in near chaos in the UK and a country deeply divided.

Let's not even talk about the EU and the way that it is going... It's just too big to put it simply. The EU is very divided and the working class people of Europe are starting to revolt. The EU today reminds me of the old Soviet Union just before it crumbled in 1991.

The Brexit slot

Given the utter mindlessness of it all, I have often felt that the Brexit fiasco, for that is what it is, would make a great theme for a new slot.

I'd make it a video slot and use the sound bites we have (and believe me, there is plenty of it) of the Leave and Remain Campaigners spouting nonsense on the reels. This could be triggered when you land winning lines in the base game. Of course, caricatures of MPs and other people involved in Brexit would be the higher value symbols and I like the idea of a Brexit Multiplier Bonus, where if you land four different MP's across the reels, they come up with their own Brexit Deal, which a drunk Juncker slaps down, with each slap administered increasing the multiplier on the prize by one.

I'd also have the winnings coming from the UK National Debt bar, which of course as you win real cash on the reels negotiating a Leave or Remain Brexit, the debt meter increases with every win. A sort of progressive jackpot slot in reverse! There's also a great option of having a Second Referendum Bonus Game where you pick from three options; Stay, Leave, I Don't F-Know, to win random prizes.

Sadly, with the MP's vote looming and a defeat in the Commons looking likely, the Brexit fiasco looks like it has a long time still to run. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, the Great British kakistocracy is being very poorly run, the politicians on all sides of the house leading us blindly and are doing so not to benefit the country, but to save their political careers. It would be a fitting legacy for them, I feel, to be the subject of a satirical slot, that exposes their folly and underlines the gamble they are taking with the country's future. It will be entertaining to watch the country eat itself alive...

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