Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous Tarzan features in an online slot

2016 promises to be the year of the man from the jungle as in the summer the exciting new film, the Legend of Tarzan hits screens across the globe.

Hot on the announcement of another major deal, Microgaming have announced that they have tied up the licensing rights to the Tarzan brand, with its parent company, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.

Before we take a look at what is in store with this exciting new slot, which comes hot on the heels of other hugely successful slots that Microgaming has created, let's learn a little more about both the man behind the character and of course, the eponymous hero himself.

Who is Tarzan?

In his first book, Edgar Rice Burroughs described Tarzan as an orphaned child who had been raised in African jungles by a group of great apes called the Magani. He was first brought to prominence in the 1912 novel Tarzan of the Apes, which was published initially in a magazine in 1912 and then in a book two years later.

The son of a British lord and lady who were marooned on the Atlantic coast of Africa by a group of mutineers, his mother died when he was an infant and his father perished at the hands of the apes where young Tarzan would be adopted. His English name is given as John Clayton and he is the Viscount Greystoke.

Being brought up by apes sees Tarzan develop a series of remarkable abilities. He is athletic, tall and portrayed in Burroughs first books as highly literate and intelligent, rather than the single word Tarzan portrayed in later films and TV series.

He also develops a number of special abilities as he grows up nurtured by the apes. He can climb, leap, swing through trees using vines at least as well as, if not better than, the apes. He is stronger, faster, more agile, flexible and can endure more than normal human males. He is also able to communicate with some animals native to the jungle around him.

Of course, Tarzan is only half of the story as when he is an adolescent, he stumbles across an American family with a young daughter, Jane, who he immediately falls in love with. Thus Burroughs sets the scene for over 20 different adventures to follow all penned by the prodigious and imaginative author.

Who is Edgar Rice Burroughs?

If you are a fan of Tarzan then you will no doubt be a huge fan of the writer that created him. Although looked down upon by some of his peers, notably Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Rice Burroughs prodigious output in the arena of science-fiction/fantasy has appealed to generations of readers ever since his first novel, Tarzan of the Apes, was published in 1912.

Burroughs life works are documented on the https://www.edgarriceburroughs.com website and a quick browse around the site will reveal not only the breadth of characters Burroughs brought to life through his works, but also what a prodigious writer he was.

Alongside Tarzan, for whom he wrote a total of 24 individual stories (and allowed other authors to expand on these stories in subsequent works) he also created many other memorable characters and places that caught the imagination of a world just awakening itself to science fiction and fantasy.

Another heroic character of Burroughs, also made into a film, was John Carter of Mars. Another was Carson of Venus (remembering that these were all written long before scientists confirmed both planets as barren wastelands).

Burroughs famous At The Earth's Core is perhaps best remembered as a 1960's movie starring Doug McClure and Peter Cushing as two scientists who in trying to dig into the earth to mine precious stones, goes awry when they discover the earth is hollow and inside is the land of Pellucidar.

Other classic characters of the genre written by Burroughs include Caspak in The Land That Time Forgot, Red Hawk Vs Moon Men, Mucker and Andy MacDuff who was brought up as an Apache Indian after being kidnapped from his parents in a raid.

What is incredible is that for each of these series, Burroughs wrote several books. There were 11 in the John Carter series of books, seven in the Pellucidar series, five in the Carson of Venus series.

Ray Bradbury reckoned that Burroughs "was and is the most influential writer, bar none, of our century" and with such an output to his name, it is hard to disagree.

Tarzan on Film and TV

What is abundantly clear is that the character Edgar Rice Burroughs first created back at the turn of the 20th century, has remained almost constantly referenced by popular culture ever since his first appearance in print.

There are over 200 different movies listed in the Internet Movie Database that have Tarzan in the title which were released from 1918 to 2014. The character has also been portrayed on Radio, on Stage and of course in several different television series over the years.

So much so that many experts believe that of all the heroes from literature, Tarzan may be the one character that has been filmed the most across all forms of media.

Of course, there is now a new film to add to that ever-expanding list and that is the newly released The Legend of Tarzan film. Directed by David Yates, the film stars Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan, while star of Suicide Squad Margot Robbie playing Jane.

The film also has Samuel L Jackson on board as George Washington Williams, while Christoph Waltz plays the villain of the piece as Leon Rom.

The film was released globally in July 2016 and has proved to be one of the top box office hits of the summer, further bringing the story of Burrough's most famous creation to a new audience in a new era.

The Tarzan Slot

Of course, with all the excitement about the new Tarzan film, there is an opportunity for slot companies to offer fans of the character a new experience and by tying up a deal with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, Microgaming plan to do that later this year with the hugely anticipated release of their new Tarzan slot.

Microgaming plan to release the slot on both mobile and desktop devices and the characters of Tarzan, Jane and Archimedes have all been confirmed as having a central role in the new slot. Of course, the game will come packed with a host of additional jungle-themed features and the distinctive Tarzan Call will also play a big part.

Chief Executive Office of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever expressed his delight at the news of the deal stating:

"Tarzan is recognised the world over, so we're excited to be launching a slot hosted by this timeless character. Our highly talented games team relish working with a new brand, to build a game that celebrated and embraces it.

"Having seen the game in prototype, I can honestly say the online slot will not disappoint Tarzan fans; operators and their players can look forward to the game's release this winter."

Furthermore, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. James Sullos stated:

"We could not be more pleased to license Tarzan and his friends to such a quality company as Microgaming.

"Their extensive experience in developing online slot games assures us they will build a game that will attract many fans and players to the game from around the globe."

One thing seems certain, if Microgaming can work their magic on the forthcoming Tarzan slot, then fans of the character and movie will be ready and waiting to give the brand new game a try.

Watch this video from Microgaming and see how they went about developing the Tarzan slot:

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