Feeling Hot Hot Hot and here's three Microgaming slots to try this summer

While other parts of the world can rely on decent weather most summers, in the UK it can be something of a hit and miss affair with our somewhat temperamental climate meaning that sometimes our summers can last just a couple of days, or not even turn up at all.

However this year, we have enjoyed a long spell of lovely weather and of course, that has set everybody's attention on enjoying the summer in as many different ways as they can. For some that is heading to the beach, for others it is enjoying the delights of a barbecue a bit more often. For others, it is about getting out in nature and enjoying the sunshine in spectacular settings.

For slot fans though, you have a selection of lovely sunny themed slots which will be perfect for you to enjoy over the summer months and which offer something a little different to the slots listed in our ten of the best summer slots article a little while back.

The Heat is On

  • Reels - 5
  • Paylines - 45
  • Min Bet - 0.50
  • Max Bet - 125
  • Free Spins - Yes

You may think that The Heat is On is a slot that is all about summer, or if you are a bit of an old codger like myself, you may remember it was a song written by Glen Frey for the film Beverly Hills Cop that starred Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley. It is this second clue which gives you a clearer indication of what this slot is about.

Far from being about sunny weather, The Heat is On follows the adventures of two rather shapely yet very different female characters. We have the sexy cat burglar (who shares a resemblance to the Selene Kyle character in Batman in my view) and in addition we have the blonde haired, blue eyed police officer, complete with plenty of décolletage on show as well as pink fluffy handcuffs.

It's pretty clear the direction that Microgaming went with the Heat is On slot and in truth, it doesn't add a great deal to the game, but what does is the fact that you get 45 lines in play, spin for 0.50 a spin at the lowest bet and can win some decent cash prizes while playing. 

There's also a great Free Spins bonus which can see you land between 5 and 20 Free Spins initially but which can trigger additional Free Spins during the bonus which will see you land up to 80 Free Spins.

The sexy cop and cat burglar are both Wild symbols in the game and can lead to some of the better value wins available in what is a simple slot to play, but which offers a very different game to your standard 20 or 25 pay lines slot.

Hot as Hades

  • Reels - 5
  • Paylines - 20
  • Min Bet - 0.20
  • Max Bet - 250
  • Free Spins - Yes

If you are not familiar with Greek mythology then let me explain a little to you which will put the fabulous Hot as Hades slot into context. Hades was the name of the God of The Underworld in Greek mythology, what most commonly is now referred to a hell in western cultures.

He was a brother of Poseidon and Zeus and had a pet dog called Cerberus, who had three heads and was his fearsome guardian. It all sounds very scary and threatening, but what Microgaming have done brilliantly, is to adopt the slot, in the same way that Disney adapted Hercules story, to produce one of the best looking and imaginative slots in many years.

Hades and Cerberus are present both on the reels and off it and it is these small animations off the reels that give the slot a real comic twist and make it hugely enjoyable to play. The game itself offers a sizeable jackpot too of 25,000 coins which is well worth targeting. This can be won by landing five of the Wild symbols on a single pay line. Furthermore, any wins that contain a Wild as a substitute will also receive a 2x multiplier on the standard win.

You can also win 25,000 coins by landing five of the Scatter symbols on the reels, with smaller wins available for fewer Scatters landed on the reels. Land three or more and you trigger the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus feature. Get through the four rounds and reclaim the helm from Zeus chamber and you can earn masses of rewards as a bonus.

Add to this a fantastic randomly triggered bonus called the Super Move which gives you up to five Free Spins each with Wilds symbols placed in random positions on the reels.

All in all Hot as Hades is a fun and brilliant slot to play that is packed full of great cash prizes and imagination.

Treasure Nile Progressive

  • Reels - 5
  • Paylines - 9
  • Min Bet - 4.50
  • Max Bet - 4.50
  • Free Spins - No

One of Microgaming's most popular Progressives other than Mega Moolah or Major Millions is the Treasure Nile slot. This game can only be played for 4.50 a spin, which is off-putting perhaps for lower stakes players, but for that you get access to a simple 9-line slot which pays out its jackpot, on average, every 10 days or so.

Since it was released, the Treasure Nile slot has paid out 304 wins in total, with the average win coming in at £90,458, with the biggest win of £360,506 recorded back on December 23rd 2012, however there was a win of £355,243 that occurred back in October 2017.

The game, as you can guess, is based on the famous River Nile and all other Egyptian-linked items including the Eye of Horus, King Tutankhamen's Death Mask, a barge that you would see sailing on the river, the mighty King Cobra, Amulets and the god Anubis.

The Wild is the Pyramid symbols which can be used to substitute for any other symbols on the reels apart from the Scatter, which is the Golden Scarab beetle symbol. This doesn't offer access to Free Spins, instead paying out a cash prize of between 5x and 50x your total stake, depending on how many of the Scatters you land.

You can win the standard jackpot on the first eight pay lines of the slot which is 6,000 coins and this is achieved by landing the King Tut death mask symbol across all positions on one of these lines. However, if you land the same five symbols on the magical ninth pay line then you will trigger the massive progressive jackpot prize.

Enjoy the hot summer in a different way with these three steaming hot slots, ready for you to play today at a selection of top Microgaming casinos.

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