Five of the best unusual and exciting slots from Microgaming

If someone says to you the phrase "online slot game" what are the things that come to mind? For me, it means a 5-reel slot, with a Wild symbol and free spins and between 25 lines up to 243 Ways to Win.

It is staggering how many slot games fit this simple description. Sure, they may have a few added embellishments and bonuses on offer too, but in general this covers the majority of modern slot games that you can find at a casino.

There's nothing wrong with that of course, some of the best games ever fit into this category such as the Mega Moolah slot, or Thunderstruck II or one of the newer games such as Le Kaffee Bar slot. However, that doesn't mean that all slot games have to follow this template. Indeed, sometimes it is nice to play a game which takes out the rule book for slots, and then tears it up.

Although games that don't follow this template are surprisingly few and far between, they do exist and Microgaming are one of the companies that does embrace games that deviate away from the standard set up we have outlined above. So, with that in mind, we have brought to you our list of quirky slots you need to play. That is, games that offer you something a little more unusual compared to your standard three or five reel slot fare.

  1. Village People Macho Moves slot

What is there not to love about the exciting and relatively new Village People Macho Moves slot from Microgaming? First of all, we have six reels on the screen, not just five, which just also happens to be the exact number of people that were in the Village People pop group.

Unsurprisingly, each reel has a member of the famous Village People stood atop of the reels on their own special platform and each has their own bonus feature based on their own "Macho Move". Collect the VP Wild Tokens as you spin the reels for each of the six members of the band and when you light up the five lights on their platform, you will kick off their bonus round.

What really makes this slot stand out from the rest though is the fabulous soundtrack which features a number of Village People hits from their long and varied career. In the base game, these are just instrumental versions, but when you trigger some of the bonus features, you are treated to a blast from the original song which does help the slot come alive.

If you are someone who steadfastly refuses to countenance that a slot can be anything more than five reels, then this is a great stepping stone on towards trying some of the more unusual slots we have listed below, plus it is a fabulous slot in its own right.

  1. Reel Splitter Slot

Developed in conjunction with Just For The Win, the Reel Splitter slot goes the other way along the quirky slot route by reducing the number of reels from five, but this time not down to three, but instead we have four reels in the base game as standard.

The symbols are more retro themed and include a Wild symbol and the Bonus Scatter which is the key to triggering the Free Spins bonus in the game. Land three on the reels for eight free spins, while four will get to the maximum 16. You play your Free Spins on a five reel slot, with 243-ways to win AND you can win both ways across the reels and with the middle reel as a Stacked Wild.

The base game is an 81- ways to win slot but if you land a win with four symbols across all reels then you can trigger the Reel Splitter feature. This is where a fifth reel will appear in the middle of the reels and the four original reels will be held while you get a free spin of this new middle reel. Land a symbol to improve the value of your win, and you can land an even bigger prize.

Reel Splitter is a good example of how you don't need to go too far away from a typical 3 or 5 reel slot to develop a slot with its own quirks and identity and it is certainly a game worth taking a closer look at.

  1. Poke The Guy

When is a slot not a slot? When it is nothing at all like a slot but effectively offers you the same kind of payout when you play the game. Poke The Guy slot is probably the Microgaming offering that is least like a slot game and as a result, it does tend to polarise opinion but in terms of quirkiness, it is out there in a league of its own.

The game centres on a large gorilla called Guy, who for some reason is dressed in a yellow jump suit. Guy is busy popping up all over the world and causing mayhem and you are tasked with resolving the situation. You do this by using a catapult to hurl a variety of items at him, in the hope of hitting him. Land a hit, and you win a cash prize, miss him and you lose.

Prizes range from 2x your stake to up to 500x your stake and you can choose the size of your bet by scrolling through the different items you can catapult at Guy as each has a different value in the game.

By all definitions, this isn't really a slot, but the game uses the same random number generation processes to decide the winner and it is not a game of skill, so this hits the quirkiness factor full in the face in my view.

  1. Playboy Gold

The first Playboy slot from Microgaming was a pretty standard game but Triple Edge Studios moved the goalposts in the second slot and produced something that was very different. In the Playboy Gold slot you have six reels and there are ten symbols on each of the six reels, as well as 100 pay lines in play on the slot.

Another big feature is the Jumbo Block feature. There are five Playboy Bunnies in the game and they each have their own Jumbo Block which is a big block of 4x6 symbols which if landed in full on the reels will award one of a trio of prizes, either a multiplier (up to 5x) a credit prize of up to 30x your bet, or four Respins of the reels.

There is also a number of other bonuses, including a Wheel bonus which lets you spin the wheel to try and win a number of different bonuses including cash amounts, a Matched Bonus game where you must pick cards to match two Playboy Bunnies and a Free Spins bonus which will see you land one of the girls Jumbo symbols on each spin.

This is a very nicely presented slot with plenty of different features that is well worth a closer look.

  1. Pollen Party

This bee-themed slot will have you buzzing with its 720 ways to win and its honeycomb like structure for the reels. The reelset is what makes this slot more unusual with a 3-4-5-4-3 reel set which is somewhat unusual and it is this set up which gives the maximum 720 ways to win.

It's a rather cute game to be honest, so it polarises opinions a little, but if you can take the twee nature of the slot then it is a very enjoyable game to play. You can win a sizeable prize and the main bonus is the Babee Bonus round which lets you pick from honeycomb cells on screen to reveal cash prizes. You can keep picking and adding to your prize until you pick the Pop symbol, however an extra life is also hidden and if you pick this, you will get another chance to play on even if you hit the first Pop symbol.

The game also comes with 12 Free spins when you land three or more of the bee scatters and during Free Spins you will receive up to three Wild symbols guaranteed on the middle reel of the slot if you land the orange flower symbol.

Pollen Party is a cheery, enjoyable slot that plays very differently to your standard 5-reel slot and as such, it is definitely one of the quirkier modern releases from Microgaming.

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