Five top tips on maximising the benefits of your deposit bonus

One of the best things about joining a casino is that as a new player, you are almost certainly guaranteed to receive a welcome bonus from your establishment of choice.

What that bonus is, how you receive it and how much it is actually worth may all differ from casino to casino, but for the most part new players will receive something.

Yet despite this, there are a large number of people who don't fully realise or appreciate how to make the most of this additional cash or other bonus. Many may not even be aware of how they receive the cash or how it is claimed and they are certainly not aware on how they can best use it.

In this article, we'll examine five ways in which you can ensure that you get the maximum possible benefit when you join a casino and also how you can then use this money wisely playing on site to ensure you get the most for your cash.

1. Find the right bonus deal for you

The first thing to realise when you are looking for a great new player deal is that the casino offering the biggest bonus offer in cash terms, may well not be the right choice for you. Depending on your gaming habits, how much you intend to deposit and how often, it may well be that an offer with a much smaller deposit bonus, or with other freebies for the player may actually offer you a better deal.

For example, if you are an avid slot player then you may be more interested in a deal that offers you a combination of free slots, a deposit bonus, or perhaps even a freeplay deal which will allow you to play slots effectively for free to generate your deposit bonus.

Matching the deal to your gaming habits and preferences will make it much easier for you to realise the full value of any bonus. After all, there is no point receiving free entry into a blackjack tournament or similar, if you have no interest in using this aspect of your bonus deal.

There are a great deal of different offers out there, including a few completely free, no deposit required, free spins offers where you can even take your winnings and run. Many other casinos offer free spins, free tournament tickets and other such enticements to persuade you to join.

So don't be afraid to expect more than simply a cash deposit bonus. There are plenty of casinos out there that offer a few additional incentives too.

2. Look how your deposit bonus is structured and make your deposits accordingly

To discover which casino no deposit offers you the best option, you need to look at how the deposit bonus is structured with that casino and then make your deposits accordingly.

For example, "Mad Casino" are offering a 100% deposit bonus on an initial deposit of up to £1000 sounds great, but if you are only going to be able to deposit £50 with your first deposit then the bonus you will receive will be a total of £50.

In this situation, it makes sense to join a company who offer deposit bonuses on your first two or three (or more) deposits.

For example, let us say another establishment, "Big Casino", offers you a 100% deposit bonus up to £100 on your first deposit plus 200% up to £100 on your second and 50% up to £100 on your third deposit.

If you deposit an initial £50 as in the example above, you'll receive £50 free, but when you make a second deposit, you'll receive DOUBLE the amount, so if you make another £50 deposit a few weeks later, you'll receive a further £100 free. Then on your third deposit you will receive a 50% bonus, which if this was another £50, you would receive £25 free. So in this example, you would receive £175 free, even though the deposit bonus with "Big Casino" may only be worth £350 in total.

On the other hand, if you are going to deposit a larger sum of money initially and not deposit for a good while, then you need a deposit bonus which is more front loaded , so look for a casino offering a larger deposit bonus on your first deposit. Such as in the offer for "Mad Casino" shown above.

3. If you have been awarded free spins, or other freebies - use them

It seems somewhat obvious, but if you have received a freebie alongside your no deposit bonus, then it is absolutely vital that you use them, even if you don't play or even understand the game that you have been given a freebie for.

If that is the case, then many casinos offer you the chance to play games for free (using 'credits' rather than 'real cash') so you can play the game until you understand the basics.

Any freebie, such as free spins, free tournament tokens, free games or similar is basically a free chance for you to boost your bankroll by playing a game. You lose nothing playing your free offers and only stand to gain if you win.

4. Play on the site - To fully activate your deposit bonus award

In some casinos, your deposit bonus is drip-fed to you once you have spent a certain amount on the games at the casino and after a certain period of time, this bonus will expire.

This is a very important aspect to factor in to your consideration. There is little point activating a new player deposit bonus of £300, if you are only going to wager £50 in the allotted time you have to activate the entire bonus. In effect, you are handing £250 straight back to the casino because you have not played enough to activate the full bonus.

So make sure you read the terms of your deposit bonus to ensure that you understand how you can activate the full bonus and how long you have to activate it. Then make sure you play frequently enough during that period to activate the bonus.

5. Target the games that offer you a better return - those with a lower house edge

Of course, if you are playing on the casino, then you don't want to continually target games which will quickly drain your bankroll as you attempt to trigger your full bonus. To avoid that, you may need to change your gaming habits slightly by targeting those games, or specific bets, that offer you a far greater chance of success than others.

Keno for example, is a very popular modern casino game, but it's house edge is huge and means that the player has relatively little chance of winning. Slots too offer the house a bigger edge, but there are games that offer the player a much better chance of winning such as the progressive Mega Moolah.

In some games, like roulette and craps, picking the right bets (such as red or black in roulette) radically reduces the house edge. Games like Poker Ride video poker and Triple Sevens blackjack also have a relatively small house edge and if you play blackjack to a strategy, you can decrease this house edge still further.

But you should really play the games that you enjoy playing regardless of the house edge. Now you could target the majority of your game time playing to games that offer a good chance success each time but you may not enjoy it or get the buzz as you do from progressive games like the Mega Moolah, which can easily trigger your full deposit bonus and then some!

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