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Fans of Mega Moolah should give Golden Tiger Casino a look. Golden Tiger is an online gambling property that truly emphasises the Microgaming brand.

You should know up front that Golden Tiger is part of a portfolio of online gambling sites that all utilise the same approach of requiring players to download and install Microgaming's HD software in order to play. Players may also play without download from mobile-devices.

We'll explain this in greater detail as this review progresses. For the time being though, realise that you will not be able to play Golden Tiger games straight from your browser, which means if you on a Mac you're out of luck, unless you can run a Windows emulator.

This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your perspective. The casino software is a high-definition software that works on Windows 7 or better. It offers an enhanced player experience compared to playing from e.g. Firefox or Chrome browsers. Also when you have the casino software installed you can quickly launch it from your computer and start playing in full-screen mode. If you have never downloaded HD casino software before, you should definitely try it.

Golden Tiger Mobile Casino can be played from any modern mobile or tablet. The games are developed to play straight off the mobile browser such as mobile Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Tap here if reading this on your mobile device.

Remember, you only need to open one account. For example if you register with the mobile casino you can always later download the HD software to your computer. Your username and password will work on all devices.

Site navigation

Since the HD software is Microgaming's installation and used across the casino-sphere, we'll focus on the Golden Tiger website instead. The Golden Tiger website does not actually offer much information. It is designed for players to use as a place from where to download the HD software. There is limited amount of information explaining game choices, or bonuses and promotions. This is because Golden Tiger relies on the HD software to deliver this information to the player.

Note that if you have not yet downloaded the software, the 'Play Now' button on the Golden Tiger website will take you to download. If you have already downloaded and installed the software, clicking the button should automatically open the software for you.

Main menu

Above the banner is where you'll find the site's main menu. This menu consists of six links: Home, Sign-Up Bonus, Casino Games, Winners List, Contact Us, and Play Now. They are all pretty self-explanatory.

One of the more interesting of the links is the 'Winners List' link. Clicking it takes you to a separate page with a list of all the casino's most recent winners. Even better, you can see information dating back as far as 2010. Just use the drop-down menus to find the info you are looking for. Each entry includes the winner's initials, the game played, the amount won, and the date on which the win occurred.

Under the banner

What appears underneath the banner depends on the page you are looking at. On the Home page, for example, there are multiple subsections highlighting various features of Golden Tiger. On the Signup Bonus page, you'll find a brief description of the casino's welcome bonus program underneath the banner.

Below all the subsection information are the same two buttons that appear in the banner. They are followed by additional administrative links including About Us, FAQ, Privacy Policy, and several more. Note the affiliate logos underneath these links. They tell you a little bit about Golden Tiger's association with organisations like Microgaming and licencing information.

Golden Tiger Casino games

Navigate to the Casino Games section of the site for a brief introduction to the kinds of games you can find here. They are divided into four different categories, beginning with slot games. Remember that Golden Tiger offers more than 500 titles. The vast majority of them are video slots. These are all Microgaming slots as well, so you can expect to see a lot of your favorites.

The other three-game categories are as follows:

  • Blackjack - Golden Tiger invites you to "play the best blackjack of your life" at their casino. They offer a good variety of blackjack games including classic, European, and Vegas-style blackjack. Golden Tiger even has live blackjack games that combine the best of online gaming with a live dealer experience.
  • Roulette - You cannot offer blackjack without offering roulette as well, can you? The good news is that Golden Tiger has a fair selection of American and European roulette games to satisfy your need for this classic French casino game. Some of their roulette games are live.
  • Video Poker - Video poker originally made its debut a couple or so decades ago, at the height of arcade-style video games. And while arcade games have largely disappeared, video poker has remained a fan favorite among online gamblers. So we're not surprised that Golden Tiger offers a range of video poker titles with minimum bets as low as 0.25 per hand.

Die-hard Microgaming fans know that the Mega Moolah video slot offers the biggest progressive jackpots on the internet. Well, it turns out that Golden Tiger's inventory of games includes quite a few progressive jackpot games. In addition to numerous slot machines, there are progressive jackpots for poker, video poker, and even roulette. You can see all the available progressive jackpots and their current values by scrolling to the bottom of the Casino Games page.

Bonuses and promotions

Golden Tiger doesn't stand out for its bonuses and promotions like some other casinos do. Nonetheless, they do offer a very generous welcome bonus worth up to a total of €1,500 in matching deposits (also available in pounds and dollars). This is a progressive welcome bonus, meaning it pays out over the new player's first five deposits.

The first and last deposits offer 100% matching cash of up to €100. The remaining three deposits are subject to different percentages and maximum amounts. Take full advantage of the bonuses on each of your first five deposits and you could receive up to €1,500 in matching deposit money.

Golden Tiger also offers loyalty program. This program is touted as a VIP program and everyone who plays at Golden Tiger for real money is automatically enrolled. Casino Rewards is a loyalty program that awards players points every time they play. Those points can be redeemed for credits. Club members are also eligible for special promotions, exclusive games, sweepstakes entries, lucky jackpots, and more.

Banking options

All the casino properties in the same portfolio as Golden Tiger offer players numerous banking options. They cover just about everything you can think of, from major credit cards to e-wallets. Below is a partial list of your deposit options:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Instant Banking
  • EntroPay
  • Bitcoin

All deposits are handled in a safe and secure environment with prompt processing. Some options offer instantaneous deposits that let you get down to the business of playing right away. Deposits are handled through the software's Banking section. As for withdrawals, your options are somewhat limited.

Golden Tiger handles withdrawals through electronic payment systems, paper checks, and DBT/WIRE transfers. The minimum withdrawal amount for DBT/WIRE is 300. All other withdrawal methods have a 50 minimum. Note that all withdrawal requests are held for 2 working days before the funds are distributed. This allows you to reverse a withdrawal request should you decide to leave the money in your gambling account.

Mobile play

Golden Tiger Mobile Casino is a great place to start your casino experience. Simply tap here to visit the mobile website and then tap on the button to take you directly to the registration page. Signup is quick and easy!

Golden Tiger Casino is inspired by the Orient. In many Eastern cultures, the tiger is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. The website colours are red and gold/yellow. The colour red brings good fortune, while yellow brings joy of life and glory!

We are sure that Golden Tiger Mobile Casino will give you that extra bit of luck for your next big win, and here are your amazing welcome bonuses to get you started! With a 97% average payout rate, we're confident you will be one of our next success stories!

How many spins on the Mega Moolah can I get on Golden Tiger Casino?

The welcome bonus is a hefty €1,500 in matching deposits. This means that to redeem this entire bonus the same amount in deposits would be required. It works like this:

On your first deposit of €100 you can get 100% Match Bonus up to €100
On your second deposit of €600 you can get 50% Match Bonus up to €300
On your third deposit of €2500 you can get 20% Match Bonus up to €500
On your fourth deposit of €1666 you get 30% Match Bonus up to €500
On your fifth deposit of €100 you get 100% Match Bonus up to €100

The total amount in deposits required to redeem the entire free bonus worth €1500 is €4966. So in total the bonus percentage averages at around 30%. Of course no player is required to make these exact deposit amounts. The minimum deposit to get started is just €10, but that will be counted as your first deposit. We recommend making at least the first deposit of €100 to claim the 100% bonus on the first deposit.

Let's say you wanted to go for the €11+ million Mega Moolah jackpot, and nothing else, you would get a large number of spins. It works out something like this:

Your total deposits equal to €4966 Min. 0.25 bet gives you 19864 spins on Mega Moolah.
Max. 6.25 bet gives you 794 spins on Mega Moolah.
Your total free bonus cash equals to €1500 Min. 0.25 bet gives you 6000 spins on Mega Moolah.
Max. 6.25 bet gives you 240 spins on Mega Moolah.
Your total deposits+bonus cash equals to €6466 Min. 0.25 bet gives you 25864 spins on Mega Moolah.
Max. 6.25 bet gives you 1034 spins on Mega Moolah.

The above example as using the 0.25 minimum bet per spin and the 6.25 maximum bet per spin on the Mega Moolah. Even at max bet you could be spinning the Mega Moolah 1034 times and have a good chance of triggering the jackpot bonus game. Remember you can set Mega Moolah to autoplay and go do something else. If the jackpot bonus game or free spins bonus appear on the screen the autoplay feature stops, waiting for your instructions.

Interested in checking out the Golden Tiger website? Click here now.

In summary

Golden Tiger is a good choice when looking for a Microgaming-powered casino with an exclusive list of their games. This is a good thing if you appreciate Microgaming titles like Mega Moolah. It is not necessarily good if you want to play games from other developers. But you can always play your Microgaming favorites at Golden Tiger while choosing another online casino for your other favorites.

In terms of security and support, Golden Tiger competes with the best of them. They utilise the latest in security software, their games are independently audited, and they are members of the Interactive Gaming Council. Golden Tiger also offers 24/7, year-round support. Support is available via toll-free telephone, e-mail, and live chat.


  • More than 500 titles.
  • Good variety of slots and table games.
  • 24/7 support via multiple options.
  • Generous welcome bonus.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Multiple banking options.
  • HD casino software.


  • HD casino software works only on Windows.
  • Limited information website.

Good luck at Golden Tiger, I'm sure it will be a prosperous journey.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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