Have we seen our last U.S. Dollar winner on Mega Moolah?

You may or may not be aware that given the current situation in the United States, as regarding online casino gaming, a large number of companies that previously offered games in the country, have for some time now, decided not to offer games to U.S. citizens.

Microgaming was one such company and of course, this has meant that U.S. players have not been able to play the Mega Moolah slot for some time now. One of the key reasons for that being that there is no uniform approach across the country which states online gambling is legal or illegal and instead, it is down to each individual state to decide whether it is going to allow its citizens to enjoy casino gaming or sports betting or similar online.

So does this mean that we are never going to see a U.S. Dollar progressive jackpot winner on the Mega Moolah slot? Are those eight current jackpot winners who landed their prize in U.S. Dollars, going to be the only time a player wins using this currency?

In short, the answer to that is "probably not" and there are a couple of reasons why this is the case.

Why there will still be U.S. Dollar Mega Moolah Jackpot winners

As you probably know, you can play Mega Moolah in a number of different currencies, with the currency or currencies available for you to play the game in dependent on which country and which casino that you sign up to play with.

In some parts of the world, it is relatively straightforward. If you play from New Zealand, then you will use New Zealand Dollars as your base currency, in Canada it is Canadian Dollars, in a country that has adopted the Euro, you will use this as your base currency in the game.

Of course, in the United Kingdom, you will use the British Pound as your base currency, which is also the base currency of the Mega Moolah slot, which means that it is only when a British Pound jackpot is awarded, that the full jackpot amount is awarded to the player and the seed amount of £1,000,000 is added to the jackpot fund to kick start the next progressive jackpot.

However, as you can tell from the list of countries on the Country page, there are many other countries in the world where you can play Mega Moolah from and in some of these places, players can play using a different currency to their national currency.

The way it works is as follows; if you are playing from a country like Japan, then your home currency is the Yen. To play Mega Moolah though, you would choose to play in e.g. euros and your credit card deposit would be converted from Yen to Euro. If a player from Japan chooses the U.S. Dollar instead, the process is the same. This also means that all your winnings will also be awarded in your opted currency.

This process of exchanging your home currency for one of the currencies available on the Mega Moolah slot takes place in many countries around the world and in some, you can even select which of the currencies offered you wish to play. You may be able to pick between the Euro and the U.S. Dollar or even Canadian Dollar or the British Pound for example. Just remember that you cannot change your currency "on the fly" to another after you have selected your currency of play.

By using this currency exchange method, you will then be eligible to win the jackpot in the currency you play the game in, but of course, if you live in Japan, then you would want to receive your cash in a currency that you can use. That's no problem as your casino will transfer your winnings, which will be converted at the bank to your native currency.

Given how popular the U.S. Dollar is as a form of currency world wide, chiefly because it is the world's reserve currency, a good number of players from countries all over the world will likely use the U.S. Dollar as their currency of choice when playing Mega Moolah, which means of course that we will still likely get U.S. Dollar winners of the top jackpot prize in future.

However, there is also another way we could see U.S. Dollar winners in the future, and that is if a player from Ecuador wins the jackpot, or a player from El Salvador, Belize, or Panama, where the U.S. dollar is used as a quasi-currency, wins the jackpot. There's also a large U.S. expat community in these countries and for them playing the Mega Moolah is perfectly legal as long as they are residents of the country.

The changing face of online gambling in the United States

Another possible way for us to see future U.S. Dollar Mega Moolah jackpot winners could well be that in the future the United States market will be open for business once again.

That is because at the moment only a small number of states have legalised online casino games and slots for their residents to play. The likes of Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and most recently Pennsylvania are among the states that have permitted their citizens to play online slot games and casino games.

Now out of the 50 states, that is a small number, but the number of people these four states cover is a considerable amount. But what is more interesting than the sheer volume of people, is the fact that many other states are watching how the scenario in each of these states that do permit online gambling, unfolds.

That is because the tax revenue generated, alongside the turnover from online gambling, can be huge for these states. New Jersey has already made many millions in taxes alone from online gaming since it was first legalised a few years back. Millions, which can then be ploughed back into the faltering infrastructure in the state.

These financial incentives can be huge and as such, it is why so many states are looking closely at their gambling legislation and many are taking steps towards legalising some form of online gambling, or at least having discussions about the possibility of doing so in the future.

If that is the case and a greater number of states of the United States start to offer online gambling to its inhabitants, then you can bet that companies like Microgaming will be interested in offering their products to them through the casinos. We have already seen Microgaming sign deals to offer their products in different casinos and locations around the world, (recently the company has signed deals for their games to be made available in Bulgaria, Colombia and the Czech Republic).

As it currently stands, it is unlikely that Microgaming will secure a deal to offer Mega Moolah to U.S. based customers any time in the immediate future, but with the fluid situation in online gambling in the United States at present, that is a situation which could well change.

So no, those eight jackpot winners that landed their prize in U.S. Dollars won't be the last winners using this currency. Could the next big winner be the ninth U.S. Dollar jackpot winner?

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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