Here's a long-term strategy for playing Mega Moolah

Perhaps you've been bitten by the progressive jackpot bug and now you want to spend as much time as you can trying to land a big money jackpot, such as the multi-million pound jackpot which is available on the Mega Moolah.

What you don't want to do at this point is develop bad habits when playing, which could leave you in a bind financially, or which will likely mean that more often than not, when you finish a session on the Mega Moolah slot (or indeed any of the top progressives available), your balance is at that annoying zero amount and thus, you need to dig deep into your pockets once again to fund your next session.

Even if things are not quite that drastic, how can you develop better habits when playing the slots to ensure that you not only enjoy them more, but can enjoy the fruits of your efforts when you do win in a more creative and enjoyable way?

What you need to do this is to develop good playing habits and that is best achieved by developing your own long-term strategy which you can use when playing progressive slots like Mega Moolah. Indeed, this approach works well for slots in general, but is particularly relevant for progressive jackpot games.

So what are these good habits you can get yourself into to develop this strategy? Let's take a look at some great suggestions below.

  1. Set a sensible budget for your progressive jackpot gaming

Most people have a set amount of disposable income that they set aside for gaming each week or month. What you should do is take a proportion of that and set that aside for your wagering on progressive jackpot games.

How much of that disposable income you set aside is entirely your choice. If you are going to focus only on these types of games as your main source of casino gaming, budget for more, than if you also play other slots and other casino games, bingo or poker alongside your progressive gaming.

Of course, the amount of disposable income a person has to spend on their interests varies from person to person, so putting a particular amount on this is impossible. But for example, if you have say £200 a month in disposable income and you want to use some of that for family things, as well as casino gaming, you may want to set aside about 25% (£50) for wagering on progressive slots.

What you then must do is budget each month for roughly the same amount of money to spend on the slots. Don't be tempted, if you have a pay rise or earn a bonus for example, to ramp up your spend in one month as it can be tempting to then spend larger sums in following months. If you wager for a £50 spend each month and can afford it, then stick to that.

Of course, it goes without saying that this cash must be disposable income. You should never, ever wager with money you cannot afford to lose for whatever reason that is.

  1. Decide how you want to use that budget

Now that you have a budget for your game, how are you going to spend it? Now with a progressive slot having a jackpot size that increases over time (provided it isn't won), this makes it different to a standard slot which has the same jackpot size available at all times.

So, for this, you may wish to delay playing your spins until later in the month, when hopefully the jackpot will have grown larger. Alternatively, if the jackpot is already a sizeable amount, then you may wish to play through your budget at the beginning of the month, or in the middle.

You also need to decide how best to use your budget. Do you want to have just one longer sessions at the reels with your budget for progressive slots, or do you want to break it up over several sessions across the month for shorter, sweeter sessions? Personally, I feel this is somewhat dependent on your budget as I'd always try and play through at least 100 spins in a session (which at the lowest price spin on the Mega Moolah slot, is 25.00).

In truth, you can devise a timetable for play that suits you best (and with mobile phone technology, you can be more flexible than ever over when you play). That may be determined by personal factors, as much as what the progressive jackpot currently stands at.

Once you have decided how many sessions you want in a month, when to play those sessions and how much to spend on each. The trick now is to stick exactly to that, which brings us onto the third step of this strategy.

  1. Stick to your budget, even if you end up making a profit in a session

Let's say that Player A has a budget of 50.00 for a session on Mega Moolah and wants to play through 100 spins at 0.50 per spin. Let's also say that during his session, while not tripping the big progressive jackpot prizes available, he does land a nice win in the base game that nets him a prize of around 200.00.

Player A now has played through 100 spins, and has 200.00 in credit in his account. Surely that is an extra 200 spins on the casino and an extra 200 chances to win the jackpot prize?

There are two schools of thought here. Some higher stakes gamblers find a 200.00 win isn't big money so will just play through it with the casino, but for some players, a 200.00 win is a big deal and if you are one such player, then I would strongly advise that you do not re-invest that cash in more spins.

Remember, a profit from a casino is only a profit when it is taken from your casino account and put into your bank account for you to use as you see fit. When that cash is in your casino account, you are not seeing any tangible benefit, other than additional spins or hands on casino games.

One of the best skills (and also one of the most difficult to control) is developing the ability to stop playing when you are ahead and taking your winnings (or the majority of them) and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

So, if I were Player A, I'd leave 50.00 in my account to cover my budget that I have spent and withdraw 150.00 to my bank. That way, your profit ends up as a profit and creates something enjoyable for you.

Others will argue that a serious slot gamer would reinvest their winnings on more spins to try and win the progressive jackpot prize. My answer to that is, at which point do you stop reinvesting winnings? I also feel that players that reinvest wins are not strictly winning. They are just getting more spins of the slot for their budget at the casino, as any wins end up going back to the casino over time anyway.

  1. If your circumstances change, review your budget immediately

If you are in a nice steady job then you may be able to budget for the same spend each month without a problem, but some may find that their pay one month or week is different to the next. While budgeting is useful, it also needs to be flexible so that it doesn't impinge on your key spending in other areas of your life.

So, if you have a change in circumstances at any points, say you get a pay rise, or the flip side of that, you don't earn as much in one week or month as you expected, you need to adjust your budget accordingly.

Being flexible like this depending on your circumstances ensures that you always have the right proportion to spend on your progressive jackpot gaming each month, without overspending.

Of course, if you get a pay rise and find you have more disposable income each month, you can also increase the amount you spend in proportion too.

  1. The moment playing ceases to be enjoyable, is when it's time to stop.

It is exciting playing progressive jackpot games, but if you find that your interest is waning and you are not enjoying playing, then it is time to stop and re-evaluate your situation. You do not want to play a game simply because it offers you a chance of a big jackpot prize, you should be getting enjoyment as you play.

That doesn't mean you need to be winning (although that of course helps) but if you feel that playing has become a chore, or somewhat repetitive, then you should ask yourself, would your money be better spent doing something else with it instead?

Sometimes just a short break can be enough to whet your appetite once again for the game, especially if the jackpot creeps upwards.

Developing good habits is key to enjoying a healthy relationship with any form of gambling and in particular progressive slots jackpot games like Mega Moolah. By following the advice here, you can foster positive attitudes to the game to ensure that you get more out of it when you play, while still giving you the best chance you can muster of landing that life-changing prize.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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