How do other big Jackpot pay-outs compare to Mega Moolah?

You may remember that back in January 2019, we had the largest numeric value win of the Mega Moolah slot in its history, when one Canadian player landed a prize of over $20 million. That came on the back of a win back in September of over €19 million.

But of course, Mega Moolah is not the only way you could win a massive amount of money. There are other slot games, other forms of gambling, lottery games and the ilk which could see you be incredibly lucky and land a life-changing prize.

So how does Mega Moolah compare with the average and top payouts of some of the other most popular ways to gamble for money either online or offline? In this article, we are going to see just how the slot game compares to other different games offering massive cash prizes.

  • Spot the Ball - £250,000

One of the most famous gambles was the national Spot the Ball game which was originally a newspaper promotion where a photograph was taken of a football game and you had to place an X over the position on the photo where the centre of the ball was located.

This jackpot has not been won since 2004, which has seen punters confront organisers of the game about the lack of wins.

  • World's Biggest Bingo Win - £1,176,795

This massive bingo jackpot was won by Soraya Lowell, aged 38 at the time of her win back in 2008, who landed the prize at her local Club3000 bingo hall. She was playing the National Bingo Game, which had a Platinum Jackpot available to be won and Mrs Lowell was lucky enough to win that incredible prize of over £1.17 million.

Having gone to the bingo with her friend Agnes O'Neill for many years, sharing their wins over that time, once again Soraya generously split her winnings with her neighbour, with the mum of four handing over more than £500,000 to her neighbour and friend. Wow!

  • World's biggest Sports Bet win - £1,450,000

In March 2011, plumbing engineer Steve Whiteley placed a £2 accumulator bet on six different races on the Exeter Tote Jackpot from a selection of race meetings across the UK and Ireland. His six selections were priced at 2/1, 12/1, 16/1, 16/1, 5/1 and 12/1 and he watched on as all six horses came in to win earning him a £1.45 million return on his £2 stake.

  • World's Biggest Football Pools Win - £3,001,511

The football pools has changed over the years and in this modern age of National Lottery games and online slots like Mega Moolah, it has had to reinvent itself to stay relevant and appealing to new customers. However wins like Michael Elliott from Brechin, Scotland in 2010 will certainly add appeal to the game. Mr Elliott correctly predicted eight 2-2 draws across Spain, Scotland and English football to land his incredible prize. Another 3 million jackpot on the pools was awarded a year later in 2011, but that jackpot was split four ways with each player earning £750,000.

  • Biggest Poker Tournament Win - $18.35 million

Back in 2012, the World Series of Poker held an incredible Big One for One Drop tournament for higher roller players. 48 people entered with a prize pool of over US$42 million created for the tournament. The lucky winner was poker professional Antonio Esfandiari, who earned a massive $18.35 million

  • Biggest Mega Moolah Win - £13.2 million, €18.9 million or CA$20 million

At the moment there are three potential candidates for the biggest Mega Moolah slot win. If you look in the Guinness Book of World Records, you will see Jon Heywood's win from October 2015 listed as the largest ever win of £13.2 million, but back in September 2018, one player landed a Euro prize of €18.9 million which could be worth more than Mr Heywood's win, but this has not yet been officially ratified by Guinness.

In terms of the largest value of prize in purely numeric terms, rather than in actual cash terms, the winner of the Mega Moolah jackpot in January 2019, who took home a prize of more than 20 million in Canadian Dollars, is the highest figure ever recorded in the game. However, in cash terms, 20 million in Canadian Dollars is worth less than the €18.9 million Euro jackpot won the September before.

  • Biggest Slot Win - $39.7 million

Back in March 2003, a software engineer from Los Angeles decided to bet $100 on the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. His luck was in that day as he beat odds of 16.7 million to one to claim a $39,710,826 prize.

  • Biggest National Lottery Win (UK) - £66.1 million

The largest ever win on the National Lottery (Lotto) occurred in January 2016 when two tickets shared a massive jackpot prize of £66.1 million, around £33.5 million each. This is the largest ever single jackpot win claimed on the Lotto, the UK-only game played twice a week.

  • Biggest Euromillions Winner - £161.7 million

Although the biggest UK Lotto winner in a single week produced two winners sharing a £66.1 million prize, that win was dwafed by the the incredible £161.7 million won by Colin and Chris Weir from Largs who landed their huge win in 2011 in the Euromillions game. This is not just the largest lottery prize ever won in the UK, it is also the largest ever won across Europe.

  • Biggest Single Person Lottery Win - $758.7 million

The largest win of a lottery in the world by a single player came in the United States in August 2017 when Mavis Wanczyk of Massachusetts won the massive prize playing the Powerball lottery.

However, due to laws in America, players who win the lottery can either take a lump sum amount or have their winnings paid to them every year. However, tax must also be paid on the winnings in the US and the lump sum amount is also often much less than the actual prize. Chicopee resident Mavis decided to take her prize as a lump sum and took $480.5 million, but then paid nearly half in taxes. Still Mavis most likely kept somewhere near $300 million.

It is worth noting that not all countries in the world tax big wins on lottery and slots. The UK for example, does not tax these wins.

  • Largest ever Lottery Jackpot Win - $1.586 billion

Back in January 2016, the Powerball jackpot had risen to an incredible $1.5 billion prize fund and on the 13th January that year, it was won by three tickets.

Each winner won an initial prize of $533 million, which could be received as payments over years, or as a lump sum (in which case the figure received would be $327.8 million).

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