How do you play Mega Moolah?

This may seem like a somewhat unusual question and it is a question that can be answered two ways. You may be asking how you actually play the game itself (and there's a number of great articles on that can explore the intricacies of the Mega Moolah slot) or you may well be asking how you choose to play the game, perhaps using the minimum bet size or using the autoplay function.

In this article, we are going to look at both possible answers to this question and look at the different ways you can play Mega Moolah, what the key options are for you to consider and lastly, what is the best way to kick back and enjoy playing the game.

And as a helpful guide, we will also give you some salient advice on how NOT to play Mega Moolah, particularly if you are going to play from a smartphone or tablet.

Where to play Mega Moolah?

The first thing you need to do to play Mega Moolah is to decide where to play. Now depending on where you are in the world, you can simply find a Mega Moolah casino by checking the Where to Play page on the Mega Moolah site or you might want to start by selecting your country on the Country page to find out if Mega Moolah is indeed available from your country.

There are many online casinos where Mega Moolah is available but only a few offer specific offers to play the game. This is where comes in - to advise visitors of such offers.

Assuming the game is available from your country, the Where to Play page will bring up some of the top casinos you can sign up at, all of which are 100% safe and fair and all of which offer Mega Moolah and the entire range of other Microgaming progressives, which you can see on our Jackpot Games page.

Furthermore, each casino also has a fabulous bonus offer available too and while these vary from casino to casino, you can be sure that when you sign up, if you follow the simple instructions to get your bonus, you'll have a bit of extra cash to play with on your chosen site.

For example, if I want to know where to play Mega Moolah in India, I go the Where to Play page and the page will automatically detect your location and offer the casinos that are available to Indian players.

It's quite simple really and that brings up a list of eight different casinos which I could possibly join if I wanted to play Mega Moolah from India.

There is also a 150 Spins on the Mega Moolah slot offer for German visitors, and a 200 Spins on the Mega Moolah slot offer for New Zealand visitors.

Note that casinos may have different offers depending from where you are signing up.

Once you have registered you can choose to download the client software for the casino and access it directly from there, or you can log in to your chosen casino from your browser.

Can I use a downloadable app instead?

One important point here is if you want to play Mega Moolah, particularly if you are using an Android smartphone or device, then be aware that you DO NOT need to install an app in order to access the Mega Moolah game.

Due to Mega Moolah's massive popularity, there are apps pretending to be the official Mega Moolah app. There is absolutely no need to do this as Mega Moolah can be played directly from a browser or from your client software from your casino. The Mega Moolah game has been developed for the HTML5 framework and it is played in the mobile's browser, not inside an app.

Besides, by giving your details to these apps, you run the risk of your information getting into the hands of people who can exploit this, so steer well clear of any apps offering you Mega Moolah access.

Mobile vs Desktop?

Another thing to consider when looking at how to play Mega Moolah is whether you are going to play from a mobile device or a desktop. Mobile technology is the more prevalent way to play nowadays and it is driving a new generation of players onto games like Mega Moolah and as you can see from the list of winners, many more people are landing the big jackpot prize from their mobile device nowadays than they did in the past.

Mobile devices are certainly more accessible and can be used in any place you have a WiFi or other internet connection available. Desktop play is more static, but can be more comfortable as there's nothing like sitting with your laptop on at home enjoying a few spins with a drink in your hand and a snack ready to eat as you await the outcome of your spins.

You can of course, play both ways from a single account with a casino and there is no penalty for either way of playing, your chances to win remain the same, it is simply a decision of which is the best and most effective way to play that suits you and your lifestyle.

How do I play Mega Moolah?

Mega Moolah is a slot game and if you have ever played a slot, then it is extremely simple to understand and in fact, it is extremely simple to understand even if you have never come across a slot in your life before!

In the base game you simply need to match symbols across the reels to create winning lines. The more symbols you match and the higher the value of those symbols, the more money you will win. You don't win on every spin of course, but when you do, you can win a range of prizes ranging from very small amounts (which occur most often), to very large amounts (which occur less frequently).

You can also trigger a bonus feature called a Free Spins game. In this bonus game, you are given a stated number of Free Spins to play through and any money you win during these Free Spins is yours to keep. You trigger Free Spins by landing three of the Scatter symbols (monkey) anywhere across the reels.

Also, on the reels to help you win is the Lion Wild. This symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other symbols (apart from the Scatter) on the reels to help create winning lines and also if you land several Lions across the reels it pays out a sizeable win. Land five across a single pay line and you win the highest jackpot prize in the base game.

The Mega Moolah progressive jackpots are triggered in a random bonus game called the Jackpot Bonus Wheel, or just the Jackpot Bonus. This can be triggered on any qualifying spin and a qualifying spin is one that has all 25 lines in play on the spin, so the minimum bet you can make to have a qualifying spin is 0.25.

When you trigger the Jackpot Bonus game, you are taken to a different screen and on that screen is a wheel divided into segments. Each of the four coloured segments on the wheel corresponds to a Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize. The Mini, Minor, Major and Mega prizes. See the screenshots here.

Most spins of the wheel result in the player winning the Mini or Minor prizes, occasionally you land a Major winner and very occasionally the Mega jackpot is won. This is the jackpot everyone wants to win and which can grow to huge amounts of money.

Once the jackpot game has been played, you return to the base game and continue playing hoping you may trigger it again. It really is that simple to play. Everything is automated, so you will never miss a win and it means that even novice slot gamers can pick up and play with ease.

Other Mega Moolah options

One of the most exciting things about playing Mega Moolah is that you have a choice of games available to play, each of which is linked to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize. The most popular is the original Mega Moolah slot, which is based on an African Safari theme but there are also three more games you can play to try and land the jackpot prize.

  • An Egyptian themed Mega Moolah slot.
  • A summertime-themed Mega Moolah slot.
  • An American/Road Trip themed Mega Moolah slot.

Each of these slots offers a different base game to the original Mega Moolah, but the jackpot bonus is played out ion exactly the same way and can be triggered on any spin, exactly the same as the original game. Furthermore, your chances of triggering the Jackpot Bonus Game and winning the top progressive jackpot prize on any of the four possible Mega Moolah games is exactly the same.

Essentially, that is all you need to know when looking at how to play Mega Moolah. After that, it is simply a case of selecting where to play, depositing your cash (don't forget your bonus!) and then hit 'spin' and maybe you could soon be joining the list of lucky millionaire winners that the game has produced over the years.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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