How much does the Mega Moolah average jackpot size vary year to year?

One way that people like to play Mega Moolah is to wait until the jackpot reaches at least the average amount won in that year. The player then feels that the slot is more likely to pay out, as it has gone beyond the standard amount that it pays out on average.

Now, while this belief is rooted in some fundamental misconceptions about how the Mega Moolah jackpot is paid out (you can trigger it on any spin, with the exact same chance regardless of what the actual jackpot amount is, or no matter how long has elapsed between the current time and the last win), it remains a popular way to play.

However, what is really interesting to note is just how much the average jackpot win amount each year changes quite drastically and to investigate this, we are going to do a little delving into the stats of the jackpot winners on the Mega Moolah slot.

Let's now take a look at what the average Mega Jackpot win on the Mega Moolah slot was in each of the years since the first winner on the game. The winning amounts have been rounded up or down to the nearest whole unit.

Mega Moolah's average Mega Jackpot Wins

The total number of jackpot triggers in each year is shown in brackets.

  • 2007 - 4,308,741 (1)
  • 2008 - 5,556,754 (1)
  • 2009 - 2,929,646 (3)
  • 2010 - 2,547,087 (1)
  • 2011 - 3,177,432 (2)
  • 2012 - 2,468,197 (4)
  • 2013 - 2,377,216 (4)
  • 2014 - 2,581.231 (6)
  • 2015 - 10,387,929 (2)
  • 2016 - 9,755,789 (4)
  • 2017 - 4,245,996 (13)
  • 2018 - 7,174,361 (7)

What is abundantly clear when looking at this data is that what is the average size of a win in one year, can be considerably more than in another and what is also somewhat pronounced from this data is that the average size of the jackpot win has increased markedly over the last four years in particular.

It seems that the average jackpot win dropped from its initial high points of 2007 and 2008 but it is worth noting that in both these years, the jackpot was won only once (as it was again in 2010) and as such, the average is simply what the jackpot win was that year. As such, these are not a very reliable indicator of an average.

However, from the period of 2009 and then 2011 to 2014, you can see that there are a much higher number of jackpot winners and that the jackpot average win ranged from about 2.3 million up to a high in 2011 of 3.17 million.

There was then a massive increase in the average jackpot size up to a 10.38 million, which is around four times more than what the standard average jackpot size was in the preceding years. Again though, there is a reason for this and that comes down to two factors. Firstly, Mega Moolah was far more popular in 2015 than it was in the years beforehand and secondly, the jackpot was only triggered twice in 2015 (and one of those wins was then a World Record for the largest ever online slot progressive jackpot prize of over £13.2 million).

However what is interesting is that despite 2015's somewhat unusual data, the average jackpot win has remained consistently higher in the years since. In 2016, there were twice as many winners of the jackpot as in 2015, but the average jackpot win remained high at 9.75 million, it dropped in 2017 to 4.24 million but that was the year when there was an unprecedented 13 jackpot triggers across the 12 months, which makes that figure all the more remarkable.

2018 also saw seven winners in total and on average those winners landed prizes around the 7.17 million mark. That is an astonishing figure as this was the year that saw the second largest number of Mega Moolah winners recorded and it was the third highest average jackpot prize of any year, and that year a new World Record in slot wins was awarded.

So, what do these figures show us about the Mega Moolah slot?

In addition to showing that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has been won consistently since the game started back in 2007, what this data clearly shows is the growth of Mega Moolah over the years and that growth has been massive.

Initially, we had relatively few winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot winning generally smaller average amounts, but since 2015, we have seen more winners of the jackpot but rather than winning smaller average amounts, the average win size has increased dramatically over the years.

What this means is that more people are playing more spins on the Mega Moolah slot now than ever before and that this is having a positive impact on the size of the jackpot fund when it is won, as well as increasing the number of jackpot wins in recent times.

From 2007 to 2012, there were a total of 12 jackpot wins on the Mega Moolah slot. In 2017 alone, there were 13 winners, which was followed by a further seven winners in 2018. That means of the 46 confirmed wins of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot (as of the time of writing) over half of them have come in the last three years (24 in total since 2016).

Mega Moolah all time figures to 2019

We can now use these figures to calculate the all-time figures for jackpot pay outs on the Mega Moolah slot from 2007 up to the start of 2019, as well as from 2015 on wards.

  • Total number of Mega Moolah wins - 48
  • Total number of Mega Moolah wins (since 2015) - 26
  • Total jackpot amount paid out by Mega Moolah's Mega Jackpot - the top prize only (all Currencies) - 228 million (approximately)
  • Total jackpot amount paid out by Mega Moolah (since 2015) - 165 million
  • Total average sized Mega Moolah jackpot win - 4,792,531
  • Average number of days between wins since 2007 - 95 days
  • Average number of days between wins since 2015 - 56 days

What this data clearly shows is that since 2015, there has been a massive surge in the numbers of players playing Mega Moolah after Jon Heywood's huge £13.2 million win, which has resulted in more money being paid into the jackpot, more spins being played on the game and of course, more winners, each winning more money than other winners have in the period up to 2014.

That is an exciting thought for the Mega Moolah fans as it means the average value of the Mega Moolah win has increased markedly over the last four years, not only that but the number of wins has also increased and the amount of money being wagered on the machine has also increased.

In short, that means in the future you could well be looking at even greater average value wins on Mega Moolah, and hopefully more often to more players.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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