How to play Mega Moolah in Hindi or any other language other than English

There's no doubt that India is starting to develop something of a love affair with Mega Moolah. The fact that the huge population of the country is increasingly starting to sign up with mobile casinos for ways to spend their disposable income on a fun, exciting game with huge jackpots, such as the Mega Moolah.

However, with that comes something of a potential language barrier and if you are looking to play Mega Moolah in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali or Urdu or indeed any other language spoken in India, outside of the language of the games creators (English). What are your options?

Well for India-based players of Mega Moolah there is some good news on that score.

First off, many Indians have an excellent grasp of English as a second language and that means that even if you can't find a way to get a direct translation of Mega Moolah into Hindi or another language, then you can use your knowledge of English to play the game quite comfortably. Also note that the Mega Moolah game is very easy to play and it can be played with very limited knowledge of the English language. The difficulty comes with everything else, such as finding a casino to play at, registering, and making a deposit.

That's where can help. We have a great selection of casinos on display, which are licenced to operate the Mega Moolah. You can see these on our Where to Play page. Should you have any questions to ask from any of these casinos, you can easily contact them via chat support. But first you need to register at the casino to get a customer number. Once you are logged into the casino you can ask all the questions you need.

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Why Mega Moolah speaks a universal language

What do we mean by that? Well one of the most appealing things about slot games is that they tend to be the same the world over. Australian players may call them pokies, they may be known as one-armed bandits, fruities, slots or fruit machines depending on your age and location around the world, but slot games all share the same characteristics.

And the key characteristics that online slots like Mega Moolah share is that the game is instantly recognisable to players without the need for technical language, as slot games are easy to view and pick up how to play simply by watching them.

It doesn't take longer than a few spins to recognise that you need to match symbols on a slot to land a win and the higher the number of symbols you land, then the greater the value of the win will be for you.

That is the basic premise behind every slot game you would care to play and of course, it applies to Mega Moolah too, in the base game (and also Free Spins) and with the slot using symbols on the reels, rather than words, you don't need to understand ANY language in order to be able to recognise similar symbols from different ones.

But here is the absolute fundamental which makes Mega Moolah a game that can be played universally by any player, speaking any language in any part of the world. Even if you don't fully understand the game, even if you are blind and cannot see the symbols on the screen, or even if you have put the game on auto-play and have walked away from your PC or mobile to do something else, then you need never worry as Mega Moolah is fully automated.

What do we mean by that? Well it means that you do not have to do anything to land a win. If you spin on Mega Moolah and you land a winner, you get paid out. Indeed, many players will use an auto-play feature to play the slot while they busy themselves doing something else, secure in the knowledge that if they land a win, then they will be paid out regardless of whether they are watching or not.

Now that is all well and good if you are playing the base game but you may wish to be informed if you manage to trigger one of the key bonus features of the slot and there are two of these, the Free Spins Bonus Game and the Jackpot Bonus Game, the latter of which being the one which sees you have a shot at winning the Mega Moolah top progressive jackpot prize.

The great news is that if on your base game spins, you trigger either Free Spins, or the Jackpot Wheel (which can be triggered on any random spin in the game), then the game will pause until you are ready to progress with the bonus that you have triggered.

This means that if you land the three or more Scatter symbols required to trigger Free Spins, then you will find your game waiting in Free Spins mode with all your Free Spins ready to play, when you pick up your mobile device or click back onto the window on your PC. You can then see how well you do in your bonus round and see how much you can win.

With the Jackpot Bonus Game, should this trigger on any base game spin then the game will pause on the Jackpot Wheel screen. All you need to do to set the bonus wheel in motion is to click on the Spin button, but seeing as this is how you could win that massive Mega Jackpot prize, then this is part of the game you will not want to miss. So once you have clicked the Spin button, your fate is now in the hands of the slot gods and you will win one of the four jackpots available; Mini, Minor, Major or if you are very fortunate, Mega.

The great thing is that with any of these options, an understanding of any particular language is not required as all aspects of the game are entirely automated which makes Mega Moolah one of the easiest slots to play regardless of what languages you speak and understand.

I really want to learn more about Mega Moolah in Hindi, how do I go about it?

If you want to learn more about the Mega Moolah slot in the Hindi language, or indeed any other language, then a good idea is to head over to and scroll through the myriad of articles on the site about the different aspects of the game. You can then load up these articles and then copy and paste them into a document and then use an automated translation tool, such as Google Translate, to translate the document into a language you can understand.

Now be aware that these translation tools are useful but not entirely 100% accurate and the nuances of an article when translated can be lost in another language and produce some rather confusing sentences. However, more than enough of the article will be translated into Hindi or whatever language you select, to enable you to get to grips with that aspect of the game.

Mega Moolah is a slot that has a universal appeal and a universal language, playable by all regardless of what language you speak or understand. With everything you need to know already automated in the slot, it is one of the simplest games you can enjoy, that offers you the chance of a massive jackpot win on every spin.

Are you fluent in Hindi and English? Contact us for translation work.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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