How to play Mega Moolah online from Sweden

Sweden's decision to liberalise its gambling laws has opened the door to a myriad of new possibilities for gamblers who may have previously played on sites hosted in Malta and other friendly countries can now play on sites hosted in their native country.

What makes Mega Moolah so popular among video slot players is its four progressive jackpots. Offering one progressive jackpot is reason enough to be enthusiastic but having a chance to win four jackpots makes things four times more interesting. But that's not all. There is another interesting twist here.

How Mega Moolah's jackpots work

The standard way of offering a progressive jackpot in a slot game is to require winning players to land a certain combination of symbols on the reels. For example, a jackpot game may designate one certain symbol as the progressive jackpot symbol. In order to win the jackpot, you have to land five of those symbols on a single pay line.

Mega Moolah is different. The game has a randomly triggered jackpot bonus game, called the Jackpot Bonus Wheel, which awards the player a chance to win one of the four jackpots. When that jackpot bonus game is triggered, the the Jackpot Bonus Wheel appears over the slot reels (off the reels). The Jackpot Bonus Wheel is a "wheel of fortune" type of game (see screenshots) with more than a dozen spaces on it. There are spaces designated for each of the four jackpots, which are called the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The player then spins the wheel and waits. When the wheel's needle stops on one of the designated spaces, the player wins that jackpot. If the player lands the needle on the Mega Jackpot space, they win the entire jackpot, which at time of writing is nearing 180 million Swedish krona!

About Sweden's new gambling law

Before we get to playing Mega Moolah online in Sweden, a brief introduction to the country's new gambling law is in order. Note that gambling in Sweden has been controlled by state-owned operations since the mid-1930s. That changed beginning 1st January 2019.

The new law opens gambling opportunities to private operations located both in Sweden and overseas. Operators can now choose from among six different operating licences depending on the games they want to offer and how they want to offer them. One of the six licences is specifically for online operators looking to offer video slots, table games, etc.

Practically speaking, this means that the state's monopoly on gambling in Sweden is no more. This is great for gamblers inasmuch as it introduces competition to the market. That competition is likely to spur an influx of new operators, more innovation, and even better games. And that takes us back to playing Mega Moolah.

Find a good casino

The first step to playing Mega Moolah online in Sweden is to find a good casino. A good casino is one that offers a special bonus that has been designed for playing Mega Moolah. Other things to look for in a good casino is their banking options, and one that is licenced by the Swedish government. It also helps that your chosen casino offers a great online experience through a modern website that is fast loading and easy to navigate.

Below you will find two of the best Mega Moolah offers in Swedish:

1. 120 Chances on the Mega Moolah plus up to 16,000kr across your first four deposits

This is the first ever exclusive to bonus offering 120 Chances to win Mega Moolah for only a 100kr deposit! What you get for your 100kr deposit is 200kr free cash, and together with the 300kr you can spin the Mega Moolah 120 times and try to win the massive jackpot. You also have the option to claim a 16,000kr bonus, which is awarded to you 4 times when you deposit 4,000kr each time. That's a lot of money to spin the Mega Moolah with!

2. Gigantisk 40,000kr Bonus

When we first visited this site, we were blown away by how good it looks. It is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing gambling sites among all those we review at We are confident that you'll appreciate the stunning bonus offer worth 40,000kr that will give you thousands of chances on the Mega Moolah slot too! Read more about this offer.

We've given you just two online casinos to consider when looking to play Mega Moolah from Sweden. Suffice to say that there are many more to choose from. For complete listing of online operators offering Mega Moolah, be sure to visit the 'Where to Play' page or the 'Bonus' page here at

Choose a payment method

Once you have chosen a casino at which to play, the next step is to choose a payment method that works from Sweden. Both of the casinos we mentioned for the purposes of writing this post accept traditional electronic payments via credit card and electronic transfer. Major credit cards like Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro are accepted.

They also accept online payment systems like Skrill and Neteller, Trustly, and Zimpler. Best of all, some of them accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To find out what each casino accepts, just login to the sites and look for the link to their banking section. They all list their deposit and withdrawal options.

Should you choose a site that doesn't accept crypto, there is a work around. You could use your bitcoins to purchase fiat through one of the previously mentioned online payment systems. Then you could use that payment system to make your casino deposit. As for withdrawals, they would go back to the same payment system.

If you prefer to play with bitcoin then you also have the option to play Mega Moolah at the Bitcoin Casino.

Sign up and make your deposit

The final step is to sign up with your chosen casino and make your first deposit. Signing up should be fairly quick and painless. Most online casinos simply need basic contact information for membership and payment information for your deposit.

We encourage you to look for an online casino that offers a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. Welcome bonuses are typically offered as matching cash bonuses that increase your bankroll instantly. So for example, let's say you use the 120 Chances plus 16,000kr offer above, which offers you a 100% matching bonus up to a total of 16,000kr (4 x 4,000kr). If you deposit 4,000kr on your first deposit your bonus would boost your bankroll to 8,000kr.

The one thing to be aware of is the fact that some casinos do not allow you to withdraw bonus money. You can play with it all day long and use it to generate winnings. But when it comes time to withdraw, the bonus money has to be wagered a certain times over. You can withdraw your own money at any time but casinos don't just give out money from their own pocket so you can withdraw it.

So we recommend you use the bonus money to play Mega Moolah, because if you win big, you will have made the wagering requirements.

In summary

Thanks to the liberalisation of gambling laws in Sweden, there are now a host of international operators setting up gambling sites there. Gambling in Sweden is no longer the exclusive domain of the state, and that has prompted competition from international operators from around the world.

All that is good for you as a casino gambler. With so many new operators setting up shop, you already have dozens of online sites to choose from. Though not all of them offer the Mega Moolah slot game, many of them do.

If you are an online gambler in Sweden, you no longer have to visit overseas sites to play your favourite games. You can login to a Swedish-based site to play video slots, table games, live dealer games, and video poker. And you can do so with the knowledge that the money you are gambling with is helping to further develop the industry in Sweden.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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