How to understand the Mega Moolah game

I'll be honest with you and say that there are some modern slot games, especially the ones that you find loitering in casinos or similar establishments, that are massively complicated and utterly confusing. While some people seem able to ascertain what they need to do on a slot instantly, if I trigger a bonus, I am often confused as to what to do and often click on the wrong thing and end up with empty pockets and a confused look on my face.

The good thing with online gaming is that you can research what games you want to play before you play them so you can develop a clear understanding of how they work and if you are one of the myriad of players who have been itching to test their luck on the Mega Moolah slot, but are afraid that you may not understand how the game works, then this article is for you,

In it we will not only show you how to understand how Mega Moolah works in terms of the structure of the game, but also how it works when rewarding players with cash prizes both in the base game and also in that all-important Jackpot Bonus Wheel game, which is where the four Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prizes, including that massive Mega Jackpot prize, can be won.

Mega Moolah - The Basics

Mega Moolah is a slot game that was the original game linked to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize. A prize of four different sized progressive jackpots that range from smaller prizes, Mini and Minor, to a larger prize (Major) and the massive Mega jackpot prize which is always seeded at at least 1,000,000 and which can grow in size a great deal more than that.

Alongside Mega Moolah, you can also play three other slots with different themes linked to the Mega Moolah progressive prize. These themes are the Egyptian Mega Moolah Isis, the summer fun themed Mega Moolah Summertime, and the Americana themed Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive. Each base slot game is slightly different to the standard Wild African themed Mega Moolah slot, but the same bonus game to access the progressive jackpot prize is available on each game. Furthermore, your chances to win the progressive jackpot prizes remain the same regardless of which version of the game you play.

The original Mega Moolah slot is based on an African safari theme and is a 5-reel slot, with each reel showing three symbols on screen. Wins are achieved by players landing a combination of mainly three or more symbols on one of the 25 different winning lines that can be made across the five reels from left to right.

There are several different symbols, which we will explore later in the slot and they differ in value from those offering smaller value cash prizes, to those offering higher value cash prizes. There are also two symbols that perform special functions. The Wild symbol, which can substitute for any of the other symbols on the reel, and the Scatter, which if landed three times or more anywhere across the reels will trigger the Free Spins bonus game.

In order to land the Progressive Jackpot prizes, on every spin of Mega Moolah of 0.25 or above, you stand a chance of triggering the Jackpot Bonus Game. If you trigger the game, you then spin a wheel which will come to rest and the sector that the pointer is highlighting will correspond to one of the four progressive jackpot prizes. That is the prize you will win.

Once the jackpot wheel is spun, the game then resets back to the base game. Although of course, if you win the big jackpot prize, then you will be receiving a congratulatory phone call from your casino to confirm your life-changing win very shortly thereafter!

Mega Moolah - The Base Game

Let's now learn a little more about the base game on the Mega Moolah slot. There's a very useful information throughout the website that gives you all the details of the game.

For those of you new to slot games, Mega Moolah is a game that rewards you for matching the same symbols across one of the active pay lines in the game. It is best advice to play all possible lines on Mega Moolah (or indeed any multiple line slot) to increase your chances of winning. That means your minimum bet on Mega Moolah would be 0.25 and this would mean your bet does stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot prize.

There are a number of symbols on the reels and these are:

  • Lower Value Symbols - These are the playing card symbols - 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.
  • Higher Value Symbols - These are the animal symbols and these are a Zebra, an Kudo, a Buffalo, a Giraffe and an Elephant.
  • Wild Symbol - This is the Lion symbol which can be used to substitute for any of the other symbols on the reels (apart from the Scatter). In addition, any win with a Lion Wild symbol part of it is paid double the standard amount. Furthermore, if you land two, three, four or five lions across a pay line, that also triggers wins, including the highest base game standard win of 15,000 coins.
  • Scatter - The Monkey shaman figure is the Scatter in Mega Moolah and this awards a cash prize for being landed, two, three, four or five times on the reels. That prize is based on your total bet and ranges from 2x to 100x your total bet. Furthermore, if you land three or more of the Scatter anywhere across the reels, you trigger 15 Free Spins.

Free Spins Bonus Game

In the Free Spins bonus, you spin the reel at the same rate as your triggering spin (which may be 0.25 per spin) but of course, you do not pay for the spin. However, any winnings you accrue during Free Spins are yours to keep. In addition, any wins in Free Spins are tripled in size and if you land three or more Scatters during Free Spins, you can re-trigger the bonus game and have an additional 15 Free Spins added to your total.

Essentially, that is all there is to learn about the Mega Moolah base game. All wins are automated and pay out automatically, so you don't even need to learn the winning combinations as the game will pay you out when you win.

Remember too, on every qualifying spin of 0.25 or more, you could also trigger the Jackpot Bonus at any time for a chance at winning one of the four progressive jackpot prizes. This bonus game does not trigger that often, so you will need to be patient, but you only need one trigger and one lucky spin to become the next big Mega Moolah jackpot winner.

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