Is there a difference between Mega Moolah on mobile compared to desktop?

A quick glance through the list of Mega Moolah big jackpot winners almost shows you the history of how online slot gaming has developed over the years. You will see clear evidence of how players accessing the Mega Moolah slot has changed over the years since the game was first released back in 2007.

Now for the purposes of this article, we are going to clearly identify what each of the different Game Types mean.

  • Mega Moolah Download - This is where a player has downloaded the deluxe casino software onto their computer and play through the client software.
  • Mega Moolah Instant - This is where a player has not downloaded the casino's client software, but instead has opted to use their browser to log into their casino account and play through their browser.
  • Mega Moolah Mobile - This is where the player has used a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, to access Mega Moolah and is playing using a mobile device.

More info can also be found on the Info page.

What is abundantly clear from looking at the list of winners from November 2007 to the last win at the end of January 2019, is that how people are accessing Mega Moolah has changed markedly over the years with a massive switch from playing on a desktop moving towards many more people accessing the game from their mobile devices.

It is noteworthy that for the first five years of its existence, Mega Moolah did not award a single jackpot prize to a mobile player, simply because back then, there was no option for players to play from a mobile device. The first mobile-friendly version of Mega Moolah was released in 2012 and the first ever mobile winner came a short time later in May 2012, and that win was one of the smaller triggers of the jackpot prize ($1,070,272).

It would then be a further 12 months before the next player won their prize on a mobile and again, it was not a huge win, a New Zealand player landing a NZ$1,062,335 prize.

Up to that win in May 2013, the jackpot had been won a total of 14 times, 12 times being won by a player playing via desktop, eight winners playing via a desktop download, and the other four lucky winners playing the instant version in their browser.

However, by 2013, mobile technology was really starting to take off and as greater numbers of people acquired the ability to use mobile technology, so too casinos started offering a greater number of games to mobile customers and this is clearly evident in this middle period of Mega Moolah's history.

That win by a New Zealand player in May 2013 was the first of three successive wins by mobile-based players and over the next couple of years, mobile wins were just as common as wins by downloads and Instant play. That was the situation until we reached August 2016 when it became clear that people were now choosing more convenient mobile technology to play, more-so than Desktop technology.

Since August 2016, the jackpot has been triggered a further 24 times and 19 times the lucky winner has landed their prize playing from a mobile device. Indeed, from September 2017 to September 2018, every one of the 11 winners of the jackpot prize over that period landed their victory on a smartphone or tablet.

That run was only ended with the winner of the massive jackpot prize in January 2019, who was the first player since August 2017 to claim their win playing via a desktop download.

It is abundantly clear that since it was released in 2012, Mega Moolah Mobile has been a huge success and is now clearly the most popular method people use to play the game. Bur are there any differences in your experience when playing Mega Moolah on mobile, compared to playing it on a desktop PC or Mac?

Mega Moolah Mobile vs Mega Moolah Desktop - The differences

The first and perhaps most important thing to point out here is that in terms of the actual game itself, Mega Moolah on a mobile is absolutely no different to the game you play on a desktop. You can win the same prizes in the base game, the same progressive jackpots and your chances of doing so remain the same regardless of whether you are playing from a mobile handset or at a PC or Mac.

Where there are differences are in terms of presentation of the slot. On a desktop PC or Mac, you tend to have a much larger viewing screen available and as such, the game has been optimised to take full advantage of that by offering the user much larger graphics.

On a mobile device screen, things can be somewhat smaller, especially on some smart phones, which means that some items can be hidden in sub-menus or presented in a different way which maximises the available space on screen for players to be able to focus on the reels. Again, these changes are simply cosmetic and in no way alter how the game plays.

In all other respects, playing on your mobile offers you the same experience as you get when playing on a desktop, only mobile devices are more convenient and easier to play on in a greater number of places. Just remember to login to your casino from the mobile browser. If the casino you signup with offers an app, please note that there's no need to install any apps to play Mega Moolah. Besides a casino app may not provide the exact same service as the award-winning Mircogaming mobile casino lobby that you access by typing in the casino URL to the address field in your browser. The Mega Moolah HTML5 game is always played best in the mobile browser for which it has been designed and developed.

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Just remember that a win on mobile is exactly the same amount as a win on desktop and that is good news for every Mega Moolah player, regardless of how you choose to play.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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