Is your Android Mega Moolah app legit?

If you are using your Android mobile or tablet to look for the Mega Moolah slot in Google Play store, please note that those apps claiming to be Mega Moolah are fake.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we need to take every precaution to protect our data and personal information when we are using apps and other similar services online and as any mobile phone owner will be aware, using unlicensed software runs the risk of you exposing your data to people and organisations that you don't know about.

On the more severe end of the scale, this can lead to a user's data becoming compromised and require the person affected by the breach in security to change all their passwords online and even contact their bank to ensure that their finances have not been affected.

Legitimate apps are licensed and heavily security checked by the company producing it to ensure that all your data is safe. Unfortunately, not all apps are licensed and if you download the 'wrong' app, then you may find your data harvested unwittingly by the app without your consent.

Now with Apple iPhone and iPad devices, the App Store is much more stringent in terms of the apps it will accept and the net result of that is, if you search the App Store for the term "Mega Moolah" then you won't find an app linking seemingly directly to the slot. Instead, you may find a list of similar apps, or apps for betting companies, that may offer variety of games.

However, in Google Play, the restrictions on who exactly can release apps is much freer and as a result a search of the Google Play Store can reveal several apps which claim that once you download the app, you will have instant access to the Mega Moolah slot.

The truth of the matter is that you do not need ANY app to access the Mega Moolah game and that if you are using an app to do so, then you are risking your private data, including personal contacts and photographs becoming compromised, or perhaps harvested by the app.

Aren't the Google Play Apps for Mega Moolah licensed?

We need to clarify this because it is very important to understand. Mega Moolah is run by Microgaming and it is the most popular progressive jackpot slot in the world. Microgaming have struck deals with online casino providers to allow them to offer Microgaming products. There is an extensive casino network offering Microgaming games such as Mega Moolah plus hundreds of other game titles.

Now all that is completely legitimate and above board and indeed, part of the reason why the Mega Moolah slot is so popular both with desktop players and mobile users.

However, the issue stems from the fact that some of the more unscrupulous organisations or individuals realise that Mega Moolah is a massively popular slot. Given that it has a massive progressive jackpot prize (currently £10,000,000), it is a game that many slot players want to play easily and repeatedly.

So, what these companies do is develop an app with a basic slot game with similar game characters as in the Mega Moolah because for copyright reasons they cannot copy the original game characters. When you download it and install it, you can play the silly little game for free and that's it. There's no money to be won. However the app could be used by unscrupulous people to harvest your data.

The facts

The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no need to use any app, either on an iPhone or an Android device to access the Mega Moolah slot and there is a perfectly simple reason for this.

That reason is that the Mega Moolah mobile version of the game has been designed using the HTML5 language, which is optimised HTML code for use on mobile devices. Essentially, by using HTML5, Microgaming have ensured that you never need to download any app to play the Mega Moolah slot as the game will play from your mobile browser.

So, instead of an app, you can simply point your browser at and select an offer that you like and follow the instructions. Then you can be sure you won't have any app running in the background which is snagging your data while you play the 'real Mega Moolah slot'.

What about official online casino apps?

The apps we are talking about here to avoid are those that pertain to be the official Mega Moolah slot itself. If you are enjoying playing the game at a reputable and licensed online casino that legitimately carry Microgaming software, then you should be absolutely fine to access Mega Moolah (or indeed any other game) from within that particular app. The game however will still load in your mobile browser - it will not load inside an app. So from that sense an app to play any casino games (not just Mega Moolah) is quite a useless exercise.


Given the massive growth of mobile usage over the past few years, it is one of the disappointing side-effects of the growth of this technology that some people can create apps to harvest data and personal information about users unwittingly and successfully submit those apps to the Google Play store.

Any "Mega Moolah" apps in Google Play are not official apps and by using them, you risk your data being compromised.

Fortunately, by following the simple tips in this article and avoiding these apps altogether and removing them from your device, then you can ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of Mega Moolah by mobile safely and securely.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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