Le Kaffee Bar slot is a 243-ways lower variance game with a sizeable jackpot

Take a walk down any British high street and if there is one form of business that has been doing rather well, even in these difficult times, it has been coffee shops. Whether it is a local enterprise or international franchise, it seems that we are all very fond of popping in to enjoy our caffeine fix.

As part of their recently signed deal with Microgaming, All41 Studios have released their first game as part of the partnership and of course, it is based on coffee shops. It has been given a somewhat unusual name, Le Kaffee Bar, which I think is trying to sound French or German, or perhaps a mix of both, I'm not sure. Whatever the reason, it's an unusual theme for a slot but I like it when a company thinks outside of the box. There are only so many Luck of the Irish, Mystical or Retro slots you can play before you get a little jaded playing them.

The slot is a 5x3 slot with 243 Ways to Win and it is a lower variance game, but still has a sizeable jackpot of 85,000 coins up for grabs. That should tick all the right boxes for a large number of players, but is this Le Kaffee Bar one which you should be ready to give your custom to, or are their muffins too hard, their coffee too bitter and the wins too low and far apart?

We took a closer look to find out.


  • Game: Le Kaffee Bar
  • Developer: All41 Studios (for Microgaming)
  • Reels: 5x3
  • Pay Lines: 243 Ways to win
  • Minimum Bet: 0.30
  • Maximum Bet: 30.00
  • Jackpot: 85,000
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Low


The setting for Le Kaffee Bar slot is, unsurprisingly, a coffee shop, although the picture has been slightly blurred to allow you to focus more generally on the five reels in the centre of the screen. It's still a nice enough backdrop though and the soundtrack which is more ambient sounds and music than anything dramatic is also nicely evocative of a coffee shop too.

The reels are central on the screen and the main controls for them are at the foot of the reels. You can bet from 0.30 up to 30.00 per spin, which means that it is a slot suitable for low to mid rollers, but with an 85,000 jackpot, that is tempting to many players.

Overall, the slot has created the perfect coffee shop atmosphere in terms of how it looks and sounds, but as with any coffee shop in the world, it is the quality of the taste that matters.

What is on the reels?

On the reels are a number of different low and higher value symbols. The lower value symbols are the playing card symbols from the 9 through to the Ace. I was a little disappointed to see these symbols used in the game as I would have preferred something more linked in with the title of the slot, although the way the symbols have been created, to make it look like they are part of a blackboard menu, is nicely done.

Alongside those six lower value symbols are the mid value symbols of the Coffee pot and the cupcake with the cherry on the top and these offer slightly better value wins.

The three highest paying standard symbols in the game are the three Barista's who run Le Kaffee Bar. These offer wins of up to 10x your bet and there are two female's (one red haired, one blonde) and one male Barista all busy serving up coffee and cakes to their customers.

The higher value symbols are stacked up to three high on the middle three reels and this plays a key role in accessing one of the bonus features in the game as we will explore below.

Wild features

There is no specific Wild symbol in the Le Kaffee Bar slot, but that doesn't mean that you cannot access one in the game. The three high value symbols in the game are stacked three high and if you can land a stack of three vertically on the reels, or land three in succession across the reels on a horizontal line (in the same position on each reel, not different positions), then you will trigger the Wild Spin Again feature.

If you hit a win on the triggering spin, this is paid out first, but then the middle symbol in the stack or row of three is turned into a Wild symbol which is held in position on the reel while you. then get a free re-spin of all the other symbols. This can trigger further wins on the same spin. Furthermore, if you land a stack or row of three of the high value symbols once again on the re-spin, then you will trigger an additional re-spin and this continues until you hit a spin on which you do not land the trio of symbols together.

Free Spins features

The Free Spins bonus game in the Le Kaffee Bar slot is different to the standard Free Spins bonus game. Rather than landing three Scatters across the reel, as is traditional, in this slot, you have to collect the Coffee Scatters by landing them on the reel as you play. Once you have landed either 10, 20 or 30 you can elect to start your Free Spins bonus game (although the bonus automatically triggers once you land 30 Coffee Scatters).

If you collect 10 Coffee Cups, you receive 10 Free Spins and any wins in the bonus come with a 3x multiplier.

Hold on to collect 20 Coffee Cups and you get 15 Free Spins and you receive a 4x multiplier on any wins in that round.

Lastly, go for the maximum 30 Coffee Cups and you will get 18 Free Spins, but you will receive a 5x multiplier on any wins in that game.

Strategists here would argue that going for 30 Cups is the prime strategy, but I think I'd rather have three triggers of the 10 Coffee Cups bonus and have 30 Free Spins each with a 3x multiplier, than one round of 18 Free Spins with a 5x multiplier, but the beauty of the game is that regardless of what you think is the bet strategy, you can choose when to trigger the bonus.

Best feature of the Le Kaffee Bar slot

I like the originality of the Le Kaffee Bar slot, it is not often you come to a slot thinking that you have not really played a game like it before but that is certainly the case here. The features of the slot are a bit hit and miss to be honest. The Wild Spin Again bonus doesn't really hit the mark and though it triggers frequently, it is rare that it lands you a bigger value win. The Free Spins bonus game is a much better offering and the fact you can decide when to trigger the bonus is a nice touch too and allows players to play as they see fit.


Although I feel not all of the main features on the Le Kaffee Bar slot work particularly well, I feel this is a very good first game from All41 Studios. It certainly gives fans of Microgaming slots a new game to play and some interesting bonuses to access. The game is original and that is rare and with a decent sized jackpot, I am sure it will attract plenty of plays. However whether it has the long-term appeal of other slots from the company I am not sure, but it is certainly well worth a few spins now and then if only to try out the features.

You can play this fantastic new slot at any of our Mega Moolah casinos.

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