Learn how Lottery Ticket Purchasing works and which service we recommend

Everybody dreams about perhaps one day winning one of the biggest lotteries in the world. However, the rules and regulations about lotteries means that buying tickets for lotteries outside of your own country or other geographic area, can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Many people assume that because you live in a different part of the world, then you cannot legally enter a lottery based in another part of the world, when in actual fact, you can. You just need to find a lotto ticket buying service that offers you the opportunity to do so, legally, all from one place.

Note: This lotto ticket buying service does not accept players from USA, South Africa or Pakistan.

These websites are known collectively as Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services. As the name suggests they are sites that have the ability to purchase tickets for a huge number of lotteries (and other big competitions such as raffles in Spain) for customers from all over the globe.

Let's learn a little more about how Lottery Purchasing Services work, whether they are operating legally online in offering this service to players

What are Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services and how do they work?

As the name suggests, Lottery Ticket Purchasing services are sites that allow users from all over the globe to create an account and then log in, deposit funds into that account and then use these funds to purchase lottery tickets and raffle tickets from some of the biggest competitions held in countries all over the world.

If you purchase a lottery ticket using the service and your ticket wins a prize in the draw, then any prize money owed to you is paid into your account with the Lottery Ticket Purchasing service, which you can then withdraw, donate to charity or use to purchase additional tickets.

Usually if you win a larger sum of money (say over £200), then the Lottery Ticket Purchasing site will usually contact the player to alert them to the good news via an email.

Are Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services Legal?

Absolutely. The reason for this is that it is not illegal for a person from another country to buy a lottery ticket, however logistically, it is very difficult to buy a ticket for, say, the Italian Lottery if you are not in Italy.

Recently, when the famous United States Powerball lottery reached $1.5 billion, thousands of Canadians were heading across the border into the United States to purchase tickets perfectly legally to allow them to play and stand a chance of winning the lottery.

In places where towns and cities are close to national borders, travelling from one country to another to buy lottery tickets is a relatively common practice and is certainly not illegal.

What Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services do is set up a number of offices in countries around the world that have large National Lottery games and other similar types of games. When you register on a site with them, they can then use these offices to place your lottery numbers on the lottery of your choice wherever in the world the lottery is taking place.

For example, the Play Huge Lotto's site has main offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, North and South America as well as Australia. Furthermore, there are several more satellite offices in countries around Europe, that allows players to access a wide range of lotteries from within Europe, as well as the Europe-wide Euro Millions draw.

In essence, you are paying to enter a lottery anywhere in the world and the site you are registered with notes down what you have asked for in your numbers and then places that exact same ticket as an entry into the lottery of your choice.

How many people are playing lotteries using Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services?

It is fair to say that Lottery Ticket Purchasing Services are a relatively new phenomenon on the Internet, but their popularity is growing thanks to the release and promotional material that has followed the release of a couple of major sites offering the services.

That combined with the recent huge lottery draws both in America and Europe, has helped attract a growing number of customers to try their hand at these online services.

Given that big money jackpot games, such as progressive jackpot slots games, are hugely popular on the Internet, the ability to enter a wide range of different lotteries from around the world is hugely attractive. Add to this that you can play at no extra charge from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device means that the already large number of people using these services at present, will only continue to grow in number in the future.

How do I play lotteries using a site like Play Huge Lottos?

If you would like to play your favourite international lottery games all from one convenient online location, then there is just a simple six-step process to follow in order to get you signed up and ready to play on the site.

  • Step 1 - Register - Simply head to the Play Huge Lottos site and click on the Register link at the top of the home page. This will load up a very simple two-page registration form which you will be required to complete. Once completed, simply click Submit and your account will be created. Welcome to the site!
  • Step 2 - Select the Lottery you wish to play - Once you have registered you are now ready to put your lottery skills to the test. Click on the Play Now link and you will be shown a list of lotteries for which you can buy tickets. Decide which lottery you want to play and then click on the Play Now button.
  • Step 3 - Choosing your numbers and when to play them - Once your chosen lottery has loaded you will be presented with a list of numbers available to select. Simply choose your numbers following the on screen instructions. Once you have selected the numbers simply choose the first draw date for the numbers and then how many draws after that first draw you want the numbers to run for (if any).
  • Step 4 - Add your ticket to the cart - Once you have completed your ticket and selected how many draws you want it to run for, add it to the cart. You can then go back to Step 2 and add further tickets to your cart if you like, or if you have all the tickets you need click on the Checkout option.
  • Step 5 - Check your ticket and pay - This is now the last chance to ensure that you are happy with your ticket. If you are, then you just need to click on the Continue to Payment button and payment will be taken. Though if you have not got sufficient funds in your account, you may be asked to fund your account beforehand.
  • Step 6 - Wait for the draw - Once your ticket is placed you'll receive confirmation that it has been placed. You now simply have to wait for the draw to take place. If you win a smaller prize, the money will be added directly to your account on the site when you claim your winnings. If you receive a larger prize win (in excess of £200 on some sites) then you'll also receive an email notifying you of the bigger win. There are a number of options open to you with any winnings you receive including buying vouchers to get tickets at a cheaper rate, purchasing more tickets, donating to charity or withdrawing money back to your bank account or credit/debit card.

What happens to my actual lottery ticket entry?

Once you have purchased a ticket for a lottery, your payslip is taken direct to a retailer and your ticket is entered and a printed ticket is handed to the agent acting on your behalf for the site. Your ticket (along with other tickets entered by other players for the same draw) is then taken to the official offices for the site and stored in a locked safe until the draw has been completed.

After the draw has been completed, tickets are checked and any on behalf of the player, any winning tickets will be cashed in and the funds then added back to the players online account ready for you to claim.

What would happen if my ticket numbers came up in a lottery and I won a big prize?

If you win a big prize on a lottery then you have the same options open to you as you would for a smaller win. First of all you would claim the funds that should be visible in your account and you can then either add the cash to your account, convert the winnings into vouchers to use on lotteries at cost price, donate to charity or withdraw cash to a bank account.

Obviously, in the case of large wins, then you may want to do all four of these and this is fine as you can use your winnings as you see fit on the site without any restrictions.

What lotteries can I play at Play Huge Lottos?

There are a huge choice of lottery games you can play from the Play Huge Lottos site, the full list of lotteries and raffle games available to play is outlined below:

  • Euro Millions
  • USA Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • SuperEna Max
  • SuperEnaLotto
  • National Lottery UK
  • EuroJackpot
  • Oz Powerball
  • Oz Lotto
  • France Loto
  • German Lotto
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • El Gordo
  • Mega-Sena
  • La Primitiva
  • El Nino Raffle
  • El Gordo Navidad Raffle

Are there any other types of games I can play on sites like Play Huge Lottos?

Yes there are. One of the most intriguing things about lotteries is that in any given draw, there may be no winners. In this case most lotteries will roll-over and an increasingly larger jackpot is guaranteed for the following draw.

However, in Spain there are a couple of annual draw games that are more raffle-type games in which there is guaranteed to be a winner. These are the El Nino raffle and the El Gordo Navidad raffle.

Each of these raffles is held once a year (El Gordo on the 22nd December, El Nino on the 6th January) and tickets for each can be purchased online when available. As this is a ticket draw raffle, there is always a guaranteed winner and each raffle has a different method of allocating prizes.

These raffles are very similar to the type of raffle you would see at a fundraising event or similar, only on a much, much larger scale and with millions more participants. Players buy one or more tickets to enter and all valid tickets are placed in the annual draw and for every prize available a ticket is drawn.

It is worth pointing out that these raffle-type games are seasonal and as such tickets for them may not be available all year round.

Lotto playing tips

We all have favourite numbers... birth dates, special dates, and other numbers that we consider "lucky". Imagine you have a set of numbers but you're only playing local lotto? Why not use the same numbers on lotteries worldwide? Wouldn't it be so crazy and fun to win an international lottery with your lucky numbers!?

Another good method of playing lotto is to select a "quick pick" of, say, 5 lines where each line contains unique numbers. It's a good idea to never use the lotteries automated number picking service because they have a vested interest in repeating certain numbers. Always pick you own numbers and don't repeat the numbers.

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Good luck!

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