Lucky player hits the Major Jackpot prize just days after signing up

Nothing can beat the awesome feeling than when playing at a new casino for a few days and instantly landing a big win! If that sounds like a pipe dream then you need to take a closer look at what happened when one lucky player signed up at Zodiac Casino and then less than a week later, was celebrating a fantastic $25,596 Major Moolah win.

How is this possible? Well it is all thanks to a healthy slice of good fortune of course, but also down to one of the most popular slot games ever devised, Mega Moolah. So before we tell you about how one lucky player ended up with a bulging bank account, let's learn a little about the game that facilitated this fantastic turn of events.

The Mega Moolah slot and jackpots

It's very likely that you have already heard of Mega Moolah if you are a slot gamer, but if you haven't then Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming, which currently holds the world record for the largest ever progressive payout to an online player.

Each time a player spins the reels on the game, a small percentage of their wager is paid into the progressive jackpot fund. Over time, this fund, which is always started off at a minimum amount of at least £1m, will grow into a much larger amount.

However, what people often fail to realise here is that the jackpot, is not just a single thing. The game itself actually boasts FOUR jackpots, all of which increase over time. They are, ranging in size from the smallest to largest; Mini, Minor, Major and Mega.

The Mini Jackpot is the smallest and is usually a prize that ranges from 10s to 100s of pounds (if you are playing in the pounds currency, if not then the payouts will be in your own local currency). The Minor Jackpot has payouts in the hundreds usually, while the third jackpot is the Major and this is where things start to get more serious.

The Major Jackpot offers prizes that are in the tens of thousands most often and while not on a par with the Mega Jackpot (which offers at least a million and often considerably more), this still represents a huge win in its own right.

What makes the Major Jackpot more appealing however is that it will be triggered more frequently than the Mega Jackpot, which means that you stand a better chance of winning a large amount of money by landing this jackpot than the Mega and that does make it hugely appealing to players and it is a very welcome 'runner up prize' for those trying to land the Mega jackpot.

How is the jackpot decided?

The jackpot is decided by means of a Jackpot Wheel which can be triggered at any time on any spin in the Mega Moolah game. You spin the wheel and populated on the reel are several sectors, there are more sectors for the Mini and Minor jackpots, with fewer for the Major and just one Mega jackpot slot.

Once the wheel comes to rest on a sector then the jackpot associated with that sector is won by the player. Simple!

How one lucky Zodiac Casino player landed a Major win a week after joining

Of course it is tempting to think that winning the Mega jackpot, or even the Major Jackpot is something you can only dream of. However, all you need to do to stand a chance of winning is to play the slot as one lucky player who signed up at Zodiac Casino through discovered recently.

The player known as J.S signed up as a new customer at Zodiac Casino taking advantage of the fantastic 80 spins for 1.00 new player offer after receiving a glowing recommendation for the site from a friend. J.S wasn't fortunate enough to win on those initial free spins but he enjoyed the game so much that he deposited just $25 into his account to have another shot at the game in the near future.

A couple of days later, J.S checked the Mega Moolah jackpot and saw that the Mega Jackpot was now at over $3m, while the Major Jackpot itself was a hugely enticing $25,000+. He decided to wager some of his deposit on a few spins of the slot.

It's here that the slot takes an amusing turn as while J.S was about to start, he decided he needed a toilet break. So, using the Autoplay feature of the game, he hit the start button of the game and then went to the toilet. On his return, he saw something unusual. On his screen was the Jackpot Bonus Game waiting to be played. Soon enough the pointer landed in the sector that awarded him the Major Jackpot.

After his fantastic success, J.S has revealed that he will use the windfall from his win to pay off the balance of his credit cards and he is then going to put the rest into his account as savings, or maybe use some of it to treat himself to a holiday.

Yet, for those of you thinking that J.S story is an isolated one, it is worth noting that the Mega Moolah Major jackpot was won twice in the space of three months a short time ago. One anonymous Canadian player earned themselves over CA$21,000 also playing at Zodiac Casino, while just a few weeks prior to that, another player in Scotland named Scott Campbell won a superb Major Jackpot win of over £49,000.

If you would like to sign up and try to be the next big winner of the Major Jackpot or even Mega Jackpot, then why not visit any of our top casinos today, sign up and who knows, maybe you'll be the one we're talking about as the next big Mega Moolah winner!

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