Lucky player landed the second largest Major Millions jackpot win

In addition to the big Mega Moolah jackpots that are regularly won and reported on, sometimes we get the happy opportunity to pass on some news regarding big wins from other Microgaming slots.

That's precisely what has happened earlier this month on the Major Millions jackpot slot! Ever since the last jackpot was triggered (a £1,621,058 win back on the 28th December 2017), the size of the progressive fund on the game has grown from the £250,000 initial seed up to a high of £1,896,448 on Friday February 16th.

It was then, in the early evening, that one lucky player triggered the win landing them what is the second biggest ever Major Millions jackpot win, just behind the record win on the slot of £1,945,884 which was won back in May 2017.

What is the Major Millions slot?

The Major Millions slot is an army-themed slot, or rather it is actually two slot games. There is a 3-reel version and a 5-reel version, and both pay into the same progressive jackpot fund. On each game you can select to play any number of lines, but to win the progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum amount (£3) in each game.

You can win some pretty decent amounts in the base game on the slot but it is the big progressive jackpot that really catches players attention. To win the jackpot, on the five reel version you must play all 15 lines on the slot. That is because the progressive jackpot can only be won by landing a certain combination of symbols on the 15th line.

The three-reel version of the game you need to land three of the Major Millions Wild symbols on the third of the three pay lines of the slot, Again, your total bet must be £3 in order to stand a chance at the progressive prize.

If you manage to land that combination of symbols on the magical 15th line, then you trigger the current progressive jackpot amount, which will always be a minimum of £250,000 and which can sometimes climb to considerably more than that.

Major Millions slot fact file

A little digging into the history of the Major Millions slot reveals some interesting facts. It is one of the most commonly triggered “big” progressive jackpot games in the Microgaming stable. Here are some facts and figures about the game.

  • Average Win Size - £832,875
  • Average days between wins - 14 days
  • Largest ever Jackpot win - £1,945,166 in May 2017
  • Million-plus wins since May 2017 - 7

The Million-plus wins on the slot since May 2017 are as follows:

  • Sun 14th May - £1,945,166
  • Mon 10th July - £1,246,301
  • Sun 16th July - £1,289,005
  • Sun 3rd Sep - £1,105,761
  • Tue 7th Nov - £1,214,880
  • Thu 28th Dec - £1,621,058
  • Fri 16th Feb - £1,896,448

In addition to those seven million pound plus wins, the jackpot was also triggered a further 13 times in that same time period with wins ranging from a lowest value win of £260,753, up to £711,290.

Major Millions payouts

What is notable about the Major Millions payouts, certainly those from May 2017 on wards is that they don't follow a clear pattern. Indeed, far from it as the jackpot pays do seem to echo the random nature of the slot.

What do we mean? Well for example, let's look at how jackpot wins have been distributed about the months from May 2017 to February 2018.

  • May 2017 - Four Wins (14th, 21st, 24th and 31st May)
  • June 2017 - No Wins
  • July 2017 - Four Wins (10th, 16th, 19th and 28th July)
  • August 2017 - No Wins
  • September 2017 - Three Wins (3rd, 8th and 21st September)
  • October 2017 - Three Wins (10th, 11th and 13th October)
  • November 2017 - Two Wins (7th and 23rd November)
  • December 2017 - Three Wins (1st, 7th and 28th December)
  • January 2018 - No Wins
  • February 2018 - One Win (16th February)

What is clear to see from this data is that Jackpot prizes on the Major Millions slot can be won at any time. Indeed in October 2017, the jackpot was triggered three times within a four-day period. However in June, August and January 2018, the jackpot was not triggered once, yet in May and July, it was triggered four times.

Why are more and bigger prizes being won more recently on Major Millions and Mega Moolah?

If you have been playing slot games for a while now and in particular progressive slot games, then you will have noticed that over the last couple of years, the number of jackpot prizes awarded on both Microgaming's top progressive slots, Major Millions and Mega Moolah, has increased sharply.

As you can see, in that ten-month period from May 2017 to February 2018 the progressive jackpot on the Major Millions slot was triggered 20 times. We also know that in 2017 alone, the Mega Moolah jackpot slot was triggered a total of 12 times, which more than doubled the previous record of progressive jackpot wins in a year.

So, does this mean that Microgaming have made these games a bit easier to win? Or if not, then what is happening?

Well one thing that can be confirmed is that the jackpots on the Mega Moolah and the Major Millions slots remain as difficult to hit as they have always been. Microgaming have not altered the variance of these slot games at all. So, what is seeing so many winners and the larger jackpots growing in a shorter space of time?

The answer can only be one thing and that is the surging popularity of progressive jackpot slot games. As an increasing number of people register with Microgaming casinos online, they will play a large number of top quality games, but the ones that seem to appeal to many users are the games that offer the huge top pries, such as Major Millions and Mega Moolah.

Indeed, that trend can also be seen in the most played Microgaming games each month, which often sees Thunderstruck II, a non-progressive slot but one which has a jackpot of over 1,000,000 coins, often among the top five games played at Microgaming casinos.

The most recent Major Millions winner therefore has benefitted from greater numbers of players playing more spins on the slot. That translates into faster growing jackpots and more triggers of these jackpots.

And if you can be one of the lucky players to win it, then that can result in winning a life-changing amount of money. Mark my words, it won't be too long before we welcome the first £2,000,000+ winner on the Major Millions slot and I would not be surprised if that happens later in 2018.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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