Major Millions slot breaches the two million mark to break new jackpot record

It has been over 12 weeks since the last Major Millions jackpot has been won, around double the time that the jackpot usually takes to be won. Of course, that means that over that period, the size of the jackpot has increased markedly and now we stand on the brink of a new landmark for this hugely popular Microgaming progressive jackpot slot.

Currently, the highest ever win on the Major Millions slot was a win of 1,945,884 which was landed by one lucky player on the 13th May 2017. However, the current jackpot total on the Major Millions slot has already exceeded that amount and breached the 2,000,000 mark.

That would be a major moment on the Major Millions slot as it would be the first 2 million plus jackpot paid out by any Microgaming progressive other than the famous Mega Moolah.

Let's learn a little more about Major Millions, its history, how you play and how you can win the progressive jackpot prize.

The Major Millions slot

The first thing to note about the Major Millions slot is that you actually have a choice of two different slots to play, although both offer you the same chance of winning the progressive jackpot prize. There is a 3-reel version available and also a 5-reel version.

In the 3-reel version of Major Millions, players bet 1.00 per line on each of the three pay lines on the slot, which means that to qualify for the jackpot (which is paid out when you land all three of the Major Millions wild symbols on the third pay line) you need to wager a minimum of 3.00 per spin.

It's a similar story on the 5-reel version of the slot as this has a fixed line bet of 0.20 and a total of 15 lines available. You can elect to play with fewer than 15 lines if you prefer, but you can only win the progressive jackpot by landing the Major Millions wild right across the 15th pay line of the reel. So if you want to win the progressive, you also have to wager 3.00 as your bet.

Although the chances of landing the jackpot, when you apply a bit of logic, seems to suggest you have more chance of landing it on the 3-reel version, in fact the games are designed so that both games offer players the same chance to win the progressive jackpot regardless of which version of the game you play.

The theme of the slot is the military and the symbols on the reels reflect that with items such as a warplane, battleship, Majors hat, top secret documents, binoculars, a supply crate and much more emphasising the theme very nicely, and there's a real bonus of no playing card lows either, which does add to the game.

Major Millions Stats

Developed by Microgaming, Major Millions is arguably the companies second most popular progressive jackpot game after Mega Moolah. That is because after Mega Moolah, Major Millions offers the largest progressive jackpot on average.

When the jackpot is won in entirety (when landed by a player from the UK winning in British pounds), the game is then reseeded by Microgaming for £250,000, which is the second highest seed amount of any Microgaming progressive, once again behind the £1,000,000 seeding amount Mega Moolah receives.

Since the game was first released, the progressive jackpot has been won an amazing 66 times in total, the last being 12 weeks and 2 days ago (on the 11th July). The average win on the slot amounts to £470,986.

This means that over its lifetime, the Major Millions slot has paid out a total of 31,085,076 to lucky winners across those 66 wins.

The smallest ever jackpot win was triggered just a few hours after a previous win and when the jackpot fund had been reseeded and that player took home 252,043. The largest current win stands at 1,945,884, won on the 13th May 2017, but that record will be beaten by the next jackpot winner.

Interestingly, the Major Millions jackpot is triggered, on average, once every six weeks and five days (47 days). However, it has now been almost double that amount of time since the last win (12 weeks and 2 days - 86 days) which means that the statistics seem to suggest that this progressive prize is going to be won sooner rather than later.

However, one thing to note is that when a progressive jackpot seems ripe to be won like the Major Millions is right now, you can be sure that there will be a lot more players playing the game. That is a positive on the one hand as more spins of the slot means that the progressive jackpot will continue to grow and grow even more quickly, but it does also mean that it is more likely to be won as there are more spins being played on the game. So if you want to play, you'd better do so quickly!

Where can I play Major Millions?

The good news is that there are a large number of Microgaming casinos that are part of the loyalty rewards network offering players the chance to play the Major Millions progressive, along with all the other 15 of Microgaming's progressive jackpot games. That includes Mega Moolah of course, which breached the 6,000,000 barrier overnight and which continues to climb higher.

Head on over to the Mega Moolah casinos that you can sign up with based on your locality. Pick the best sign up deal for you based on the ones available (there's comprehensive reviews on each of the casinos Welcome Bonus offers for players so you can easily read through them to pick the one that gives you the best value).

Once signed up, simply deposit some cash into your account, not forgetting to take your bonus, and then you can start spinning on Major Millions to see if maybe you could be the next big winner.

If you are still undecided whether to sign up to an online casino and claim a bonus to try your luck at progressive jackpot games, then this really is the best time to try both Mega Moolah and Major Millions!

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