Major Millions slot climbing towards new progressive jackpot record

Whisper it quietly, but we could be on the verge of seeing a brand new record set for a progressive jackpot pay out from a hugely popular Microgaming slot. For once, we don't mean the Mega Moolah jackpot (which was won for over 8.3 million just a few days ago) but instead the equally popular 3.00 per spin Major Millions progressive.

Now as you may be aware, Major Millions is actually two different slot games. There is a simpler 3-reel slot game you can play and there is also a 5-reel version of the game. The good news is that your chances of winning the progressive jackpot are the same regardless of which version you elect to get the reels spinning on. To win the progressive you need to wager 3.00 per spin on either machine to stand a chance.

In both cases, to land the big progressive jackpot, you need to land the required combination of symbols on the final pay line. On the three-reel slot, this is three of the Major Millions Wild symbols on the third pay line, while on the five-reel version, you need to land five of the Major Millions Wilds on the 15th pay line to trigger the progressive.

Because of its relatively simple game play (there's no free spins bonuses on either game, you are simply chasing the jackpots, or if you get very lucky, the progressive jackpots) with each spin, it has proven to be very popular over the years with progressive jackpot players. It has to be said that an average win size of 472,286 also helps persuade people that this is a slot worth playing.

However, over the last year or so, we have seen the amount of money won on the progressive jackpot triggers increase in size. The last four wins on this slot have all been in excess of 1,000,000 and just a few hours ago, the current progressive prize on the Major Millions slot climbed to above the 1.8 million mark.

And that brings with it the prospect of a new record pay out being set, if the jackpot is not paid out within the next few days.

Major Millions Statistical Information

Currently, the largest ever win on the Major Millions slot stands at just under 2,000,000, when one lucky player landed a jackpot worth 1,945,884 back on the 13th May 2017. There have also been two wins of over 1.8 million, the most recent of these being a 1,896,320 win on 16th February 2018. The current jackpot amount has already climbed above the third-place record payout.

This means that if the jackpot climbs above that 1,945,884 figure triggered in May 2017, a new record win will be set on the game and who knows, we could also see our first ever 2,000,000+ winner on the Major Millions slot, if the jackpot is not won within the next few days.

It is fair to say that this run of higher value wins is a little out of the ordinary with the Major Million slot as when you analyse the statistics of the game, you tend to find the game should pay out smaller jackpot prizes than it has been doing of late.


  • Major Millions - 3-reel and 5-reel
  • Seed Amount - 250,000
  • Total Number of Progressive Jackpot Wins - 66
  • Average Progressive Win Size - 472,286
  • Biggest Win - 1,945,884
  • Smallest Win - 252,043
  • Average Time Between Wins - 6 weeks 5 days (47 days)

Top Five Major Millions Wins by Value

  1. 1,945,884 - 13th May 2017
  2. 1,896,320 - 16th February 2018
  3. 1,801,517 - 5th May 2012
  4. 1,788,930 - 3rd January 2012
  5. 1,623,433 - 27th December 2017

Clearly these statistics indicate that the Major Millions jackpot is far greater than it usually is when it is triggered, but what is interesting is when you compare the size and value of the five most recent wins on the Major Million slot as a slightly different pattern begins to emerge.

Major Millions last five wins

The figure in brackets displays the number of days in between each win.

  • 216 Days Ago - 574,455
  • 181 Days Ago - 1,623,433 (35 Days)
  • 130 Days Ago - 1,896,320 (51 Days)
  • 100 Days Ago - 1,114,990 (30 Days)
  • 72 Days Ago - 1,047,722 (28 Days)
  • Current Jackpot Amount (not won as yet) - 1,898,971.50+

As you can see, over recent months, the prizes that people have landed when playing the Major Millions slot have all been well in excess of the typical average win on the game (472,286). So, to account for this, you would assume that there would be a much longer period of time between wins than the average time of 47 days.

However, when you look at the time elapsed between the jackpot wins, you can see only one of the jackpot wins (the 1,896,320 prize) was triggered in a time greater than 47 days, and that was only by four days more. Furthermore, three of the jackpots were triggered in a time considerably less than 47 days, one being won almost 19 days more quickly than the average.

Interestingly, if you check out the average amount won in recent times on sister slot Mega Moolah, you will find a surprisingly similar pattern. Players winning more frequently on the game, but also winning amounts that are generally considerably higher than the average pay out for that slot since it first began.

So what is it that is causing this seeming anomaly in results?

The Popularity of Progressive Slots

In short, there can only be one answer for this. Some slots players may assume that Microgaming, or its associated casinos may tweak their games from time to time to perhaps encourage more smaller value payouts, or fewer large value wins, but that is absolutely not the case. The Major Millions game being played now is exactly the same game that has been played since the slot was first released.

So the only possible thing that can account for jackpot amounts rising considerably in size over a shorter period of time is one thing and that is far more players playing the slot and trying to win the jackpot prize. This confirms that progressive slot games are becoming massively more popular in modern times as players target these huge cash prizes on offer.

With many more spins on a slot, the jackpot will rise more quickly (which is happening) but equally, the time between jackpot wins will likely be a little shorter than average because more players are playing the game (which follows the results we've seen for Major Millions).

Interestingly, it also means that when a jackpot is not triggered over a sustained period of time, this will give players a better chance of seeing a record amount triggered for that jackpot, and we are almost at that stage with Major Millions now, after 74 days have elapsed since the last win.

The positive thing for slots players of games like Major Millions is that more players playing the game does mean that the jackpot is more likely to be triggered at some point, but it also means that while it is not won, the value of that jackpot will increase more quickly and offer the eventual winner an even greater cash prize.

So, will Major Millions jackpot break through that 2 million barrier in the next few days? It will be interesting to see if it does and then who will be the first ever 2 million winner on this epic slot game.

But if not, then one lucky player is due to land a fabulous value win at some point in the very near future and remember to be in it to win it, all you need to do is spin it! Try Major Millions at any of the Mega Moolah casinos today!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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