Mega Moolah facts vs marketing fiction

When you have a game that is as popular as the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot, then it is not unusual to see lots of stories doing the rounds about the game.

Some sites check the veracity of their stories a little more rigorously than others (and that is being kind) and as such, this can lead to some conflicting, confusing our simply incorrect information being peddled about the game as truth.

As a player, it can be hard to ascertain which is the fact and which is the fiction, so what we have done is gather together some of the most common beliefs about the Mega Moolah slot and we're going to give you the definitive answer on whether what you have read about the game is a fact, or whether it is fiction.

Hopefully by perusing this article, you will then discover the truth behind this impeccable slot, which now has a jackpot of 15.5 million British pounds, and counting, just months after it smashed the Guinness World Record for an online progressive jackpot slot payout worth 18.9 million euros.

  1. FICTION: If you look hard enough you can find No Deposit Free Spins, Bonus Codes and other offers to get Free Spins on the Mega Moolah slot absolutely free!

The popularity of the Mega Moolah slot means that it is a huge draw for casinos in terms of drawing in players that want to play the game and unfortunately, there are one or two unscrupulous casino owners and app developers that will be a little frugal with the truth when it comes to trying to persuade players to sign up with them.

The notion that you can get No Deposit Free Spins or a Bonus Code offering you Free Spins to play Mega Moolah is fiction. There are no such offers available.

The simple reason for this is that it is every spin on Mega Moolah requires a real cash amount in order to fund the standard prizes and the progressive jackpot prize.

Unfortunately, some will use the Mega Moolah name to try and trick players into registering at their casino, or with their app, in order to access and play Mega Moolah using these invented free spins. Of course, they may just want you to sign up, but if a company is being dishonest about their offer to get you to sign up, then it is likely that they are not going to be too strict on only using your data in legal ways.

The good news for players is that there are some Mega Moolah friendly bonuses available, but any that offer Free Spins, or bonus code incentives, or similar are not the legitimate offers.

  1. FICTION: You need to download an app on your mobile device to play Mega Moolah

We have already touched upon this in a standalone article a little while back. There are a number of apps that promise you access to Mega Moolah if you download them onto your tablet or smartphone and many people believe that you need to use these apps to access the game.

This is not just incorrect, it is also potentially dangerous as these apps may well be harvesting your data to be sold on to third parties for a variety of means, some of which may not be entirely legal. Beware of any apps posing as Mega Moolah.

No app offering a download to play Mega Moolah is an official app and you never need to play Mega Moolah through an app. The safest and only way you should consider playing the game from your mobile device is through a browser (a safe way to play is directly from Read Google's Transparency Report on

If you have used the app before then the sharp-eyed among you will have noted that the app simply opens up a mobile browser to play the game. Which begs the question, why did you need to register with the app when you can do exactly the same using your mobile browser?

  1. FICTION: Play Mega Moolah for fun in demo mode before you play for real

There are a number of slots which do offer players the chance to play a demo-mode of the game, using pretend cash at most casinos. Sometimes you need to be logged in to play these demos and other times, you do not.

Many people have asked where they can play a demo for the Mega Moolah slot but the answer to that is that you can't. As we stated previously, every spin on Mega Moolah must be a paid spin and count towards the jackpot. As such, no demo-only version of the game exists, so anybody offering that is being less than truthful in their advertising.

The closest you can get to a demo is watching videos of the game being played, or reviews of the games online which will give you an idea of how the game is played and what to expect when you play.

This may sound like a negative but in reality, it is not as it means every spin on the game can be a winner and every spin contributes the stated amount to the progressive jackpot fund, which makes things better for all players.

  1. FICTION: Mega Moolah controls when and where it pays out its top progressive jackpot prizes

Perhaps the biggest fallacy about Mega Moolah is that the game itself, or its creators, can control when and where the jackpot is paid out to players. This is totally untrue and the reason the jackpot pays out as it does is simply down to random chance.

That is why sometimes you will see the jackpot won many months apart, and other times why it can be triggered very quickly one after the other (even in the same day). That is the nature of a random jackpot and it is why the Mega Moolah prizes vary in size so much from those around the minimum 1,000,000 mark, up to the truly massive prizes, that we have seen in recent months.

The game cannot control when and where it pays out any prize. It simply operates using a random number generator, which is tested and certified to be absolutely random.

This also means that these 'meters' which tell you when a slot is 'hot' or 'cold' and more likely to pay out, are also of limited use. They work to an average, which does have some merit, but they cannot accurately predict when a slot game can and will pay out.

Every spin on Mega Moolah, regardless of when the slot was last won, could be a winner, which is part of the beauty and appeal of this amazing slot game.

  1. FACT: There are great value new player bonuses you can find that can be used for Mega Moolah

It's not all doom and gloom for players seeking a good value bonus to play Mega Moolah, the good news is that there are a few legitimate bonus offers you can sign up for that can be used to acquire great value spins on the Mega Moolah slot, even for just a small initial deposit.

For example, you can make a deposit of just £1 (also available in dollars and euros) and if you do, you will receive a bonus cash amount of £20, which you can use to play 80 spins on the Mega Moolah slot.

Alternatively, if you make a deposit of £5 (also available in dollars and euros) you receive a £25 bonus cash amount with the chance to play 100 spins on the Mega Moolah.

Finally, if you deposit £10 (also available in dollars and euros) then you will receive £37.50 in bonus cash, allowing you the chance to play 150 spins on the Mega Moolah slot.

Technically, while you are not paying for these bonus spins, you are still making a deposit to claim them, so they are not technically free spins, but what they do offer players are genuine spins on the Mega Moolah slot, each of which is a real cash spin and each of which could be a winner.

Indeed, there are documented cases of players landing the big Mega Moolah progressive jackpot when using starter bonuses most which are one of the three offers above.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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