Mega Moolah jackpot continues to grow surpassing £18 million

The Mega Moolah jackpot just seems to keep on growing and as of just a few hours ago, the jackpot had climbed to over £18 million.

Just to put that into context; that is the equivalent of US$23,152,062 or €19,642,175 any of which would represent a massive new Guinness World Record for an online slot pay-out. Far outstripping the current record which was a £13.2 million jackpot landed by Jon Heywood back in October 2015.

Since the 13th September, when the jackpot was at £16,188,675, there has been an increase of just short of £2 million in the ten days since. That is a phenomenal rate of increase, the largest 10-day increase in jackpot size since the jackpot was last won, and simply goes to show that a huge number of spins are played on the slot - all in the hope of being the next big Mega Moolah jackpot winner.

With the jackpot now at the 18 million mark and increasing with every second that passes, this confirms that if the jackpot is won by a player playing via US Dollars then the amount they win would be the seventh largest slot win in US Dollars in history. That includes all land-based Vegas casino slot game wins.

Interestingly, if the winner heralds from the UK, then their £18 million-plus prize would equate to at least $23.5 million dollars, which would actually be the fourth largest win (in dollar terms) in the history of land-based and online slot games.

However, the currency that the win is paid in will make a huge difference in terms of its relative value and then subsequently, what the starting point of the next Mega Jackpot will be.

What happens when someone wins the Mega Moolah jackpot?

The Mega Moolah jackpot is available to be won in a number of different currencies, although the base currency is the British Pound. What this means, is that if the jackpot is won in a currency other than British Pounds, then not all of the money held in the jackpot fund will be paid out.

Instead, what happens is that the winner will win the stated numerical amount of the jackpot in their chosen currency (so that may be £18, or US$18m or €18m or NZ$18m, CA$18m or similar).

But due to the exchange rates for other currencies against the British Pound being different, it will mean that only a proportion of the British Pound jackpot fund will be paid out to the winner in their own currency.

This is more easily shown by means of a number of examples. So, in the example below and for convenience sake, we have used a theoretical winner of the current jackpot of exactly 18 million in a number of different currencies. You can then also see how much this would equate to in British Pounds and then, how much the seed amount for the next Mega Moolah jackpot would be if a player won that sum in that currency.

How much would the seed amount for the next Mega Moolah jackpot be if a player won that sum in one the below currencies
CurrencyWin AmountRelative British Pounds Value of WinWhat next Mega Moolah Jackpot Seed Amount Will Be

British Pound








US Dollar




Canadian Dollar




New Zealand Dollar




Swedish Krona




*This is the minimum seed amount guaranteed by Microgaming when the Mega Moolah jackpot is won in full by a player playing in British Pounds.

If I were in Sweden I would be be playing in Pounds, Euros, or Dollars, for sure!

What you can clearly see here is the massive difference that winning in one currency over another can have on the relative value of the jackpot won. Swedish players, for example, playing in Krona, will win just a small fraction of the available jackpot even with a massive SEK18,000,000 win as that amount of money equates to around £1,564,182 at today's exchange rates.

However, should a player win the jackpot playing in Euro, then they would claim almost the full balance available as €18,000,000 equates to just over £16 million, meaning that there would be around £1,794,804 remaining in the Mega Moolah jackpot fund following a win of this size.

Of course, these figures are not going to be an accurate reflection of how much the winner does eventually land. For one, we don't know when the next winner will hit the jackpot, nor how much the jackpot will have grown to. It could well be far in excess of the 18 million shown above.

Furthermore, as exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis, the relative British Value of wins in other currencies other than British Pounds can also change and may increase or decrease slightly over the coming days and weeks.

What is abundantly clear from this however, is that a jackpot win in British Pounds, Euros or US Dollars would certainly constitute a new World Record, while wins in any of the other currencies would set National Records for Mega Moolah wins, plus they would also leave a healthy amount to be won in the next Mega Moolah jackpot fund after this current one.

Can I select which currency to play Mega Moolah in?

The real answer to this question is that it depends on which country you are playing the Mega Moolah slot from. In most countries, you tend to play in the currency of that nation, so Canadian Dollars in Canada, British Pounds in the UK, and so on. It really depends on the individual Mega Moolah casino and which currencies they support.

However, in some parts of the world, such as India, some casinos will offer you a chance to play Mega Moolah using a choice of currencies (such as the US Dollar or Euro). Of course, which one you decide to use to play will influence the size of the jackpot you win and also how much it costs you per spin. Also a new method of funding your Mega Moolah gaming in bitcoin, which may be an option for players who have bitcoin and live in a country where the home currency is not available at casinos to play with.

In India for example, a 0.25 spin on Mega Moolah using US Dollars equates to around 18.06 Rupees. A 0.25 spin on Mega Moolah using the Euro is slightly more expensive at 21.27 Indian Rupees per spin. However, you would then stand a chance of winning the larger value Euro-based jackpot prize, rather than the US Dollar-based jackpot prize.

The great news is that the jackpot has already rolled on past the 18 million mark and is creeping up towards the 18.5 million threshold as you read this article. At the current rate of growth, that mark should be reached within the next few days or so.

Will the Mega Moolah jackpot be won in that time, or will it continue to grow in size?

Remember to check back here regularly to find out all the latest information on this record-breaking jackpot!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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