Mega Moolah Jackpot landed twice within the space of a week

Last week we brought you the news that a lucky player from Unibet Casino had triggered a 7.7 million euro jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot on the 25th September 2017. Then just a few days later, on the 1st October, another player landed the jackpot!

This lucky player won 1,447,297.97 which is further evidence that 2017 is the biggest year in terms of jackpot payouts in Mega Moolah history!

This win now means that the Mega Jackpot has now been triggered once in every month of 2017, apart from February. That means that there are now nine confirmed winners for 2017, beating the previous best of six winners that occurred in 2013. And there are still almost three whole months of the year still remaining.

Why is the Mega Moolah jackpot being won so frequently in 2017?

The fact that 2017 has already seen nine big jackpot winners, does raise the question as to what is so special about this year that has seed so many more winners than usual? Have the game developers, Microgaming, altered something within the game to ensure the jackpot pays out more frequently?

The answer to that question is a definite 'no', the Mega Moolah of 2017 is the same version that was released almost a decade previously. So if the game hasn't been altered, then what else has changed which could explain this marked increase in winners?

The first thing you have to realise is that winning the Mega Moolah jackpot is entirely down to chance and that means that there will be fluctuations in the number of winners per year and also in the amount of time that passes between winners. This random nature of the jackpot award means that we just may have hit a ‘luckier' year in 2017, than we have in previous years.

However, what is also the case is that Mega Moolah's popularity has never been greater. Ever since a British soldier won the world record slot jackpot amount of £13.2 million back in October 2015, Mega Moolah's profile has soared. Then when the largest ever jackpot awarded to a player playing on a mobile device was won in August 2016, that again further enhanced the games reputation among keen slot players.

What this means is that there are more spins on the Mega Moolah slot being played now than perhaps at any other time in the slots history. This is easy to document given the speed at which the progressive jackpot rises compared to how quickly the jackpot increased in past years. Remembering of course that a small percentage of any wager goes into the progressive jackpot fund on each and every spin on the game.

The fact that there are more spins on the slot therefore means more players are playing and this means that there is more chance that the jackpot bonus wheel, which is the key to triggering the Mega Moolah jackpots, will be spun more often. Given all that, it is little surprise then that the jackpot is being won more frequently.

However, it usually takes longer than six days for the jackpot to be won again!

Is six days between Mega jackpot winners a record for Mega Moolah?

Although six days is a very short amount of time for the Mega Moolah jackpot to have been claimed twice, it is not the shortest amount of time that has passed between Mega Moolah Jackpot wins.

That occurred back in May 2013 when one lucky player triggered the jackpot on the 5th May and then another player won the jackpot on the 10th May. This five-day period just trumps the six-days between the last two winners of the big jackpot prize.

In contrast, the longest time between the big jackpot wins on the Mega Moolah slot came back in the early days of the game in between the first win on the game back in April 2007 and the second win which came over a year later in May 2009.

In total during that period a total of 384 days elapsed before the jackpot was triggered.

How much has Mega Moolah paid out so far in 2017?

With the ninth jackpot win triggered on October 1st, the nine jackpot wins this year are as follows (figures have been rounded to nearest 100k):

  • January - 6€ million
  • March - 6.6€ million
  • April - 8€ million
  • May - 3.7€ million
  • June - 1.5€ million
  • July - 1.7€ million
  • August - 5.1€ million
  • September - 7.7€ million
  • October - 1.4€ million

This means, if we assume that the latest winner is going to be paid out in euros, that the total amount paid out so far in 2017 is a staggering 41.7 million euros. This makes 2017 easily the most lucrative year in the history of the Mega Moolah jackpot game, shattering all the previous records.

The question will be whether Mega Moolah can reach the 50 million euro threshold for payouts in 2017, just one or two big winners of the jackpot any time between now and the 31st December could well see that incredible benchmark achieved.

Where does the latest winner stand in the list of Mega Moolah winners?

Assuming that the winner is paid out in Euros then they are the smallest jackpot winner of 2017, which given the amount of time that passed since the last win, is not surprising. There have been four winners of the Mega Jackpot that have received smaller amounts than this.

  • August 2009 - US$1.1m
  • October 2009 - US$ 1.2m
  • April 2012 - US$ 1.3m
  • May 2013 - NZ$ 1m

Don't feel too sorry for these smaller Mega Moolah winners however. If our lucky winner decided to invest their windfall into a savings account at an interest rate of, say, 5%, if they are lucky to find such a deal, then they would receive annual interest of around 70,000 euros per year. Not bad for a spin on the Mega Moolah progressive slot!

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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