Mega Moolah jackpot triggered again: This time from Canada

This past week has been quite something for Mega Moolah players as the jackpot has now been won twice across two days in March!

We have already brought you details of the first trigger of the jackpot prize in an earlier post, where the lucky winner landed their prize of US$12.9 million. That reset the jackpot prize back to just over 3,100,000 and it was quickly back on the rise as players chanced their hand that the Mega Moolah slot would be ready to pay out once again quickly.

And those players that did so were absolutely right as just 38 hours later, the jackpot was triggered again on March 6, 2019. That lucky winner landed a prize of CA$3,308,063.71 at the popular Captain Cook's Casino offering 100 Chances to Win Mega Moolah for CA$5 deposit.

The win is the third win of the jackpot prize in 2019 and sees the amount already awarded by the Mega Moolah jackpot throughout the year so far eclipse 36.3 million in total. It also means that we have had our second Canadian Dollars jackpot win of the year. Oh the luck of the loonie!

This latest win means that since the game was first introduced there have been a total of 14 winners who have landed the Mega Moolah top prize while playing using Canadian Dollars as their preferred currency.

The breakdown of the jackpots awarded in terms of currency alone is outlined below so you can see just how lucky Canadian Dollar wins have been for Mega Moolah players in Canada.

  • 14 Wins - Canadian Dollar
  • 14 Wins - Euro
  • 8 Wins - US Dollar
  • 5 Wins - GB Pound
  • 4 Wins - Australian Dollar
  • 4 Wins - New Zealand Dollar
  • 2 Wins - South African Rand

However, what should be noted is while the first Mega Moolah Euro winner was confirmed back in May 2009, the first Canadian Dollar winner did not occur until February 2014. Which means over the last five years, the loonie has been the currency which has, by far, won the Mega Moolah jackpot more times than any of the others!

It also should be noted that the number of people across Europe that can access the game via the Euro is considerably greater than those native to Canada, although there may be people in other countries that use the Canadian Dollar as their chosen currency to play the game.

Discount the cent values, this means that the 14 winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot that landed their win in Canadian Dollars have taken home an incredible CA$87,307,718. This gives an average win for Canadian players of just over CA$6.23 million.

Where does 2019 stand in terms of Mega Moolah jackpots?

This latest jackpot trigger means that the total amount paid out in 2019 ensures that it remains in fourth place in terms of the amount paid out by the game in a calendar year, although it has closed the gap on third place by an additional three million with that win.

  1. 2017 - 55.197 million
  2. 2018 - 50.220 million
  3. 2016 - 39.023 million
  4. 2019 - 36.309 million (with more than 9 months of the year still remaining)
  5. 2015 - 20,775 million

It is truly staggering and highlights just how popular Mega Moolah has become that the slot game has paid out such a huge amount already across 2019. That number is boosted by the fact that the jackpot was not won from September 30 2018 on wards, but even so, it does look like 2019 will set a new high watermark for Mega Moolah, at least in terms of how much money the slot pays out.

Indeed, if we assume no further winners of the jackpot prize in March, and then assume that the rest of the year sees similar winners, then that would put us on course to smash through 100 million in winnings in 2019. Of course, there is no guarantee that will happen, but is an exciting thought.

However, it does look likely that we should smash the current record of over 55 million paid out in a single calendar year and that bodes well for the legions of Mega Moolah fans hoping that 2019 could be the year that they strike it lucky.

Are there any more details about this latest Mega Moolah winner?

Other than that prize being won in Canadian Dollars details of the win are still sketchy at present.

This is, however, the norm when the Mega Moolah jackpot is won as the casino will be checking the details of the winner and verifying the win is genuine. They will also be discovering whether the lucky winner wants to go public with their win, or (as many do) remain anonymous.

Captain Cook's Casino - 100 Chances to Win Mega Moolah

Here are the details of the 100 Chances to Win Mega Moolah offer.

New Player Offer

1) Register your details at Captain Cook's Casino - click here.

2) Place a deposit of CA$5, £5 or €5 into your account to qualify for the 100 Chances to Become a Millionaire bonus.

3) A bonus of CA$25, £25 or €25 will be credited to your bonus cash account.

4) Head to the Mega Moolah slot, set the spin value at 0.25 per spin and then play through your 100 Spins using your bonus.

5) An optional 100% Matched Deposit Bonus on your second deposit of up to CA$475, £475, or €475, is also available.

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