Mega Moolah on Android

If you are an Android phone user then it has been a very good month for you and your operating system as both of you could potentially be looking at a somewhat lucrative future, if things go to plan.

The first big piece of news for Android users was that Spin3, in conjunction with Microgaming, have announced a tie in that will allow the world's biggest and arguably most famous progressive jackpot slot machine, Mega Moolah, to be available to play on Android handsets.

Mega Moolah is undoubtedly the most popular online progressive slot machine with a jackpot of at least 1 million guaranteed (in currency of play) and often progressing well beyond that initial figure. Microgaming has paid out well over £320 million to players and Mega Moolah's share of that is roughly around 20 percent, or more, since it was first released in November 2006. One of the biggest wins on Mega Moolah came just last December when UK based John Orchard won a staggering £5.88m.

The news represents a real coup both for Android users and for mobile gaming as a genre. Mega Moolah slot is one of the most famous progressive games in the world today and has previously only been playable online and as mobile browser version. The news that Spin3 have developed the software to allow Android users to not just play a cut-down, mobile version of the game, but to play the full game and be in with a chance of winning the top jackpot prize from their phone, has broken through another barrier in mobile gaming.

Spin3 have worked hard on the game to port it across in its entirety to the Android platform. Fans of the online version of the game will recognise the African wild themed imagery, graphics and animations that have been painstakingly transferred over. To ensure fast, smooth gameplay, Mega Moolah has also been optimised to play across a wide range of popular Android devices. This includes both a wide range of Smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One, as well as Android powered tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer models.

Matt Zinder, head of Spin3 stated: "We're confident that the millions of Android fans will help the world's biggest progressive slots game become even bigger."

So while Android users will be loading up Mega Moolah from June in the hope of winning the jackpot, Android itself may be winning itself another jackpot; that of pole position in the operating systems war with Apples iOS and Windows Phone.

A worldwide study by market research company Kantar has revealed that Android handsets have achieved sustained growth across all the top international markets for the second quarter of 2013, so much so that Android phones now "have the deepest penetration in every market."

Android's growth has been superior to that of all their major competitors; in the Chinese market, Android handsets now have 71.5 per cent of the market share, with their nearest competitor, the iPhone's iOS in a distance second on 23.6 percent.

This trend was also revealed in America, traditionally the heartland of Apple iOS, where Android users now outnumber Apple users by 52 per cent to 41.9 percent.

Taken in global terms, Android's market domination was even more impressive. Data revealed by the International Data Corporation revealed that from the first quarter of 2012, Android had increased their market share by an incredible 15.9 percent of all phones, meaning that 75 percent of all phones sold during the same period in 2013 were had Android installed as its OS.

Samsung was the clear leader in Android phone providers with its products making up 41.1 per cent of the market share, chiefly on the back of strong sales of devices like the Galaxy S3 and S4.

That said, the iPhone still remained the most popular mobile phone sold over the period, with a 15 percent market share, while the next most popular, the Galaxy SIII was bought by 11.4 percent of people over the same period.

Yet even that could be under threat for Apple as the report revealed that the new Galaxy S4 has enjoyed very strong sales, with a reported 20 million S4 handsets sold since the launch of the phone earlier this year.

Indeed, with Apple sales seemingly reaching an apex, and Android devices taking a bigger share of the market, it is no wonder Android's developers may feel that they too have hit the jackpot.

And they achieved that success, without having even having a single spin of the reels on Mega Moolah!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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