Mega Moolah Quebec: 150 Chances to Win for CA$10 deposit

One of the most interesting things about the famous Mega Moolah is that its fame and popularity have spread well beyond its home in the United Kingdom. The game is played worldwide with many millions of potential players every day across all the different casinos that offer the game.

Yet while Mega Moolah enjoys worldwide fame and acclaim, it is true that there are certain parts of the globe where the game enjoys massive popularity. A quick glance at the list of winners of the Mega Moolah top jackpot prize, its Mega Jackpot, one of four progressive jackpot prizes (Mini, Minor, Major and Mega) that are available to be won on the game, reveals that alongside many countries in the Eurozone, there is one place that seems to produce a high proportion of Mega Moolah winners and that country is Canada.

Now Canada is a vast country in terms of size (the second largest in the world only behind Russia), but it is also a country that has a relatively small population in comparison to its size, with just over 37 million people living in the country, almost half of them in the province of Ontario.

However, it is the second most populous province in Canada that is the real focus of this article. Quebec boasts a population of around 8.4 million and it is in terms of size, the second largest of all the 13 Canadian provinces and territories. It's capital is Quebec City, but its most famous city and also its largest is Montreal.

The province is also fiercely proud of its French heritage and to this day, many of the Québécois who reside in the province not only can speak French as well as English, but also have French as their official language.

The people of Quebec also have a very strong sense of self-identity even to the point of having debates about whether Quebec should be independent of Canada itself. There have been referendums on Quebec becoming its own self-governing province in both 1980 and 1995 and while both were eventually defeated, it was enough for the House of Commons in Canada to pass a symbolic motion in 2006 which declared the Québécois living in their own nation within the boundaries of Canada itself.

Before we examine the link between Mega Moolah and Quebec in a more detail, let's learn a little more about this beautiful and historically important part of Canada.

Everything you need to know about Quebec

Quebec is the first really large province of Canada that you come to if you are approaching the country from the east. It shares land borders with New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador as well as the US States of Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. It has sea borders on the Hudson Straits, Ungava Bay, James Bay and Hudson Bay.

Although it has a population of over eight million, the majority of these people live in he southern part of the province in between the two main cities in Quebec, Quebec City and Montreal with over half of the province's population living in the Greater Montreal area.

Québécois are hardy people as they endure long and often extreme winters but in the summer the temperatures can climb, especially in the more populous southern regions. It is a spectacular province as a result with a wide range of different landscapes, from the tundra's of the north to the greener, forest covered hills and rivers of the south.

The region was formally names in 1763 by a Royal Proclamation after the Treaty of Paris formally transferred the French colony of Canada to Britain after the Seven Years' War.

In terms of industry, Quebec is home to the majority of the Canadian aerospace industry, employing around 43,000 people across 260 companies within this industry alone. The province is also very important in terms of science and technology with this form of industry producing 30% of Quebec's gross domestic product and employing more than a million of its 8.4 million inhabitants.

Some of the most famous people to have been born a Québécois include:

  • Saul Bellow, author
  • Leonard Cohen, musician
  • Celine Dion, musician
  • Jason Reitman, film director
  • William Shatner - actor
  • Denis Villeneuve - film director
  • Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve, and Lance Stroll - racing drivers
  • Mike Bossy, Ray Bourque, Martin Brodeur, Éric Desjardins, Marcel Dionne, Mario Lemieux, Henri Richard, Patrick Roy (plus too many to list here) - ice hockey players

The province has also produced two recent prime ministers in Canada in the form of Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien.

Ice Hockey is one of the major sports in Quebec but we also know that its population is one that also enjoys slot gaming and there is one particular game that the citizens of Quebec seem to enjoy playing more than any other.

How do we know Québécois love Mega Moolah?

We know that around a quarter of the population of Canada live in Quebec, and we also know that Canadian Dollar winners have landed the Mega Moolah jackpot on no less than 15 different occasions, netting themselves over CA$103 million in prize money just from jackpot wins alone. Even if just a quarter of those wins were from people in Quebec, that is still a considerable number of winners from a very small population.

Now you can explain this away in two ways, it can either be a freakish anomaly (which doesn't really fit the results across all of Canada), or it could be that Canadian players love playing Mega Moolah and play more often and with more success (or good fortune!) than other players.

We also know that French-speaking players enjoy playing Mega Moolah because of the number of people that sign up to the casino sites that offer French language support, as well as a more French theme and the one that has proved especially popular with the Québécois community is Grand Mondial Casino.

Grand Mondial Casino Starter Bonus

One of the great reasons why many Quebec players love Mega Moolah could well be that one of the most popular online casinos in the province has an introductory offer which is arguably the best value Mega Moolah-themed bonus you can find.

As a new customer with Grand Mondial Casino, not only can Quebec-customers (as with many others around the world) enjoy French language support, but they can also deposit just CA$10 into their account with the casino and for that they will receive 150 Chances to win Mega Moolah at the casino.

This is thanks to the generous new player bonus offer on at Grand Mondial Casino, which will see players receive CA$37.50 in bonus funds with their deposit, which they can use to play through 150 spins on the Mega Moolah slot at $0.25 per spin.

That is not all though as if you then go on to make a second deposit with Grand Mondial Casino then you will receive a fantastic 100% Matched Deposit bonus of up to CA$250 with that deposit, which again will offer you additional chances to spin and win on the Mega Moolah slot at no extra cost to yourself.

This is a fantastic value bonus and is one of the very few Mega Moolah-friendly bonus deals you can get when signing up with an online casino. It is also readily available across Canada and it is we believe one of the key reasons why Mega Moolah remains such a firm favourite in Quebec and across all of this incredible and varied country.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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