Mega Moolah Tips & Tricks

I've often seen articles where someone has professed to knowing a method which they believe gives them the edge when playing slot machines.

I am always a little wary of these articles as, having spent the best part of 30 years playing these games, I am well aware of how they work and how there clearly isn't a 'winning' strategy you can use every time, without fail, to secure success.

This is why whenever I see an article proclaiming, "How to win in slots" or worse still, adverts urging you to purchase a 'guaranteed' 'winning system' for playing slot games, I never, ever believe them. I also feel this is a sensible move for any slot player to take (and fortunately the vast majority do).

The truth of the matter is, slot games are based purely on luck and randomness. Slots are called 'games of chance' for a good reason! If you want to win in a game of chance, you need to be lucky and hit the winning spin at the right time.

This is particularly true when it comes to the Mega Moolah slot. This game sees you needing to randomly trigger the Jackpot Bonus game on a spin, and then when you have triggered that bonus, you have to be the lucky player to land that Jackpot Bonus Wheel spin that lands on that white segment to land the massive Mega Progressive prize.

Both of these occurrences are entirely random and there's nothing you can do in the game, other than increase the size of your bet, to influence the outcome of the spin to trigger the bonus in the first place. And there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of the spin of the jackpot wheel either!

This makes it sound very much like that whatever way you play Mega Moolah, you are going to end up with entirely random results, and while that is true to an extent, there are a few tricks and tips you can use to help you maintain a healthier bankroll and to perhaps, give you more chances to land a bigger cash prize.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some handy hints and tricks of the trade used by experienced players of Mega Moolah, which can help them enjoy more wins and more spins and thus give then more chances of maintaining a better bankroll and even landing a shot at that massive progressive jackpot prize.

So what are these little tips and pieces of advice to help you enjoy Mega Moolah more profitably? Let's take a look and find out:

  1. Get to know the key symbols on the Mega Moolah slot

One of the biggest mistakes people make when playing Mega Moolah is to not pay attention to the base game itself, and focus solely on triggering the Jackpot Bonus. Indeed, some players seem entirely disinterested in whether they win or not playing Mega Moolah, and all they are interested in is triggering the bonus game.

I think this is the biggest mistake people make playing Mega Moolah, as the game itself offers a potential jackpot prize of 225,000 coins. That is a lot of money, but it is securing those key and far more frequent mid-level wins which is key to keeping your bankroll healthy.

To do that, a good idea is to get your head around what are the highest paying symbols in the game. The main one to watch out for us the Lion Wild symbol, as this offers the largest base game payout of 15,000 coins for five on a pay line.

However, as the Wild, it can also be used with the other symbols in the game (bar the Monkey Scatter) to create winning lines and when it does, it also awards a 2x multiplier.

When you can land Lion symbols, or a combination of Lion symbols plus the four animal symbols of Zebra, Buffalo, Giraffe and Elephant on the reels, then bigger wins are possible, especially if you can hit those elusive four and five symbol combinations.

Remember too, the symbols do not change when you trigger the Free Spins bonus game on Mega Moolah, but in this game all wins are subject to a 3x multiplier. Triggering Free Spins is the best and easiest way to land a bigger value cumulative win across the entire bonus and the good news is that if you can play for a decent amount of time in a session, you should not find it too difficult to trigger the bonus feature.

Sure, the Mega Moolah game does have that massive progressive, but you should not forget to enjoy and play it like any other slot that you like playing.. of course Mega Moolah has one huge advantage over other slots, and that is the multi-million jackpot that is available.

  1. Budget effectively by using autoplay

Most people like to set themselves a budget for a session on the slots and depending on what kind of gambler you are, this can range from a few pounds, up to many thousands. The amount you choose to spend is entirely your choice, but one great tip to ensure that you never spend more than you intend to on Mega Moolah is to use the autoplay feature.

With this feature you can set the game to run automatically for a set number of spins and at a set price per spin. You can then leave the game running, while you busy yourself elsewhere, and the autoplay feature will play through your spins for you.

Of course, if you win, then the cash you win will be added to your balance and you don't have to worry about missing the Jackpot Bonus Game if triggered as if it is triggered during an autoplay session, you will be able to take control of the wheel for your bonus and potentially life-changing spin.

Using autoplay means you can also cap your spending easily without being tempted to hit the 'spin' button again when you have spent up your initial budget. This is easy to do, especially if the slot has been paying out nicely and you get 'slot fever' and just feel the need to keep playing. Usually when players do this, their balance will take a big hit! Using autoplay and then closing the game when your spins have completed, stops this from occurring.

  1. Scale your spin stakes more effectively

It's a fact of life for slots players that there will be times when slots simply refuse to pay out. These cold periods when wins are hard to come by can take its toll on a slot players morale and finances, but there is a simple tip you can use to help these periods become less of a drain.

When a novice slots player begins playing Mega Moolah, they may start playing for a higher stake per spin, say 1.25 per spin. If they do not hit a win in their session, then they may reduce the bet size down to say 0.50 per spin and similarly, if they don't have any real success, with their bankroll diminishing, they may then start to play for the minimum bet of 0.25 per spin.

The problem with this method of spending is that you are subject to the law of diminishing returns, you spend more initially when the slot is not winning and then, by the law of averages, if the slot does start to pay out later in the session, you don't reap the benefits as readily as you are likely to be making much smaller bets. A 100 coin win when betting 0.25 per spin, is going to produce a real money win of just 1/5th of the total amount you would receive if betting 1.25 per spin for example.

As such, I strongly recommend players adjust their stakes counter-intuitively. That is start when your bankroll is high, by betting the lowest amount (say 0.25 per spin), and then if you hit a spell when your bets are not winning, then increase the size of your bet by an increment of one (so move up to 0.50 per spin).

By working in this way, not only will your bankroll remain healthier for much longer, but if you do hit a slow spell on the slot, when you do eventually trigger a win, you will likely land a much higher value win, which can then be used to replenish the funds you lost when you played at a cheaper rate more initially.

How this can be so effective is easy to show by the following comparison. In both cases, we are going to say that Player A landed a win of 10,000 coins after playing the slot in different ways.

Example 1:

Player A played the following spins on the Mega Moolah slot

  • 100 spins at 0.50 per spin (50)
  • 50 spins at 0.25 per spin. (25)

On their next spin they landed a 10,000 coin prize, which equates to a win of 100.00 based at a stake of 0.25 per spin (0.01 coin value). However, they spent 75 playing through their spins, which means that the player makes a profit of around 25.

Example 2:

Player A played the following spins on the Mega Moolah slot

  • 100 Spins at 0.25 per spin (25)
  • 50 Spins at 0.50 per spin (25)

On their next spin they land a 10,000 coin prize, which equates to a win of 200 based at a stake of 0.50 per spin (0.02 coin value). In the example above, you can see that this player has had the same number of spins, but has spent 25 less on those spins as he has had more at the lower stake level when the machine was not paying out. When it did pay out, he was paying more per spin and as a result landed a bigger prize of 200, which means he made a profit of 150.

Of course, these are simply examples, but they do illustrate the importance of how you choose to change your stake can be crucial in earning better value wins. Of course, if a player is playing at 0.25 per spin and the slot is paying out at this level, then there is no need to increase the value of your stake as you are doing well enough as it is.

Hopefully these little tricks of the trade will help you enjoy a little more success and enjoyment playing the fabulous Mega Moolah slot. Don't forget to check out the special offers.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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