Mega Moolah vs Megabucks! How do we compare to Vegas progressives?

There is no doubt that Mega Moolah is the king of online progressive jackpot slots. The current World Record holder for the largest ever win on an online slot won their fortune back in 2015. That lucky British winner pocketed a prize of around £13.2 million that year, making him officially the richest ever online slot player in terms of a single win.

However, slot players enthusiasm can often venture beyond the realms of the online world and into the reality of land-based casinos. Now of course, you are not going to find any games at your local casino that are going to offer you a prize of over £16 million for a 25p spin!

Yet if you travel a little further afield in search of Mega Jackpot wins on slots, then you can find some games that offer you a chance to win millions. The mecca for slot players seeking to land a fortune on land-based progressive jackpots is without doubt Las Vegas.

Over the years, there have been a number of massive jackpot winners who have won an absolute fortune playing the slots, particularly in Las Vegas. So, the big question is, how do the big Las Vegas winners compare to the online world and how close is the Mega Moolah progressive to offering you jackpot prizes on a par with what you can find in Sin City?

To begin with, let's take a look at the ten biggest recorded wins landed on slot games in Las Vegas. The data for this has been checked from a variety of sources and we believe is correct.

Biggest Las Vegas progressive jackpot wins are all on the Megabucks slot in US dollars:

  1. $39,710,826 - Excalibur Casino - March 2003.
  2. $34,959,458 - Desert Inn - January 2000.
  3. $27,580,879 - Palace Station - November 1998.
  4. $22,621,229 - Bally's Casino - May 2002.
    $21,985,732 - Mega Moolah - September 2018.
  5. $21,346,952 - Caesar's Palace - June 1999.
  6. $21,147,947 - Cannery Casino - September 2005.
    $20,118,939 Mega Moolah - October 2015.
  7. $17,329,817 - M Resort - December 2012.
  8. $14,282,544 - Rampart Casino - November 2014.
  9. $12,769,933 - Aria Casino - January 2011.
  10. $12,510,549 - New York-New York Casino - April 1997.

As you can see, land-based progressives still hold the record for the largest ever slot jackpot payout to a single player and at $39,710,826, it would be a huge surprise if the Mega Moolah jackpot would ever rise to that kind of level.

To give you an idea of how much that is at the current exchange rate, the Mega Moolah jackpot would need to rise to over £30,451,651 in order to beat the current record for a land-based payout. Which means it would need to almost double in size from its current record amount.

But before you decide to pack your bags and hit the next flight to Vegas to seek your fortune, you need to remember a few important factors.

Why Mega Moolah is the best bet for progressive jackpot hunters

Vegas may sound like a slots players nirvana, but looking at the statistics above, it is notable that there has not been a single jackpot winner of over $20,000,000 since September 2005.

Now compare that with the current Mega Moolah jackpot which stands at £16,188,707 at the time of writing. If you were to win that and then convert that amount into US Dollars, you would be winning the equivalent of $21,111,353 (US dollars).

That is a truly eye-opening statistic as it would mean that if you landed this Mega Moolah jackpot win in GBP, then in terms of US Dollars, you would be the seventh largest jackpot winner on any slot online of land-based game in history. Furthermore, if the jackpot is not won over the next few days or even a week or so, then you could well become the 6th, 5th 4th or even the third largest slots jackpot winner, including land-based casinos, in history.

One notable difference between Mega Moolah and Megabucks is that Mega Moolah can be played in multiple currencies, mainly GBP, EUR, USD, NZD, CAD, SEK, NOK, CHF, and even BTC via third party, while the Megabucks can be played only in USD.

A trip to Vegas?

So say you want to head to Vegas to play Megabucks, the slot which has paid out all the biggest winners in the land-based casinos. How much is a trip to Vegas going to cost you? Factor in the cost of flights, accommodation, food and drink and car hire and you would be looking at a cost of several thousand pounds at the very least.

Then on top of that, you are going to need plenty of spending money to try your hand on the progressive slots. It is worth noting here that a single spin on the Megabucks slot, which will qualify you with a chance of winning the big progressive jackpot prizes, will cost you $3 per spin.

So even if you set yourself a limit of 100 spins per day of your holiday on Megabucks, this would equate to $300 each day in spending money alone, over a typical 14-day holiday, that would mean you would need $4,200 in cash to play 100 spins a day on the game. This equates to around £3220, which would likely double the cost of your holiday at the very least.

So for a trip to Las Vegas, you would spend around £6,440 and for that you would get two weeks away and a total of 1,400 spins on the Megabucks Slot, which is likely to offer you the chance to win a prize of between $8,000,000 and $12,000,000, based on the most recent payouts awarded by the slot over the last few years.

How does Mega Moolah compare? Well for one, you don't need to get your passport and find two weeks free in your schedule, with Mega Moolah on mobile, you can play anywhere at any time and you can even play from a browser, meaning no download is necessary.

Assuming you aren't going out to buy a phone, tablet or computer simply to play the game, then there is no costs involved in gaining access to the game for most people. Simply locate an internet connection on your chosen mobile device, or computer, and you are away.

So while simply getting to Las Vegas is going to cost you around £3,200 once you factor everything in, accessing Mega Moolah will cost, for the vast majority of people, £0.

Then of course we come to the games themselves, Megabucks costs $3 per spin, which is roughly £2.30 at the current exchange rate. This means that for every one spin of Megabucks, you can have nine spins on the Mega Moolah slot, and have 5 pence left over meaning that for every five spins you play on Mega Moolah, you'd get one additional spin too, if spending like for like.

So how does this compare? Let's say you are going to spend £6,440 to visit Vegas and play 100 Spins on Megabucks each day and then see how many spins that cash could get you on the Mega Moolah slot.

  • Vegas Trip - £6,440 spend - equates to 1,400 spins on Megabucks over 14 days (100 per day).
  • Mega Moolah - £6,440 spend - equates to 25,760 spins on the Mega Moolah.

It is also worth remembering that while the Megabucks jackpot can climb to very large amounts, in recent times, the pay outs have been smaller, generally around the $10 million to $12 mark.

As we have already seen, the Mega Moolah jackpot can often exceed this amount and at present, when the next jackpot is won, it could become anywhere between the third and seventh biggest slot jackpot ever paid out in history, and that is both taking into consideration land-based and online progressives.

It is also a salient reminder to players that while the cost of playing 1,400 spins on Megabucks would amount to around $4,200 (£3,200), to play 1,400 spins on Mega Moolah at 0.25 per spin would cost you £350.

So, the question you have to ask yourself if you are looking for the best chance to win a progressive jackpot, is whether hitting Vegas for a fortnight is the best option, or whether that money would be best invested playing Mega Moolah instead?

And given the relative size of the Mega Moolah jackpot and the assorted costs of a Vegas trip, most people will likely take their chances on the Mega Moolah! Check out the Where to Play page.

Note that Mega Moolah is not available from all countries. So before you try to sign up please check your country here.

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