Microgaming mobile progressive jackpot games - Part Four

We've reached the fourth and final part of our series of articles about Microgaming's most loved progressive jackpot series of games and we've already covered some of the classics from the company.

We finish with a selection of four games, two slots, one Blackjack variant and one of the most popular progressive Draw Poker games you can find online today.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through our parts 1, 2 and 3 of Microgaming's portfolio of popular progressive jackpot games and if they decide to add any more to their number, you can be sure we will bring you all the latest information about it here at MegaMoolah.com.

Let's continue now with a look at the first of the final four progressives, Triple Sevens Blackjack.

Triple Sevens Blackjack

  • Game Type - Blackjack
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £3.00 (£2 bet and £1 side bet)
  • Average Win - £63,730
  • Biggest Win - £123,451
  • Average Time for Win - 1 year 9 weeks

Blackjack isn't a game that translates very easily into a progressive jackpot game, so full credit to Microgaming for figuring out a way to offer this on their Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack game. How did they manage to do this? Let's find out.

The key element is the initial bet. Each hand you will wager 3.00, which is your 2.00 Ante plus a 1.00 contribution to the progressive fund, which qualifies you for the progressive jackpot if you win it. Once you have placed your bets you are then dealt two cards from a pack that contains five decks of cards. This of course means you could be given two or more of the same cards (a fact which is crucial in determining the progressive win).

Once you have received your two cards the aim is to beat the dealer's hand and the closer your hand is to 21, then the greater your chances of doing precisely that. There are some general rules the dealer has to follow, which includes standing on all hands of 17 or better and the player can elect to double-down on hands of 9, 10 or 11. The player can also split cards once to make two hands and if you split two aces, you can re-hit them.

You then play through the hand and if you beat the dealer, you are paid out at even money. If they dealer beats you, then you lose. However, if you get blackjack (any score of 21) then you are paid out at odds of 3/2.

There is one additional element to this game however and this is the 7 cards in the deck. If you are dealt any seven then you automatically win 5.00. If you receive two sevens initially, then you will increase that win to 25.00. If you receive two sevens of the same suit, then you double that win to 50.00.

If you can then land a third seven in your hand you will win 250 if they are any suit. If they are all either clubs, spades or hearts, then that win increases to 1,000. However, if you land three seven of diamonds in your hand, then that is when you trigger the progressive jackpot.

As such, it makes no sense to split any hand with two sevens in them as this could well end up costing you money in the long run.


  • Game Type - Slot
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £0.25
  • Average Win - £59,754
  • Biggest Win - £97,006
  • Average Time for Win - 47 weeks 6 days

If you are looking for a progressive jackpot slot to play that has a low minimum qualifying bet and which pays out its customers regularly, then take a closer look at the Tunzamunni slot. This Aztec themed slot is a fast, fun and enjoyable game that pays out a progressive jackpot usually around once every two and a half weeks or so.

Admittedly, the jackpot isn't as big as some of the other big progressives available at Microgamng, but nobody is going to turn down an average win of around 13,500 if it comes there way, especially for just 0.25 per spin.

What you have here though is a lovely retro-styled slot which has three reels that contains just two different symbols on he reels, Bars and Sevens.

There are Single, Double and Treble Bars and there are also three different types of sevens, white, blue and red. What is different on this slot compared to more modern games is that there are also blank spaces on the reels and these can scupper your chances of winning if they land on the single winning line on the game.

The lower value wins in the slot come from landing the Bar symbols which sees you win anything from 6x your wager to up to 200 coins. The 7 symbols are the higher value options and land three of any of the 7 symbols across the reel and you win 80x your bet.

Land three of the same colour 7s and the value of these wins increases. Three blue sevens sees you win 160x your stake, three of the red sevens is a 200x your stake win while three white sevens pays the highest amount of them all at 1,000 times your stake.

To land the progressive jackpot you need to wager five coins and then land the red, blue and white sevens across the reels in that order. If you do this then you trigger the progressive jackpot prize. Land it with 1-4 coins in play and that instead offers you a cash prize of 2,500 times your initial bet.

So if you are a fan of retro-styled 3-reel gaming, but also love progressive jackpot gaming, then the Tunzamunni slot is a perfect choice for you to play given its regular pay-outs and the fact you can qualify for the progressive jackpot for just 0.25 per spin.

Wow Pot

  • Game Type - Slot (3-reel and 5-reel versions available)
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £1.50
  • Average Win - £13,573
  • Biggest Win - £51,109
  • Average Time for Win - 2 weeks 3 days

The Wow Pot slot is actually two different games, sharing the same progressive prize, that play slightly differently to each other using the same symbols and also with the same bet size (1.50) if you want to play for the progressive jackpot amount.

For fans of more retro-styled slots, the 3-reel option is worth a closer look. It's a simple one line slot and you can wager up to three 0.50 value coins per spin, although to qualify for the progressive jackpot you need to wager the maximum 1.50.

The slot is relatively simple to play with a variety of Bars and Seven symbols on the reels and these offer pays of up to 1,000 credits as standard.

The Wow Wild symbols however is the key to the progressive on the three-reel game. Land it once and you win 5.00, two lands you 10.00 and land all three on the single line and you will win the progressive jackpot, provided you wagered three coins.

The other option is to play the 15-line 5-reel version of the game. Here you can have up to 15 lines in play and a fixed coin size of 0.10 per line and you will need to bet on all of them in order to stand a chance of winning the progressive. This is a max bet of 1.50 as in the 3-reel game.

The five-reel version features more symbols on the reels including different fruit symbols, plums, melons, cherries, oranges as well as a bell symbol. There are more winning line options in the 5-reel game and you can also win a base game top prize of 5,000 coins, which is more than is available in the 3-reel slot.

The Wow Wild is again the key to the progressive win. Land it five times across the first 14 lines on the slot and to will win a fantastic cash prize, but land it on the 15th line and that cash win becomes the progressive jackpot prize.

It is tempting to think that it will be markedly easier to win the progressive prize on the 3-reel version of the game but in truth, your chances of landing the jackpot are the same regardless which version of the Wow Pot slot that you play.

Caribbean Draw Progressive

  • Game Type - Draw Poker
  • Min Bet to Trigger Progressive Jackpot - £2 (£1 Ante and £1 Side Bet)
  • Average Win - £98,087
  • Biggest Win - £594,923
  • Average Time for Win - 5 weeks 1 day

Making a poker progressive that is workable and enjoyable but which still feels like poker is a difficult task. Poker is usually played against other players and often, you don't even need to have the best hand to win the game, if you can bluff well enough. In Caribbean Draw Poker though, this is a game where the best hand will win, which simplifies the game a great deal.

That is a good thing as it means that you can easily follow the rules of Caribbean Draw Poker quickly if you are a novice player, which is not so easy to do in a real poker game.

The other thing about this game is that players can draw two cards from the pack (hence the name), rather than use community cards as in standard Texas Hold'em. This means that Draw Poker is more like Video Poker perhaps than standard poker, but the aim of landing a high value hand remains the same.

To start the game, you must place your bet, the Ante, on the table and then to give yourself a chance of the progressive jackpot prize, you place a 1-coin side bet. This allows you the chance to win the progressive if you hit the right hand.

The game begins with the dealer dealing the player five cards and dealing themselves five cards with the first card the dealer is dealt being shown face up to the player. At this point the player can elect to bet (by making another bet the same size as their initial Ante bet) or they can fold, which means they lose the game but don't risk losing any additional cash.

If the player bets, then they can select up to two cards from their hand to swap. These cards are then replaced with fresh cards by the dealer.

At this point, the dealers hand is revealed and the dealer must qualify for the player to win a hand. The dealer qualifies with any hand of a pair of eights or better. If the dealer does not have this then the player wins the hand with an even money pay out on their bets.

If the dealer does qualify however then the hands between the dealer and player are compared. Whoever has the higher poker hand will win and if it is the player, then they are paid out depending on the strength of their hand. This ranges from an even money pay out for a pair of eights or higher, up to a 100/1 pay out if you land a Royal Flush.

If you place the side bet at the start then this bet can also earn you cash depending on the hand you land. This can range from 4.00 for 2 pairs up to 2,100 coins for a straight flush. However land the magical Royal Flush and you will trigger the progressive jackpot prize.

What is good to know is even if you lose your hand against the dealer, you can still win money if you land a qualifying hand using your side-bet as this is based solely on your hand and not how it compares with the dealers.

So that brings to an end our look at the 16 top Microgaming progressive jackpot games. Any one of them is well worth a closer look if you fancy trying to win some serious cash and with the range of games and stakes available, there really is an option for anybody to enjoy some top progressive slot gaming whatever the size of your bankroll.

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